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Published: Wednesday, June 5 2013 4:35 p.m. MDT

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Vancouver, WA

"Tuition costs are only a part of the bigger problem".
The best deal on tuition you can get is at WGU. Flat rate for 6 months. Finish as many classes as you can handle at one flat tuition rate. That is an amazing deal. I just wish they had more degree options.

Tuition costs are only a drop in the bucket of problems with colleges finances. Tuition is too much. Books are too much. Rent is too much. Gasoline is too much. Groceries are too much. Financial aid is extremely easy to get and college is promoted as absolutely essential and worth the debt. The net result? A bunch of graduates heavily in debt with a whole life of catching up to look forward to. That isn't my idea of the American dream.

After you graduate college and start paying of your $80,000 in student loan debt you realize that a $30,000 per year job is an insult. Utah's pay is very low, so the high amount of educated people there have that to look forward to.

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