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Published: Tuesday, June 11 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

It is sad that San Francisco apparently has an irrational fear of inanimate objects such as magazines or magazine parts.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

thank goodness I was shot with a 10 round magazine and not a 12 round!

Tooele, UT

Re: "According to his office, the law . . . is meant to ban the use of the accessory 'favored … among mass murderers.'"

So, why doesn't this political hack, posing as a public servant and prosecutor, go after duct-tape manufacturers and sellers, or windowless-van manufacturers and sellers, or pressure-cooker manufacturers and sellers?

This is nothing more than an unethical perversion of the justice system, cynically using it for political purposes by persecuting innocent bystanders, in order to pander to mindless, liberal low-information voters.

Mr. Herrera should be disbarred.

Cedar Hills, UT

just don't hold any shows in California. California is dying from super high taxes and all the insane liberal regulations. Let them sink in the sand or ocean - which ever suits them. Honestly - I would NEVER do business in California going forward with Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Communist - leftest - crazies out there. The state is already hopelessly bankrupt and continues to have companies leaving the state - not moving to the state. The LA area infrastructure is in shambles .....all the product of decades of progressive thinking. A once beautiful state is turning into another Detroit MI.

Saint George, UT

I drove thru California last week with 50 rounds of 22 lr crammed in a 10 round .223 magazine. Is that against the law? Should I turn myself in?

Cedar Hills, UT


Yes - turn yourself in. I'm certain Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Brown will give you a pass. Honestly the only people in California who know anything about guns are the gang members and they get their guns illegally. Most don't know the difference between and AR 15 and M1A1 tank.

one old man
Ogden, UT


Anywhere but, Utah, Utah

This is the top story on the D-News? Imagine that. Great, go ahead and feed the crazies, "Gubmint comin to take er gunz" Looks like they broke the law folks. Good for you San Fran. Crooked gun manufacturers, always pushing the envelop. Better hurry and go buy another 10 guns to fight the gubmint. Don't forget your 30 round clip with armor piercing bullets. I for one couldn't imagine living with so much hate and fear. How can life be enjoyed when living with so much hate?

Spanish Fork, UT

Well done, Cali. You've solidified your claim to the crazy state filled with reactionaries who make up laws to deter other people yet refuse to pass laws actually stopping real crime. I'm glad I was born there -- it was beautiful and a wonderful state at one time. Now, I'm glad I moved to Utah. A sane state.

Meadow Lark Mark

Patriot you have it right on! I say we need to ban all guns, for certainly it is those awful guns that kill. There is never any human involved who shoots the guns. Let's ban all guns so only the bad guys have them who get them through illegal means. That sounds like the best course of action to me.


I was curious to understand what, "is in San Francisco's backyard" meant. It means that the Cow Palace is in Daly City, which isn't in San Francisco. Although the limitation is a State Law, I don't see why the City of San Francisco gets to file a law suit on behalf of the entire state. Won't this just get thrown out?


The law is still the law. Put it this way: Product X is illegal in California, but legal in Utah. A Utah company is selling Product X in California where it is illegal. That company is breaking the law, and everyone in Utah is defending them. In this case, Product X is high capacity magazines.

Product X is illegal in Utah, but legal in Colorado. A Colorado company is selling Product X in Utah where it is illegal. That company is breaking the law. In this case, Product X is marijuana. Would you still defend the company selling it?

By the way, they are both inanimate objects that can't hurt you.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Those California liberals just hate freedom.

Provo, UT

Meadow Lark Mark: guns don't kill people kill people. A gun can not kill on its own. The Constitution of the United States says we can own guns. The gangs and criminals would still get guns if normal people didn't have them.

Murray, Utah

re: FatherOfFour

What would you think in your scenario if Boise City was prosecuting the Colorado company for selling product X in Salt Lake City? In this case, it appears S.F. (see okeesmokee's post) is filing a lawsuit for an action that took place outside of its jurisdiction. Does it matter how far outside of its jurisdiction?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It is a bankrupt (both morally and fiscally) city in an equally bankrupt state, but San Francisco does have lots of lawyers on their payroll. So they can file frivolous lawsuits against whomever they please. Their lawyers still get paid, but the defendants now have to hire high priced lawyers to defend themselves.

Ignored is the fact that they (Crossroads) were not selling anything. The dealers being sued were selling "magazine rebuild kits" and they have a California Department of Justice letter several years ago advising them that such sales were legal. These are simply kits of parts for repair of magazines which are already legally owned ("grandfathered") by some people in that state. Of course it is illegal to use such parts for any other purpose, but that is a violation by the purchaser, not the seller.

I stay out of California at every opportunity, and advise the people living there to flee to freedom while they still can, before ALL their property is confiscated and given away.

Cedar Hills, UT

Ernest T. Bass,
Freedom, personal responsibility and accountability can be terrifying to some people. Fear of those things is one of the primary reason why socialism and statism in general have gained so much popularity.

Sandy, UT

California don't you have anything better to do?


“There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience.
And then there is California.”
- Edward Abbey

Sandy, UT

Those who use the legal system to prey upon others are a lot like certain types of cancer. After it destroys the organ where it started, it can metastasize and start to invade other organs. No good targets left in California, the then try some out-of-state victims.

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