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Published: Tuesday, June 11 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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In Hayward Ca. an elementary school principle is organizing a toy gun buy back. Toy Guns! Toys! Because you know, so many have been killed by toy guns. This is standard procedure for California. Toss out common sense and throw away logic and make sure you vote the correct way.

Clearfield, UT

Let's not export Utah's pro-gun culture to other states whose residents have used their own Ninth and Tenth Amendments rights to the U.S. Constitution to regulate guns as permitted by the U.S. Supreme Court holding and ruling on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


This is precisely why we need federal gun laws.

Yeah, I know many on here love to talk trash about CA.
CA is doing fine--better, now that we have a Democratic Gov. and no more gridlock in the legislature. The housing market is recovering, more people back to work, state revenues increasing, and Moody's recently increased CA's bond rating.

Perhaps you should withhold judgement to something you know about--Cedar Hills perhaps?

And, Apple recently announced plans for a new building complex with an anticipated increase in their workforce in CA by 50%.

Captain Green
Heber City, UT

Anyone who thinks limiting magazine capacity is a good idea, needs to watch this video. You can find it by searching for: MB Studio Productions High Capacity Magazine PSA on YouTube.
This clearly demonstrates the absurdity of idiotic laws that have been passed in some parts of the country. It boggles the mind that people really believe by forcing these limitations on their citizens that it will make them safer. There will actually be more good people die BECAUSE of the magazine capacity bans. Thank Heaven the federal government did pass such a stupid restriction! Captain Jim Green

Portland, OR

I commend San Francisco's city attorney for pursuing these grounds to end sales of 'repair kits' that get around limiting the capacity of gun magazines. With Congress afraid to act to rein in gun violence, local and state's attorneys need to step into the breach. Hopefully, California Attorney General Kamala Harris will make the case statewide.

It is wonderful this is occurring in California. Because of the sheer size of its consumer market, the state often sets the standards for manufactured goods, ranging from children's pajamas to automobiles, nationwide. It is time to add guns and ammunition to the list.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

For Bass and all the other petrified "patriots," your willingness to flaunt laws you dislike proves the reason why many of us want more emphasis on our freedom to have the right to bear arms "well-regulated."

As for liberals protecting freedom, it was Senator Russ Feingold (D) of our great state that was the only person to vote against the Patriot Act. He is a true patriot. Now as we see the far reach of the NSA, and other government violations of our constitutional rights, it is clearly evident that those on the right who spoke of protecting our freedom were really out to take it. Sadly, many of you were too busy buying guns and bashing liberals to notice.

It takes more than arming yourself and yelling at your t.v. to make you brave.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

So all you patriots out there would be OK with a CO. WA. NV. CA. Etc… company selling "Incense kits" that contained Marijuana which is OK in those states to folks in Utah? (The original drafts of the Constitution were on "Hemp Paper" so I'll take that as an approval of the plant and its many gifts, from our founding fathers.)

You guys think each state should have whatever laws they can pass, and this is what you'll get.
The Law is the Law as the neocons point out daily! (well when it comes to immigration or religiously based laws)

Salt Lake City, UT

Well "Captain" Green, what real life incident is that video portraying? I would assume the film maker might have mentioned if it was anything other then fiction.

In your fictional video the homeowner fires seven shots before running out of ammo. Proposed federal law would limit magazines to ten rounds. So this homeowner chose to limit himself to seven rounds. Why is the filmmaker, and by extension you, trying to blame the government?

I can tell you a real life story. The shooter of Gabby Giffords was stopped from killing more people when he fumbled a magazine change. Very likely people are alive today because that murderer did not have high capacity magazines.

The Aurora Colorado mass shooting where the murderer killed 12 and injured 58, he used a hundred round magazine. Yes, it jammed. After 40 rounds were fired from it. 40 rounds before having to reload or switch weapons.

That should be your public service announcment. And it's real.

Me? I have a .45 (locked up securely) (no four year old coming over to my house finding it and shooting his dad) and two loaded 9 round magazines. And I feel safe as can be.

Redding, CA

All I can say, the most clearly I can say it. Good for SF CA this time, not any other time though.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Trust your government to protect you. It's always easier to prosecute law abiding citizens for breaking contrived laws then it is to go after the dangerous criminals, of which there is no shortage in SF.

USS Enterprise, UT

So the next time that the gun accessory manufacturers go to the gun show, they will now sell 2 (or more) kits that a person can potentially assemble into a high capacity clip. Duh....it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out that the parts will be made, and can be sold as individual repair parts to build a clip. You can do the same thing with car engines, and all sorts of other things.

Once againg, the liberals are showing their ignorance of the loopholes that they put into their laws, then scream when anybody finds them first.

What you anti-gun advocates should look at are the maps of gun violence and voting patterns. For some reason, in areas that vote Democrat there tends to be more gun violence. Maybe we need to just restrict Democrats from owning guns, then the violence will go down.

South Jordan, UT

Seems like to me that this only shows how ridiculous and poorly written most of the gun control laws are. In this situation it apparently would be okay to buy/sell rebuild kits if they came one piece at a time or missing a piece or something. In substance all you would have to do to be legal is buy pieces separately. If this is what every day citizens are doing in the light of day to get high capacity magazines, how much more creative will the actual criminals be to get them in the shadows? Besides does this law make Californians safer? If you could prove to me that a high capacity magazine caused (not were involved with,they're different) more deaths then I might go a long with this law, but you can't. The question really is then how many gun deaths/crimes in California required the assailant to shoot more than 7 rounds without reloading? And was the magazine he used purchased legally before this ban? When we ask the right questions we expose how silly this law really is.

Salt Lake City, UT

"So the next time that the gun accessory manufacturers go to the gun show, they will now sell 2 (or more) kits that a person can potentially assemble into a high capacity clip. Duh...."

Duh? Wow, haven't heard that word since the 7th grade.

But you are right about the "repair" kits. So ALL high capacity magazines should be banned. All "repair" kits banned. Anyone caught with any high capacity magazines receives five years per magazine in the pen.

There you go, no more problem with any loophole.

San Francisco, CA

It's too bad Mr Herrera is too smug to feel the same of embarrassment when the Court instantaneously throws out his preposterous suit for lack of venue and lack of standing.

There is no business activity conducted by ANY of the defendants within the City and County of San Francisco, making the City Attorney's civil suit facially invalid.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "mark" had you read the article, you would see that high capacity magazines are banned, however, since they were once legal they can't ban the ones that currently exist. Just like car emissions. The laws can require higher standards, but that does not mean that older cars must be retrofit to meet the new standards.

The state of california cannot ban the manufacture and sale of repair parts for high capacity magazines any more than they can ban the manufacture and sale of car parts for older cars.

Draper, UT

It's all about money, San Fran sues and all they get is Money to cover "their cost" and some additional money. The only ones that make out are the lawyers

Kaysville, UT

Good!!!! Glad action is finally being taken to stop the sale of parts that can be used to make illegal clips... now we need background checks at these gun shows.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, RedShirt, I was talking about on a federal level. And absolutely they could ban them, even the ones already in exsistance.

Sandy, UT

They are suing for "unfair competition." Apparently San Francisco realizes that it will be more difficult for its gang bangers to loot, steal and kill if the intended victims can shoot back and "compete" with the criminals. Oh, the joys of leftist ideology.

Salt Lake City, UT

Actually, I was talking about banning them on a national. And banning them all, not grandfathering existing magazine like California has done. And absolutely they could all be banned including existing ones.

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