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Published: Tuesday, June 4 2013 6:05 p.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"2irreleventbowlwins" ???

Really? So now the Fiesta and Sugar Bowls are "irrelevant"? Just because you've never been good enough to get an invitation to play there? Haha! 2BCSWINS really hurt you, didn't he? I can tell.

U 90
Corona, CA


most college fans could care less about any sport outside of football and basketball. So if the Ute golf team takes 12th place... who cares. Granted, Utah basketball has a long way to go, but given their legacy they have a good shot at restoring the program within 5 years. Regarding football, Utah will have poor years (2012), they will also have average years where they are still in the hunt for the PAC 12 championship game through the end of the season (2011). However, there will also be occasional years where Utah is competing for a big-time bowl game. I'll take the down & average years along with an occasional huge season in the PAC12. It's better than being a big player in a small conference or having no conference at all.

Idaho Falls, ID

Utes are crazy to think they will complete for conference championships anytime soon. The only reason they are in the Pac is because of $$$. If conference wins (football) don't come soon the die hard fans will be looking at empty seats in Rice Eccles. I'll bet you that BYU wins more games this year than Utah.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

It's so nice to be able to watch all of the football games on COMCAST. The additional revenue is huge. Last year was a dissapointment regarding football. Hopefully it was an anomally and not a trend. I like the direction that the basketball team is heading.

Fellow Ute fans; don't feed the birds and they will fly away. If you don't react to outlandish and provoking comments, the individual has nothing to reply too. Unfortunately there's one BYU (I assume) fan who's only purpose is to get a rise out of Utah fans. Pretty sad and pathetic when you think about it; but absolutely true.

U 90
Corona, CA

@Duckhunter "why don't you tell us what advantages utah has then? I'm not asking what "advantages" you might think utah has over BYU, I want to know what advantages they have in relation to the rest of the pac 12"

Utah is not going to be a perennial top program in all sports in the PAC12. They will be middle to lower end in most minor sports. The football and basketball teams should be able to compete in the middle of the PAC with occasional strong seasons. That to me is worth the move to the PAC12. What amazes me is that you continue to discount Utah's invitation to the PAC as if being a big fish in a small pond or having no conference affiliation is somehow better. It's obvious that no invitations still haunts you on a daily basis.

Highland, UT

@u 90

I didn't mention golf, or any other sport, although how utah competes against their conference in those sports does matter. The goal is to have winning programs throughout your athletic department and I have no doubt the 1st time utah actually wins a conference championship (yes it will happen someday they will win one in something) we'll be able to read utah "fans" crowing about it all over these boards.

So was your post an affirmative answer to my question? You didn't name one single advantage utah has in relation to the rest of the pac 12, and yes that is what matters. What is it about utah that is going to make them consistently competitive in anything? Desire? everyone has that so that is nothing unique. Funding? Nope. Facilities? Nope. Geography? Nope. Population? Nope. Climate? Nope.

So what is it? What is it utah "fans" are seing that makes them think utah will ever be anything more than they currently are?

I'm listening.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ Ducky

1. Climate - 4 Seasons; not extreme heat/cold
2. City - mass transportation; low crime rate; clean city; major new development (City Center etc.) including entertainment/activities for any lifestyle preferences.
3. Natural diversification; foothills of mountains, world class skiing venues (winter Olympic facilities) within 20 miles radius. Water sports, fishing, hunting etc. etc.
4. "Wonders of the world" type natural parks within 250 mile radius.
5. Beautiful and spacious campus.
7. Medical school, soon to be dental school, world class research institute (83rd on 2012 The Academic Ranking of World Universities)
8. On campus football stadium which has been rated number one is at least one poll.
9. The MUSS! (rated one of the top student support groups in America)
10. The list goes on... not the least of which is "Home of the UTES!)

Allen, TX

“It’s an exciting time for us. It’s fun to have this kind of challenge as you move into another league,” Hill said. “It’s just unusual. It’s a chance to build again and that’s what we’re planning on doing...."

Sounds like what some loser would say after losing a job with a position of prominence and having to move into his Mom's cellar.

Yes, yes, that's exactly what this was / is.

"Planning on rebuilding", the Ute Mantra through 2025.....

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


I will take that bet.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

U 90

"...most college fans could[sic] care less about any sport outside of football and basketball."

LOL at either your cluelessness or your spin.

The PAC 12 bills itself the "conference of champions" BECAUSE of the number of national championships won by conference team mostly in sports OTHER than football and basketball.

Except for women's gymnastics which hasn't won a NC since 1995, the Utes weren't even relevant in the OTHER sports in the WAC and MWC, so there's no reason to believe they'll be anymore relevant in the PAC.

"Granted, Utah basketball has a long way to go, but given their legacy they have a good shot at restoring the program within 5 years."

Based on what, wishful thinking?

Many previously relevant programs have dropped off the national map NEVER to return; what proof do you have that Utah will be any different?

"However, there will also be occasional years where Utah is competing for a big-time bowl game."

The Utes have only won 6 conference championships in the last 60 years in the WAC/MWC. It could be 30 years before the Utes win their first PAC championship - see Arizona.

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

Just the FAX

"Enjoy it while it lasts Dr. Hill; in the wake of the growing swimming abuse scandal, that may not be much long - see Rutgers."

Unfortunately, you may be correct.

West Jordan, UT

Here's a thought. How about results being the determining factor in who has a better program and who doesn't. You can fluff it up all you want, but bottom line is, Boise St owns both BYU and Utah. Scoreboard says it all!!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

You can't fault the Utes for joining the PAC. You also can't be too disappointed in having struggles adjusting to a constant higher level of competition. The U is lining up most every week with a team that has had considerably more resources for its sports programs for several years. It will take all of the stars aligning up perfectly for the Utes to be a conference title contender in football or basketball in the near future.

As a local sports fan though here's hoping!

Highland, UT

@who are you

None of that is an advantage in transforming utah into a top tier program in any sport. Recruits from SoCal and Texas do not look at the season and climates here as an "advantage", they do not care about national parks for the most part, whatever downtown culture it is that you think salt lake has is a bit of a laugh to a kid from Los Angeles, Dallas, the Bay Area or Houston. How many of them are going to medical school?

Now just so you know I don't disagree with you on many of those things, at least for what you or I would consider "advantages" to living here, but we aren't really talking about you and me. We are talking bout what is going to attract enough top tier kids to utah's atheltic programs to make them consistently good in the pac12 and nothing you listed is going to do that.

I think u 90 actually is a bit more realistic about this than most of you. Mid to low tier in most sports most years with occasional years where they can compete. Championship in any sport extremely rare. That's reality.

U 90
Corona, CA

@ Duckunter "What is it about utah that is going to make them consistently competitive in anything? I'm listening"

I know you are listening but apparently your reading comprehension skills needs some work. I told you Utah will not consistently be at the top of the PAC12 every year in every sport. There will be up years, down years and average years. The good news for Utah fans is that it will all take place in a conference of relevancy.

West Point , UT

FatMan86 comes in with the Boise State smack! Love it haha. Nice to see BYU's "new rivals" getting a word in lol. Just so you know FatMan, you're run against the Cougs is over starting this year...Utah on the other hand? Well they won't play you because their schedule is already too hard in the PAC 12 (Chris Hill's inference, not mine). Cheers Broncos, see you in October.

Provo, UT

I Love being in the Pac 12! All good things take time and work, our time will happen. Some Y fans only show their Utes jealously and inferiority complexs by posting on every Ute article. It obviously proves that you care, truly, madly, deeply about our program LOL!

U 90
Corona, CA

@ Marked It Down "Many previously relevant programs have dropped off the national map NEVER to return; what proof do you have that Utah will be any different?"

I have no proof. Just like you have no proof 1-26 will never happen or that BYU won't lose back to back games to USD and USF. But I do know that programs have cycles. In 1942 the Utes went 10-12 but then won the 44 NCAA and 47 NIT championships. In 1954 they went 12-14 and then went on to 7 straight post season tournaments. In 1973 they went 8-19 and then went on a run of making 28 of the next 36 post season tournaments. I have no proof but Utah's legacy is strong and they will eventually be back in hoops.

AZ Ute
Scottsdale, AZ

Sorry to be of little faith, but to me it's pretty simple. Before, we got the leftovers from CA recruiting but competed in the MWC and did well. Now we still get the leftovers but have to compete with the teams that passed on them.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I really hope that Utah can figure things out and become comepetitive in the PAC. Since the rivalry is over with BYU I hold no more animosity toward the U but hope for their success as it will do nothing but help our state. That said I think that BYU is in a better spot than the U, at least with how things stand currently. If BYU doesn't do very well with the very tough schedules of the next few years then they can water down the schedule a little bit. Utah has very little control over their schedule and are locked into tough conference games. And assume that Utah can win the PAC South, they still have to fight through a conf championship game. The hopes of the U would seem to either hit the Playoff or get a low to upper-low tier bowl game. Sounds a lot like BYU's hopes too.

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