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Published: Tuesday, June 4 2013 6:05 p.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sorry, I have to laugh. Of the 80 posts extant on this article as I write this, Ducky the byu "fan" has launched 13 of them!

C'mon Ducky, admit it, you're really a Ute "fan". We can't wait for your next trip to Tulsa.

LOL, indeed!!

provo, UT

The pac-12 has been disastrous for utah as far as its sports teams are concerned. There is no other way of putting it. utah isn't a mediocre pac-12 football team, they are a bottom dweller right now. If they have another losing season in the pac-12 south division, the easier of the two divisions, then kwhitt will be on the hot seat in 2014 and will probably lose his job seeing that they haven't been competitive yet and the talent they have up on the hill isn't that great, not even close to 2004 or 2008. The other sports are't very good with the exception of gymnastics. Plus, utah has lost something like 11 out of the last 12 games in basketball to a WCC school down south and it doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon (they might get lucky and win one here and there, but I doubt it). BTW, BYU has #14 recruiting class(ESPN) in the nation this year (without getting Jabari Parker) and Rose is 12-3 against utah.

Highland, UT


I might have 13 more, this article has been epic. The only utah "fan" on here that made any attempt at trying to snawer my question could only come up the "slc transit system". That's good stuff, a guy couldn't make it up. Then of course you can't comment on the article itself, only my postings, which just shows you have no answer for it either.

Here are the facts.

utah doesn't have any advantages in any way over most of the rest of the pac12.

utah has thus far been at the bottom of the pac12 in virtually every single sport.

Nothing utah has done, or is doing, will give them any advantages over the rest of the pac12.

utah "fans" after spending 3 years telling us that utah was would immediately be going to rose bowls and placing its teams at the top of the pac12 conference are now either trying to claim they always "knew it would take time" or else are acutally admitting utah will never be consistently good at much of anything.

You are more obsessed with me than anything else.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

"I might have 13 more"
"You are more obsessed with me than anything else."


People who point out your obsessive posting are not obsessed with you. We're merely pointing out your obsessive behavior. (A fine time for DNews to forget comment limits.)

Now, how about you tell us how you responded to my request for a show of hands, posted yesterday at 8:50am?

LOL, indeed!

Mesa, AZ

From KG at ESPN--

"I think you have to give Utah at least four seasons in The PAC-12 -- a full class cycle -- before you can start passing judgment on Whittingham. Remember, not only are they adjusting to a higher level of play every week, but they need a grace period to re-work how they operate their program. Utah is seeing television money never thought possible in the Mountain West, and part of the learning curve is figuring out the proper way to appropriate that funding. Hiring Dennis Erickson is a great start -- a move they never would have been able to make financially in a non-AQ conference. Nor would a non-AQ team be able to attract a big-name coach like Erickson to be a coordinator. Let the money sink in, let the new facilities work their magic on recruits and if Utah has a four- or five-year bowl drought, then you can open up discussions. But Whittingham -- who I believe to be an outstanding coach -- should be sitting on ice for now."

Highland, UT


You've now posted that comment about 30 times. No one cares what one dude no one has ever heard of thinks, yet you keep posting it as if is is scripture.


East Salt Lake City, Utah


Let me help you, Kevin Gemmell (ESPN):

"Depth seems to be a big issue for most teams. Entering Year 3 in the Pac-12, do you feel like you've built up that depth to where you can be competitive?

KW: I think we're working toward that end. It's a process. It doesn't happen overnight. Every year you try to make your football team better through recruiting. There are three ways to make yourself better. You either bring in new players through recruiting. You make the guys already in the program better and sometimes it's addition by subtraction. Those are the three ways you can improve your football team.

And I think we have done a very nice job -- the assistant coaches in particular -- they are the ones on the front lines of recruiting and finding the talent and determining who we should bring into the program. I'm pleased with the classes we've put together the last three years. I believe we're heading in that direction of building depth. We're certainly a more talented team than we were a few years ago.

Mesa, AZ

byu fans need to be concerned more with how their team will ever find a way to actually beat a good team, besides barely beating usu at home in utah county.

They point to our record w/in our conference after merely 2 years [even better than ua's been], yet they have gone 2-3 against The PAC-12, beating 2 teams which literally finished at the bottom of the conference standings and getting absolutely brutally curb-stomped at home by the only 2 teams they played against which finished the season w/a winning-record....They're 0-2 against UTAH.

Regarding basketball, highly-rated recruiting-classes don't automatically translate into success on the court, not at all unlike highly-rated QBs not automatically translating into success on the field.

How many highly-rated recruiting-classes do you people believe Coach RM to have ever hauled-in? Face it, even w/byu's most celebrated player ever, dr could only coach his team to the Sweet 16, only their 1st time reaching this round in more than 30 years. byu continues to retain being the national leader in tourney appearances without ever reaching The Final Four.

Mesa, AZ

Highland, UT

"You've now posted that comment about 30 times. No one cares what one dude no one has ever heard of thinks, yet you keep posting it as if is is scripture.


Your side-kick at 12:45 never got this memo. Furthermore, everybody but you knows who Kevin Gemmell is.

Why do you insist on evading me on actually responding directly to his quote and its content/merit?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Baltimore, MD


"New York is a great place, yet San Antonio has 4 NBA titles."

LOL at your frantic and emotional spin.

Comparing the NBA, where players are drafted and traded and signed according to cap space, to college sports, where every player is essentially a free-agent, free to choose any school that wants him, is a stretch, even for U.


LOL at your reading skills.

Where did I compare NBA with College Sports?

I compared two NBA teams relative to "ideal" location: New York and San Antonio

Then I said regardless of location what matters is talent and coaching.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Uteanymous: a byU fan even bringing up basketball? Too rich!!! What has byU EVER done in the NCAA tournament? Here's what: they own the two most embarrassing records of ineptitude. The most appearances without EVER reaching the final four, and, the most first round losses in a row. Utah is down in basketball right now, but they will come back. Utah has a very deep and rich history in basketball. byU has Ainge.

Talk basketball smack when you have actually accomplished something.

Too funny!! But thanks again for showing your obsession to all things Ute!

Go Utes!


Utes are going to be fine. They nearly and should've beaten USC in the coliseum the first PAC12 game in 2011. They were a blocked field goal away.

Utah WILL be a force in this conference very soon.

Let all the jealous haters hate all they want. UTAH is the ELITE team in this state and its not even close. We have the brightest future and BYU fans are just bitter and jealous.

WE own BYU and the Holy War is so lopsided I don't care to continue it. We own BYU.


Baltimore, MD


"Where did I compare NBA with College Sports?

I compared two NBA teams relative to "ideal" location: New York and San Antonio"

Since when is "ideal" location even a factor in pro sports?

Unlike college teams, NBA teams don't have to entice players to play in their fair cities.

In the NBA, players are drafted and traded like cattle, with very little say in where they ultimately end up playing.

So using your New York/San Antonio example to insinuate that Utah doesn't have to have the "ideal" location to compete with other PAC 12 teams because San Antonio doesn't have to have the "ideal" location to compete with New York is laughable.

Even more laughable, your inability to see the disconnect in your argument.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

What advantage does Utah have in our current conference? The same that we have had for the last 20 years, great coaches (with a caveat for Brian Johnson right now), a "family atmosphere," and a blue collar attitude. We don't expect to be the next USC, or Oregon, or UCLA. We hope that we will be able to establish ourselves in the top half of the conference, and win a division title on good years and an occasional conference title. You have to play the hand you're dealt. The some thing goes for BYU. They have some advantages and some big challenges.

Looking at what Utah has accomplished in the last 20 years gives us hope that they will continue to move forward. They have a track record of doing more with less (see BCS bowls).

Gilbert, AZ


"Utah WILL be a force in this conference very soon."

Based on what, the wishful thinking of the kids on the hill?

It's laughable that you beat your chests about being in the PAC, but the only thing you've had to crow about since joining the PAC is winning a couple of games against your now supposedly irrelevant, bitter rival.

Funny how you claim to have "almost" beaten USC, except for a blocked FG try, yet you "own" BYU because U won a couple of games by blocking a FG try and having a FG try bounce off the upright.

btw, beating BYU will never make you a contender in the PAC, in fact, it's not even enough to get U ranked or to a bowl game.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Did some Ute fans claim that Utah was going to dominate the PAC12? I'm sure many did. Some bought into the hype and excitement a little too much. Some were just talking smack to rub more salt in the cougars wounds at being left behind. But Utah fans weren't the only ones who thought Utah would see more success sooner than they have. There were sports journalists around the PAC12 who predicted that the first PAC12 conference championship game would be held in RES. When you look at Utah's success playing BCS teams prior to joining the PAC12 there was reason to think they could hit the ground running.

We have seen somewhat of a "perfect storm" with our QB and O-line problems and OC turnover while were trying to make the transition.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

There is reason to hope that we are going to continue making progress. Our new football facilities are not at the bottom of the PAC12 any more. From what I have read they a comparable with most of th mid-top of the league. We still have Coach Whit. We still have a great staff. Our recruiting has improved. We have been winning the instate recruiting battles. We're still packing our stadium with a waiting list for season tickets despite our recent struggles.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


"WE own BYU and the Holy War is so lopsided I don't care to continue it. We own BYU."

In head-to-head, but only if you include the Pre-Cambrian era before color television.

During the last half century, however, BYU owns U, not only in head-to-head 29-21, but in the far more important realm of overall national accomplishments.

As SportsFan already posted:

National Accomplishments

1 National Championship
1 Heisman Trophy winner
6 National College Football Hall of Fame Players
1 Doak Walker Award winner (nation's best running back)
4 Davey O'Brien Award winners (nation's best quarterback)
7 Sammy Baugh Trophy winners (nation's best passer)
2 Outland Trophy winners (nation's best interior lineman)

17 AP Top 25 finishes
18 Coaches 25 finishes


0 National Championships
0 Heisman Trophy winners
0 National College Football Hall of Fame Players
0 Doak Walker Award winners (nation's best running back)
0 Davey O'Brien Award winners (nation's best quarterback)
0 Sammy Baugh Trophy winners (nation's best passer)
0 Outland Trophy winners (nation's best interior lineman)

5 AP Top 25 finishes
7 Coaches 25 finishes

Magna, UT

Just the Fax-

We know all about your dusty trophies from 30 years ago. All those trophies and a buck fifty will get you a Big Gulp at 7-11. But, they haven't gotten you into a single BCS bowl game or a BCS conference, or any other national accomplishment to speak of in the last decade.

Sandy, UT

Just the FAX

Just owning BYU is enough.

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