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Published: Saturday, June 8 2013 3:45 p.m. MDT

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Habib Assi
Salt Lake City, Utah

I don't know anyone who wonders why Doman was not retained--where does this come from--Provo homers?

Salt Lake City, UT

No matter what Bronco does there will be questions. Bronco needs a good season to clear the air of the Riley Nelson issues. This is a big turning point season for BYU, so hopefully things can come through for them. I was really hesitant to take on Robert Anae again, but from what I have seen, he has made positive improvements in the offense. This should be a great season if everything comes to fruition.

Idaho Falls, ID

I got to say, Dick, you are pretty brave doing and article stating what Bronco is "thinking" without doing an interview with him. I think your assessment is pretty good, though. I take it he won't give you the time of day? Anyway, it is probably pretty difficult doing a article like that without a single quote from the object of your story.
But nice job, anyway.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Top 25 Legacy Program?

In the last 40 years BYU has a 77% winning record when playing WAC/MWC or lower tier competition.

When BYU plays competition from upper tier conferences its winning record is 43%.

If BYU has a legacy it's based on success against second tier competition... not success against the big boys.

Not really much to be proud of.

Malad City, ID

Howard, good buddy, compare the results of BYU versus Notre Dame, and Utah versus Notre Dame. That difference should give you a pretty good notion of where the two teams are, and who was overwhelmed and who was not. I too questioned the rehire of Anae, but have been converted by his new enthusiasm, his new brand of run hard play fast offense, and I just love the hires he has brought in.

River Falls, WI

RE: Howard S.

Seriously? That's the best you can do? Very very few programs have high winning percentages against elite competition. Of course your slight only works depending on how you define "the big boys." I hope you aren't including teams like Washington State and Colorado in that category. They are no better or worst than the cupcakes everyone else plays, regardless of their elite BCS, conference of champions standing (dripping with sarcasm).

FYI, Since Utah entered the illustrious PAC12 they are exactly 4-10 against teams that ended the season with winning records with two of those wins coming over the team they "have moved on" from. The other two wins? Montana State, Georgia Tech. Of course before 2011 Utah played the same “second tier competition” BYU did.

As you said... Not really much to be proud of.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Wiscougarfan

When's the last time you heard somebody claim Utah had a top 25 legacy program? There's the difference.

@ IdahoCoog

You can't compare Utah football in 2010 and BYU football in 2012 as a barometer for where the programs currently are. We'll get a real sense after this season, with both teams playing very competitive schedules.

Overton, NV

The comment about the legacy program is a link. Apparently, the people who are commenting about it didn't actually follow the link. Otherwise, they might be making more informed comments about the use of the phrase.

West Point , UT

Two for:
"When's the last time you heard somebody claim Utah had a top 25 legacy program? There's the difference".

Why would Utah claim themselves a top 25 legacy? They didn't accomplish and haven't accomplished anywhere near what BYU has. Btw that claim is made by Athlon for BYU. There's the difference...no one outside Utah's fan base is claiming it for Utah either...again why would they? BYU has an argument regardless of who their competition was because of their success. Utah, on the other hand, played the same competition and didn't accomplish what BYU did, not even close.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


43% for the last 40 years includes all conference members of conferences ranking higher than the WAC/MWC. (including WASU and Colorado)

Now lets consider Bronco's record against elite teams... If you consider ranked teams Bronco has a winning record of 36%.

If you consider ranked BCS teams at the time of the game Bronco has winning record of 22%.

And if you consider BCS teams ranked at the end of the year Bronco has a winning record of 0%.

Not really the stuff of a legacy top 25 team... is it?

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

Howard- look at the link and then argue with the AP Poll if you don't like the result.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Sorry we don't meet your definition of legacy program. Sorry U don't meet anyone's definition of legacy program.

But I ain't gonna lie, I get pretty tickled when national institutions talk about BYU as a legacy program. Yeah, I like the sound of that!

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

How does Bronco justify an 8-5 record last year when he states that: "He has marveled at how the 2012 defense progressed and performed, finishing in the top five or 10 in numerous categories". Most programs with that type of defense typically are playing in a BCS bowl game for a share of the title. What happened at San Jose State? Bronco has only done half of the job and needs to be replaced if the program is to improve and move forward. Again, the BYU AD said there would be significant changes to the program and I have seen nothing to warrant such a comment. Change the head coach if you want a different outcome.

West Point , UT

FOLLOW THE LINK...sheesh. Athlon sports named BYUs '79-'85 run as a top 25 CFB dynasty. That's what the article is referring to, NOT BRONCO MENDENHALL.
But while we're on the subject, Kyle Whittingham has a 6-15 record against ranked opponents (29%), and a 2-8 record against BCS ranked opponents (20%). Utah has not beaten a single team that has been ranked in the final BCS or AP rankings since Alabama. And the only BCS team ranked at the end of the year (BCS final rankings) that Kyle W has beaten is Alabama (that weak 8-5 Oregon St team Utah beat by a FG in 08 wasn't BCS ranked at the end of the year). Lends a whole new perspective to your Mendenhall bashing doesn't it? Now do you really want me to follow that up with Utah's record against major conferences for the last 40 years? Trust me, you don't want me to because it only gets worse...this is why Utah isn't even discussed as a legacy top 25 team. I know it makes you jealous and whiney and we're sorry for that (not).

Salt Lake City, UT


You're grasping at straws with your selective stats and biased analysis that only proves how desperately jealous you are that BYU is a Top 25 Legacy Program, and U aren't.

West Point , UT

Also Howie...Oregon State in 2009 finished ranked #19 in the final BCS rankings, so Mendenhall did beat a BCS team that finished the year ranked. Also, Oregon State did finish #25 in the 2008 BCS final rankings, so whit did have 2 wins against BCS teams that FINISHED the season ranked, but none since Alabama still.

Cardston, Alberta

I have no clue what crowd you run with but I know absolutely no one who wanted to retain Doman. Having said that, Doman is a great guy and none of this is personal. Too many bizarre factors played into the mediocre '12 season which should have been a ten win season. As in any disaster, heads must role. Doman was one of those heads and only time will tell whether he has what it takes to be a factor in the fickle world of WINNING @ football.

Idaho Falls, ID

Hey Bronco beat my Aggies.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

NO excuse for playing a player with a broken back. NONE. Does it really take reflection to figure that out. My grandson could have told you that. the biggest problem Bronco has is his stubbornness. He would rather put a player and team at risk just to prove a point. After one disastrous game from Riley, after his obvious injury, without skipping a beat, Bronco said Riley is still the starter. C'mon how nonsensical is that?

I like Bronco but he has this major flaw! Arrogance and stubbornness. He wants to prove his actions right at the expense of the health of a player as well as putting the team in the best position to win.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Bronco knows that his win percentage will take a hit with an improved future schedules..so now is a perfect time for a contract extension. If last year was a bad season at 8-5 can you imagine what will happen if this year is 5-8? If that happens, I guarantee their will be calls for a new head coach. Smart move Bronco.

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