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Published: Saturday, June 8 2013 9:45 a.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

Welcome to the world as it is. There is discrimination in virtually walk of life. Fat people, short men, less good looking people, racial minorities, all experience discrimination because of those attributes. People with the gift of a magnetic personality get benefits because of this. Short men make less money than taller men. Any of these attributes is likely to cause a person to be treated differently.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Salt Lake City, UT

If someone didn't want to do business with me because I'm a Latter-day Saint, I may not like it but I do believe it is their right.

Now about a principle inherent in this story:

Whether it's a social 'rule of conduct', a law, or a city ordinance... what we accept and refuse shouldn't be a matter of 'allowing' behavior. It should be a matter of encouraging right behavior and discouraging wrong behavior.

Everyone wants change these days. We all want to change the world, change each other, and change society. You can't make up someone's mind for them. Improvement and progress require choosing to improve, not to be coerced or forced into it. That may be awfully conservative of me and it may seem unimportant as people think it "distracts from the issue", but it's the truth and it's right. The entire reason we have "issues" to address in the first place is because people take choices into their own hands that ought not be.

Want to stop tipping, stop bullying, stop racism, stop all that is wrong? Teach people and spread the truth. Outlawing an act is counter-effective.

Brigham City, UT

Do away with tips. Waiters and waitresses should be paid a fair wage, rather than being dependent on tips for their livelihood. They put in the same amount of hours whether the restaurant is busy or not, whether they have the good fortune to wait on a big tipper or not. If this means that restaurants have to raise prices, so be it. At least prices on the menu will then be the real price of the meal.

Brooklyn, NY

I've traveled to six continents and the USA is the only place where tipping is a standard practice. I have to say, I like it much more when the menu says an item is 15-dollars and it is just that. 15-dollars out the door, tax and tip included. Such a better and more sensible practice.

Like many businesses, ones that outsource to China/India or hire illegals, the American way is simply so the owners can make more money without having to pay a livable wage to workers.

Houston, TX

A tip is a cross between a reward and a bribe. I leave 20% to 25% tips because I want to express appreciation. Still, that isn't much money for a small bill. The current arrangement doesn't provide a forum for thanking the cooks, etc., and without a doubt the amount of the tip is affected by the overall service. For that reason, I would prefer that wages of service employees were increased, and I'll express my satisfaction with a short survey after the meal.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm a little suspicious of this article.

Servers generally earn better than $10/hour (and more) when tips are added to their pay.

Suppose the restaurant abolishes tipping, and adds 20% to the cost of everything on their menu. What are the odds that restaurant owners would then actually give the extra 20% to their servers?

Servers going from $2.13/hour plus $10+/hour in tips to a flat rate that will likely be at or near the minimum wage hour when diners pay the extra 20% to abolish tipping doesn't strike me as a good deal for anyone except restaurant owners.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to tip.

Mark l

Perhaps the reason that some people want to outlaw tipping is because many tipped employees don't report their tips as income. How much of this unreported income is the government missing out on? The government will never have enough of our money. It must be reigned in and live within its means.

Grantsville, UT

Please tell me that this pinhead's papers were not paid for with tax dollars.

Charlotte, NC

L O L !!!

And some people wonder why we make so much fun of academics.

Utah Teacher
Orem, UT

I made more money in tips for parking cars as a valet in So Cal than I did my first year as a teacher in Utah.

Woods Cross, UT

Utah teacher:
It is now illegal for a teacher to accept tips or gifts worth more than $50. The legislature watches everyone except themselves!

Salt Lake City, UT

"Waiters should be paid a set wage. Diners should not be extorted into giving a higher percentage of their bill as tips by greedy servers."


I could not agree more.

Please everyone. Help put an end to this ridiculous and grossly unfair, on many levels and for many reasons, practice.

Castle Valley, Utah

Here, here! Tipping is just one more American anomaly that complicates the world as it is. Pay servers minimum wage, and price meals accordingly. Consumer costs don't change, and America joins the League of World Diners!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I like the idea of the price on the menu being the actual price.

Considering that there is not decision in life that involves money that does not discriminate against those you don't give the money to, I strongly favor discrimination. If you outlaw discrimination you outlaw freedom. The only difference between freedom and a dictatorship comes down to one thing: who makes the decisions.

One of the biggest problems with tipping is unscrupulous managers. I know of restaurant managers who take a portion of the tips for themselves. This is theft from their employees and these people should go to jail.

I don't think that a tip should be expected but if I want to leave a tip for exceptional service then I think I should be able to do that. In as much as I prefer pretty young blonds I would probably leave them a bigger tip, if for no other reason than to irritate the good professor.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

What they need to do is change the laws so they cannot get away with paying less than minimum wage and expect tips to make up the difference..

A Chem Engineer
Pocatello, ID

I couldn't disagree with the professor (and some commenters) more, on several grounds:

1) Tipping is intended to give indication to a service provider about the quality of their service, and motivation to provide good service. Just because more and more in our disintegrating American culture don't know how to tip, does not change this fact.

2) Tipping is uniquely American because our country was founded on the principles of individual liberty and accountability - a totally foreign concept in the world in 1787, and even more so today (and sadly, becoming more so here as well - see #1 above). What the professor suggests is tantamount to Socializing this sector of our economy - you get paid regardless of your performance - therefore no need to strive to be your best.

3) I also usually tip between 20-30%, and never less than $3.00 unless it is just a shake or something. However, when I get a waitress who only has two tables, and one of them is a couple friends, and I am totally neglected while she flirts (they come in after me, eat & leave before I get my cold meal), I tip about 50 cents - sends a necessary message.

Park City, Ut

I like the European model best, include gratuity into the cost of the meal. If the service was exceptional, leave an additional buck or two.

Centerville, UT

Waiters and Waitresses go into the business knowing full well what they are getting into. It is already 'fair.' You don't HAVE to be a server if you don't want to. However, if you provide great service, you can make more money than a lot of other types of jobs.

If you are one that thinks it's unfair and tipping should be ended and the the restaurant should pay a 'fair' wage, get out of the business.


Tipping is best. It should spread to more jobs, not fewer. To the poster who said "The current arrangement doesn't provide a forum for thanking the cooks, etc." When I was a waiter, I always tipped my host, my busmen, my bartenders and my cooks. About half my tips went to others.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

End tipping and pay servers a decent wage. End of story.

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