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Published: Tuesday, June 4 2013 6:05 p.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Just the FAX:

"During the last half century, however, BYU owns U...in head-to-head 29-21"

Last half century? Wow! That was pretty desperate of you. Especially since the majority of those wins were accomplished before 1985. Those were the Reagan years. Now Reagan is dead, and so is your program. Utah owns the last QUARTER century (14-11), so clearly, we've retaken the series, and are presently the more relevant team.

Las Vegas, NV

Naval Vet: Why are you even trying to talk to them in turns of what is "relevant"? That is a word that doesn't exist in Utah County!

Go Utes!!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"We know all about your dusty trophies from 30 years ago."

BYU actually takes very good care of their trophies, none of them are dusty.

They're not all from the 30 years ago either:

Heisman 1990
Sammy Baugh 1990
Davey O'Brien 1990, 1991, 1996
Doak Walker 2001

Of course, even "dusty" trophies are better than empty, dusty shelves

btw, what kind of trophy do you get for being picked to be a perennial whipping boy for the PAC?

oh yeah, U get to attach a nifty little PAC 12 sticker to your rear window and pretend it makes U "special".

U 90
Corona, CA


First you said, "Every other school has... better climate, better city"

Then you said, "I didn't say "they (city) are all nicer". Major failure on your part.... although I did exempt wsu and spokane.

Your first major fail is your contradicting statement noted above. Your second fail is that Spokane is not home to WSU... that would be Pullman, WA. Gonzaga is located in Spokane... pass geography at Alpine middle school did you?

Highland, UT


I don't know who he is and I don't care. But the fact you think that some sports reporter voicing an opinion is evidence of anything say's plenty.


Highland, UT


Here is what I actually said.

"They don't have any advantages over any other school in the conference with the possible exception of wsu, that's it. In every other criteria they are in an inferior postion to everyone elese in the pac12. Every other school has more money, more fans, more population, better climate, better city (at least in the eyes of most recruits), more prestige, better legacy, better name brand, better facilities, better everything."

Notice the "possible exception of wsu"?

So now you are grasping for straws.

I do give you credit though, you appear to be the only utah "fan" on here that is willing to admit utah will never be consistently competitive in the pac12.

Kudo's on the hoesty but you've probably mad eyourself a paria amongst utah "fans".

p.s. I grew up in Northern California, San Jose specifically, so you can try to pin it on Quimby Oak Jr. High. LOL! Oh and there is no such thing as Alpine Middle School. Did you pass google class at utah?

Anaheim, CA

Taking inventory of Utah's first two seasons in the Pac-12:

At or near the bottom of the conference in nearly every sport except W-GYM, just as expected. What Utah fans wishfully characterize as only a period of adjustment is really just the new norm for the Utes.

Sure, the Utes may occasionally rise to the upper half of the conference for a year or two, but the Utes will never be perennial conference favorites in any sport other than W-GYM. They never were in the WAC or MWC, so its baffling why any Utah fan would expect anything different in the PAC.

Get used to living in the reflected light of more accomplished programs.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

Ducky, Ducky, Ducky,

When will you ever get over the fact that your weak team from Provostan was not invited to the Pac 12, & cannot win the Big Games as you call it? If the Utes cannot win the big games, then I have no idea what Byu is doing. They have beat 6 or 7 teams since 2009 that finished the year .500 or better & 2 of those were vs Utah St, & one in 09 against the Utes. Your weak team lost to San Jose St last year. Get over it, & stop being jealous of what the Utes have.


The Utes were one of the big fish in a little pond. They along with TCU went to 2 BCS games, & were the Original BCS busters, & at the time of them joining the Pac 12 had the best record & most wins vs BCS teams. So they have been there & done that. They wanted to challenge themselves, which they have, & it's turned out to be tough. I would rather challenge myself in the Pac 12 than do what Byu did & run away from a conference to play an Indy WAC schedule with 6-8 built in wins each year.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

KG: "Let the money sink in, let the new facilities work their magic on recruits and if Utah has a four- or five-year bowl drought, then you can open up discussions."

If Utah has a four- or five-year bowl drought, KW will be gone and you'll be able to hear the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth from the kids on the hill all the way to Provo.

Provo, UT

Give it a rest Ducky, everyone can see how jealous and obsessed over everything Utah.

Gilbert, AZ


When was the last time the Utes won a "big" game?

The sad truth is you can't even beat WAC and 10-loss teams anymore.

The Utes have been owned by WAC/MWC Boise State and were destroyed by TCU in their last two meetings.

Utah has been in steady decline since 2008, and Utah's twin flash-in-the-pan seasons are quickly fading into the soon to be forgotten past.

10 years from now, "bcs" won't mean anything to the next generation of college sports fans, but being a former National Champion and Heisman Trophy winning program will ALWAYS resonate with fans.

Gilbert, AZ

Papa Smurf UTE

"They [Utah] wanted to challenge themselves, which they have, & it's turned out to be tough."

LOL! BYU played FIVE Top 25 teams in 2012; Utah only played TWO. Please explain how only playing TWO ranked teams is more challenging than playing FIVE.

With the exception of ur/#25 BYU in 2011, the Utes haven't beaten a ranked team since 2008. Against ranked teams since 2008, the Utes are 1-8. Against teams ranked in both polls, the Utes are winless.

Meanwhile, supposedly timid BYU has played TWELVE Top 25 teams since 2008, winning games against #18/#18 Utah and #16/#17 Utah State.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT


Jealous of what?

Not being good enough to be ranked and not even being good enough to play in a bowl?

If that's your definition of success, enjoy that little PAC 12 sticker in your back window. You've become college football's shining example of the Peter Principle.

Bountiful, UT

wow....that's pretty depressing reading. When I read that story out loud to my children they cried worse than they do when we watch NatGeo and see the pride of Lions rip into and devour a baby Wildebeest.

Seeing the utes get ripped into and devoured by the beasts of the Pac12 has been pretty graphic these past 2 yrs. If they ever get a game on a "national" TV channel that the majority of regular people get and can watch, I'd hope that they'll put warning labels for families with young children so we don't expose them to all that graphic blood, carnage and violence. It gives my kids nightmares, I can't imagine what it does to the minds of children of poor ute fans who have to watch it week after week after week after week after week....brrrr.

Well, most experts said the utes would become the next Washington St and it sounds like they were right. Only delusional ute fans thought they'd be winning the Pac12 and going to a Rose Bowl.

Bountiful, UT

@Magna Ute fan
"Did some Ute fans claim that Utah was going to dominate the PAC12? I'm sure many did. Some bought into the hype and excitement a little too much"

I'll cut you slack on the Rose Bowl predictions in 2011.

Provo, UT

Why is it that some of BYU's fans live on these boards waiting for the next post, so they can be the first to run down everything they can think of concerning The University of Utah. It would be their Utes jealously and inferiority complexs. Not getting the Invite has really tipped some of them over. Yeppers that's it. LOL!

Sandy, UT

Why is it that some Utah fans live on these boards whining about all things BYU, but as soon as a BYU fan makes a comment that exposes the silly argument, the Utah fan immediately starts shooting the messengers instead of admitting the foolishness of the hill dwellers original argument?

Except for getting a nice paycheck, what good is being in the PAC, if you're nothing but a door mat?

Just like the 80's, it's becoming abundantly clear that BYU has once again become Utah's bowl game.

Highland, UT


I can tell it really bothers you. That is good. The truth is utah has been nothing short of abysmal in just about every sport since joining the pac12 and despite me asking about 20 times not on of the utah "fans" around here can give me any reason why utah will ever be any more than they currently are, and that is not very good.

I do enjoy the backpeddling we get to read now days, it is a refreshing change from the stuff you guys were posting two years ago and again last year. Before last season, oh about this exact same time last year, utah "fans" were on here predicting "undefeated", "national championship", "rose bowl", "pac 12 championship game", "pac12 south champs", and other delusional stuff. It's all there to read, you can go back and read them, they were very prolific.

But instead what we witnessed was a 2nd straight losing pac12 record, and overall losing season, no bowl game, and then guys like azute whining about SOS while trying to wear it as a badge of honor.

In otherwords this is some pretty fun stuff.


Salt Lake City, UT


LOL at your delusional whiny spin!

During the Dave Rose era

BYU 209-66(76%), 4-6 in the NCAA, 3-2 in the NIT, 8 straight 20+ win seasons, 4 conference championships, National Player of the Year

Utah 116-137(46%), 0-1 in the NCAA, 6 losing seasons, 1 conference championship

Dave Rose is just getting started, while Utah's glory days ended with Bogut's departure to the NBA.

And, despite your delusional spin that absolutely nobody besides you believes...

There's a HUGE difference between
being outscored by almost 20 points in the 2nd half in a NINE point 78-69 loss
losing by 2 points on a tip-in at the buzzer in what is almost universally described as THE BIGGEST UPSET in NCAA tournament history.

Salt Lake City, UT

Articles like this one make the Cougar faithful ever thankful that they didn't get taken by a major conference. They make jokes about Utah struggling, while knowing full well that BYU would be in a worse position. Utah has improved from its Mountain West days while BYU has not. Where are those dozens of talented recruits that would flock to the program for a chance to play on late night ESPN? Remember to text Tom Holmoe and thank him for walking away from that Big 12 invitation that was never extended.

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