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Published: Saturday, June 8 2013 9:15 p.m. MDT

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Big Bubba
Herriman, UT

Well this sort of ruling from the supreme court will not surprise me. Even straight and religious folks across the country are supporting gay marriage. What saddens me is that the country on the whole seems to be turning its back on God's laws regarding morality. The Proclamation on the Family states that dire consequences await us if we allow traditional marriage to be eroded. The country has been warned.

salt lake, UT

The LDS church and its members should start by trying to set a better example.

Scott Zwartz
Beverly Hills, CA

Acknowledging that Gay and Straight individuals both have the inalienable and constitutional right of Liberty to marry another consenting adult does not force any religious organization to perform that marriage any more than a minister, priest or rabbi now must perform an inter-religious marriage. Any minister or priest who makes such a claim is either very ignorant or very dumb. I notice that no rabbi has been so foolish as to make such a silly claim and the Haredim will certainly not be performing same sex marriages.

The fact that there is no danger that any American priest, rabbi or minister will be forced to perform Gay marriages is highlighted by the fact that the only place where this fear has arisen is in Great Britain. BTW, the Brits do not follow American constitutional law. Remember?? We had a revolution and then wrote our Constitution?

Salt Lake City, UT

What implications will this have on members of the LDS Church seeking to get married in the temple? Will the ability of the LDS Church to only marry a man and a woman be denied in favor of forcing anyone authorized to perform legal marriages to also perform gay marriages on request? Hopefully the fact that the LDS Church was not forced to perform marriages for just anyone before will be in force still.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

This is wrong, plain and simple. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

BTW, right on Big Bubba!

Sugar City, ID

Re. Tolstoy: What do you mean by setting a better example?

Tooele, UT


Actually, the LDS Church is making slow, but steady steps towards better understanding towards those in the LGBT community.

For example, while some Christian denominations are abandoning the Boy Scouts of America due to their recent change in allowing gay youth to be scouts, the LDS Church is supporting the decision.

Openly gay and lesbian students can now attend BYU.

And while many in the gay community still are not pleased with the church's new instructional videos regarding the issue of same-sex attraction, the fact of the matter is, many LDS Church members who 20 years ago may have seen homosexuality as the ultimate perversion, are starting to see it from a new perspective.

Same may say this is all "window dressing" but in the event the LDS Church finds itself compelled to welcome LGBT people more fully, it will indeed be ready to do so.


Re: Scott Zwartz

I wish you were correct, but you are obviously not aware that there are current active prosecutions occurring in states which have legalized same-sex marriage (Washington and Colorado), against persons who would not provide services to same-sex marriage ceremonies because same-sex marriage conflicted with the business owner's religious beliefs. The state's position in each case is that defendants religious convictions must give way to the gay-lesbian communities right to equal treatment. If marriage laws were in federal jurisdiction, which, thankfully, they are not, considering his record thus far, can there be any doubt where the Obama administration would stand on protecting religious rights?

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

What's cool, what is righteous. What's respected and what's honored. Respect and trust is earned. Honor is having good manners [being considerate and appreciative], Doing your duty to God and your country [you obey the law]. In order for anything to be sacred, it has to have the purpose, of the continuance of life. It's none of my business what anyone does behind closed doors between consenting adults. I don't want to hear about it.

Saint Louis, MO

The real issue in California is the "voice of the people". The California Courts effectively negated a legally binding vote. The reasoning on DOMA then is concentrating on what the "wishes of the people" are. You can't have it both ways. Anthony Kennedy is the "swing vote". Actually, he will decide both decisions. I am against gay marriage. However if the people decide, then the courts have to support. That is what makes the decision in California so gigantically troubling. The courts are going to negate the "vote" of the people. Ultimately, if the people decide that abortion is wrong, then the courts could rule that it is the constitutional right of a woman to do so. How far do we extend that right? Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to take it to eight months. What if it is decided that babies can be put to death on the birthing table? Actually, that is what "partial birth" is all about. All that it will take on the Supreme Court is for Kagan, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Bryer to add one vote. Our country has to be based on law. The voice of the people must be heard.

Saint George, UT

The decision will be great either way! It gives those who have been absent from deciding whether homosexuality is right or wrong the chance to come clean. There is only so long you can hide behind the so-called 'tolerant' view of God's word. You will either declare to God that His commandments are valid or you will mock Him and His word. Eventually, all will 'fess-up' to the truth. In the meantime, social chaos will continue. It is when the children don't have a chance to learn His word that God will decide to clean house.

Baton Rouge, LA

@ Scott Zwartz

"Acknowledging that Gay and Straight individuals both have the inalienable and constitutional right of Liberty to marry another consenting adult does not force any religious organization to perform that marriage..."

Agreed...as laws now stand. However, laws and legal perspective change and evolve and it's only a matter of time that those with an agenda of more than just equality begin the process of attempting to require religious organizations to perform any and all marriages. The political will to prevent this from happening will begin to erode--not right away, but over time--unless sufficiently strong legal/constitutional structure is put into place to protect the ongoing rights of religions.

pleasant grove, ut

The world is changing and you better get use to it. The claims that same sex couples getting married somehow endangers regular marriage is pretty silly. My marriage and yours is safe no matter what the supreme court decides on this.

South Jordan, UT

"God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."
Pretty sure God made everyone.

Lebanon, TN

I'm looking forward to the Court's decision. :-)

We've already heard many anti-gay folks saying that civil marriage should be separated from religious marriage. Well, here's your chance! The Catholic Church in England seems to be headed in that direction already. I see no reason why other churches shouldn't follow suit. Let couples go ahead and get their church weddings, then just walk on down to the county clerk's office for their civil contract. No sweat.

NOBODY is forcing ANYBODY to perform gay church weddings. NOBODY. But when pastors/preachers/priests sign **civil** marriage contracts, they are signing **government documents**. And people who do government business MUST be bound by the laws of that government. If you don't want to uphold the laws of the government, then stop doing the government's business. Very simple.

As for the "Adam and Steve" nonsense --

When the Lord created Adam and Eve, the people of that time didn't have in vitro fertilization or other reproductive technologies, or even much in the way of adoption. They also didn't have airplanes. Should we automatically assume that everything that isn't in the Bible is automatically evil?

Idaho Falls, ID

The answer is clear, the Government needs to get out of marriage completely and only be involved with Civil Unions for everyone, and let the churches do the marriage thing. If your church doesn't like gay marriges, then you can go find a church that is OK with gay marriage.

Sandy, UT

There are already numerous suits againt companies that do not want to be involved in gay marriages. The gblt community will use antidiscrimination laws to go after anyone who does not fall in line. In their minds, their need for acceptance outweighs your right to religious or economic freedom. Tolerance is not the goal, compelled acceptance is.

Huntsville, AL

@Scott Zwartz, yes we do remember the Revolution and know that Great Britain does not follow American Constitutional law. However, what we have here are a number of men in DC trying to destroy the original Constitution. The Constitution is not much good when it's in the trash heap.

Kaysville, UT

Having agency to choose is not any easier today than it was in ancient times with God's commandments to know what He wants one to do. That kind of choice is so hard even in a family as you want to take Lucifer's side and force your children to do right as that is what I told you to do.

Loving one another is a tough job for parents but is harder in life of agency and choices as we don't have control over other people. We can show love and is our challenge everyday in everything that we have to choose.

We don't have a choice in choosing our children and our challenge is to show love unfeigned. We live in a time when people choose to adopt children who need love, encouragement and support for all of life's challenges.

Love is a challenge but I am grateful to know there is a plan to help us get through this life and support from a Father and His Son to get through it under a law and order for our life. The one that doesn't have a physical body is blessed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Big Bubba: "What saddens me is that the country on the whole seems to be turning its back on God's laws regarding morality."

Oh please. This is exactly the same set of "God's laws" that forbids the eating of shrimp, permitting women to speak in church, permitting people with birth defects to attend church, wearing cloths made of multiple fabrics and allowing people of different religions to even exist. All of these are explicitly set forth as "God's laws" in the Bible.

I am deeply grateful that so few Americans actually obey all of the "God's laws" contained in the Bible (or the Quran, or the Torah) because it is only by ignoring those arcane and wholly irrational "laws" that we have a sane and just society.

If you lament ignoring Biblical rules regarding homosexuality, then why aren't you just as loudly lamenting our ignoring of all the other equally bizarre and irrational rules contained in the Bible?

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