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Published: Saturday, June 8 2013 4:10 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

So they have exactly one bcs offer(Kansas) between the two of them?


Sounds like they fit perfectly at byu.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

You know, when I saw that there was a total number of one comment on this article, I thought to myself "gee I wonder who it could possibly be, I think I have a guess."

Sure enough, it was Chris B.

Your obsession with BYU is truly fascinating. I think Chris B. might read more about BYU than I do, and I'm a fan!

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B.
How does it feel to be so consumed by hatred?
Oh well, 2 great recruits for BYU. The future is looking bright. No wonder Utah is afraid to play them in the future.

Layton, UT

So byu got a couple of run of the mill prospects. I'm stoked!

byu "fans'" obsession with Chris is truly fascinating, they check to see if he's commented than comment on him and say nothing about the article. lol.

Go Utes.

West Point , UT

Austin Chambers is a solid 3 star who will get offers from at least Missouri and Nebraska before it's all said and done, but yeah...he's not that good, just a typical 3 star BYU player who will probably be an all American (where's the Utah all Americans...I mean they're so superior to our 3 star KVN and 2 star Cody Hoffman...pffffft).

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Any chance Herring is related to Eli?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Yeah... probably all American.

And yeah... Missouri and Nebraska's offers are on the way. Just like that invitation to the BIG 12... it's on the way.

Oh, and as for all Americans...BYU hasn't had an all American for over 10 years and when they did have all Americans it was because they put up gaudy numbers against WACish/MWCish competition.

When BYU plays BCS level competition they have a losing record (that means "loosing record" for my Cougar readers).


Mesa, AZ

WOW....This has me shaking in my boots! Beat-out Mighty KU for one and Mighty NOBODY for the other!

As neither one is ranked, it begs the following question--

Where in the world did all of those 2-Star recruits byu's relentlessly pursuing go to? Anybody?

South Jordan, Utah

Pretty "insecure" Utes seem very concerned about BYU's recruits. Didn't these guys "move on" a couple of years ago? Truly, I wish they would . . .

Las Vegas, NV

Leave Chris B alone. The popularity of BYU is because of all the hits and comments made by everyone in here. Chris B and all other Ute commenters commenting and reading exclusive BYU articles is supporting BYU. We (BYU fans) appreciate the support, keep them coming. Please join in all Ute fans who want to comment and support BYU. Thank you.

Sandy, UT


"BYU hasn't had an All-American for over 10 years...."????

How uneducated can you be?

Among many All-Americans in the last twelve years, Dennis Pitta was a
"Consensus All-American" just a few years ago.

KVN and Hoffman are already Pre-Season All-Americans.
And would you like to discuss Ziggy again?

Pitta is BYU's 16th Consensus All-American to Utah's 5.
He not only started, but is a rising star, for the Super Bowl Champion Ravens.
Stop embarrassing yourself and all Ute fans.

BYU...living rent free in Chris B...aka Howard S....aka Naval Vet's..... brain.

Unanimous National Championship
23 Conference Championships

College Hall of Famers
Super Bowl and NFL MVP's

Things one will never see at the University of Utah....
And are already proudly on display at BYU.

Layton, UT

And again they go back to polishing there 25+ year old trophies.

What has byu done since Alex was the first pick in the NFL draft, The Utes won 2 BCS bowls, was invited to join a major conference, owned the cougars 8 out of 11 and 13 out of 20?

West Point , UT

Lol, ok I was going to say more...don't need to now. Thanks Bluto, you covered it nicely. But you forgot to include AZUTE on your rent free list. Balan: they will never move on. They care as much about BYU as they do about Utah and their incessant commentating on all things BYU is proof they are harboring and will continue to harbor this maladaptive obsession with their superior brother.

River Falls, WI

RE: ekute

"What has byu done since Alex was the first pick in the NFL draft, The Utes won 2 BCS bowls, was invited to join a major conference, owned the cougars 8 out of 11 and 13 out of 20?"

I'll take the bait on that one. The answer is play in a bowl game. "Then" (the consummate total of all the things you listed) began last fall after the utes beat the cougs in a very close game.

However, if you were talking about BYU sports more broadly I would note that they won the national championship in rugby, were runner's up in volleyball, completed an amazing basketball recruiting class that included three ESPN top 100 players, won the Commissioners Cup for being the most successful athletic program in the WCC, had a football player taken as the #5 pick in the NFL draft, another taken in the third round of the MLB draft, and another was MVP of the Portsmouth invitational and now looking to be drafted in the NBA.

What has Utah done since then?

Layton, UT


a bowl game? lol.

rugby? volleyball? *Yawn*

top 100? wcc? #5? looking to be drafted? lol.

Go Utes.

Dietrich, ID

I was wondering that same thing about were he was from or his relationship to Eli. I think Eli just had daughters when he graduated so wouldn't be his son. Herring is big football family though.

West Point , UT

"a bowl game? lol".
Yeah, I can see how that might be confusing to a Utah fan. Lol

"rugby? volleyball? *Yawn*"
Spoken like someone who has pinned all their hopes and dreams on their football program which is struggling to be .500...yeah I'd be yawning too.

"top 100? wcc? #5? looking to be drafted? lol".
Yes top 100 basketball players who were part of a top 15 national recruiting class. I know this is unfamiliar for Utah basketball so I'll cut you some slack for not understanding that. WCC- West Coast Conference...you know the league that has had more sweet 16 appearances and number one seeds in basketball than the mighty conference of champions since BYU joined. #5- the spot in the draft where Ziggy Ansah was taken...higher than any Utah has had since Alex Smith...I mean that's what you were asking right?...what BYU has done since Alex Smith? Yes Brandon Davies is "looking to be drafted" into the NBA, a position no ute basketball player has found themselves in since Rick Majerus. And lets not forget our top 75 MLB draft pick. Hope that cleared things up for you..."lol".

Salt Lake City, UT

It's absolutely ridiculous how BYU-obsessed the jealous kids on the hill have become. Their basketball team is a train wreck and their football team has been in steady decline since 2008. Instead of being able to crow about their great successes in the PAC, all we hear is incessant whining about how difficult their marginally tougher schedule is.

What's even more galling to the hill crowd is their big brother continues to out performance them across the board - in football, basketball, baseball, track & field, volleyball, rugby, the list goes on and on.

For the 20th straight year BYU will finish higher than Utah by 20 to 40 places in the Director's Cup and the Utes are quickly running out of excuses why their supposedly superior PAC 12 programs are, in reality, so inferior.

Provo, UT

Hey Chris B,

How many BCS offers do you have?


Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: ekute

Oh I didn't have to check. I already knew! lol. If BYU article and only one comment is there, it's at least 50 percent odds that it's Chris B's.

It's really just funny if anything. I guess everyone needs a hobby.

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