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Published: Monday, June 10 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Mapleton, UT

Knowing Steve Pearson, there are few people who have a passion for accomplishment. Keep your eyes on this kid (well, I guess he is the man). He is going places. High places, obviously.

Cedar Hills, UT

great accomplishment - hats off to these two guys

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Thank you for including this piece in your on-line edition.

G L W8

Admittedly, I'm torn with conflicting reactions to this story. At surface level, I could be critical: couldn't the time and money be better spent sharing the gospel and assisting the poor? But then I remember President Hinckley's reaction to the Half-pipe at the Olympics and the Savior's reaction when a woman used expensive ointment to anoint his feet.
But I have appreciation for the two men's ability to do 'hard things'. Earning the Eagle Scout rank is no small task, Their challenge to do hard things sets an example for young men currently involved in scouting and sports.
I can’t judge how far their experience may influence others--if not in a missionary way, then at least in the example to face life's challenges courageously.
I also think of spouse, family members, and fiance left at home--reminiscent of the days when early male married saints were called on missions while wives and children struggled at home--or crossed the plains by themselves.
We can learn much from pondering these men's experience, but no room to consider them here. Thanks, guys and DesNews, for making the opportunity available!

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