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Published: Tuesday, June 4 2013 6:05 p.m. MDT

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When it was announced that Utah would be moving up to the Pac 12, I guessed that it would take 5 years for the Utes to acclimate to their new conference. I still believe that is true.

Utah's first year in the Pac 12 in football was a lot of fun for me. If they hadn't choked in the season finale, they would have been champions of the South. Considering that they were playing with a junior college quarterback (thank you for performing so well, Jon Hays!), I was happy with what they accomplished.

The second season wasn't much fun. They definitely took a step backward, and missed out on postseason play as a result.

This fall's schedule will be the Utes toughest to date. They will have to play very well to become bowl eligible.

Let's be honest, Utah will have a hard time out recruiting most of the teams in their new conference. They will need to maximize their talent, get solid coaching, and play well consistently to compete for conference championships.

That being said, I'm glad they moved up.

Go Utes!

West Point , UT

I've said before, and I'll reiterate that Utah was deserving of their PAC 12 invite considering the qualities the conference was looking for. I'm a BYU fan, but I do hope that Utah can get over the hump and start competing for championships, as this will bring attention to the state and bring exciting football to watch. I would say Utah's challenge will be greater than TCU's because Utah doesn't reside in what is arguably the most fertile recruiting ground in the nation like TCU does. Good luck to the Utes in their future with the PAC 12.

Omaha, NE

Classy comment Cougsndawgs! Thank you.

I expect to see some coaching changes this coming year in several sports on the hill. It will be interesting to see what changes will occur. I hope Whit can show some improvement otherwise I think his days are numbered.


Payson, UT

We need better golfers

let's roll

Good luck to the Utes in the PAC-12.

That said, I'm not sure Dr. Hill has a viable game plan. To compete you have to differentiate, not be a "me too." Utah seems to be football-centric, but how are they going to differentiate in football? They will never have the facilities of an Oregon or USC and while they may get some better athletes, no one's explained a path to top 10 recruiting classes.

If Utah wants to differentiate and compete immediately in the PAC-12, they'll go against the grain and instead of following the pack to de-emphasize or eliminate Olympic sports, they'll use a relatively modest investment in a couple of Olympic sports where it is much more likely to pay immediate recruiting dividends and put you in the top 4 in the conference in those sports.

Or you can follow Hill's plan, use your money to pay your football and basketball staffs "PAC-12 money" and millions to upgrade your football facilities and at the end of the day end up where you started with the same coaches and the same middle of the pack facilities and recruiting classes--hardly a recipe for success.

Highland, UT

I don't think utah will ever be more than intermittently competitive in any sport. Yes I know utah "fans" will have a meltdown over that comment but I truly believe it. There are just to many negatives for them to overcome for them to be anything more than occasionally decent at anything.

Layton, UT

No complaints from me.

In the Pac12, every game is a big game. In every game we're playing a nationally recognized program. Can't hurt recruiting.

Go Utes.

Centerville, UT

It’s a challenge that we welcome because everybody wants to compete on the very, very top level and that’s what we’re doing week in and week out.”

I wouldn't say the Utes football team is "competing" on the "very, very top level...week in and week out" yet. I thought their first season was a heart-breaker. The 2nd season was very disappointing and I hope it isn't a trend that we must settle for. The QB position has been a weakness.

I think Whittingham is one of the great coaches in football. He brings out tremendous effort, he coaches well, and adjusts well during games. With time he could bring the program up, but he needs better assistant coaches in an area or two, and he needs better recruiting, which may be tough given the recruiting competition of the traditional PAC 12 teams (Oregon, USC, UCLA, Cal, etc).

Go Cougs! Hopefully we beat Utah this year!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love every aspect of PAC-12 membership. Everything from the academic prestige of the university to the competition on the athletic fields. Would I rather win than lose? No doubt; however I know Arizona has never played in the Rose Bowl and do you think they would give up PAC-12 membership for any other alternative?
I really don't think the thrill of seeing Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, UCLA, USC, California, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Washington, and Washington come to Utah and play the UTES in conference games will ever wear out! It's not just football - it's sports across the board. (Look at this years soccer schedule and throw in Oklahoma while visiting Kentucky! What an entertainment value!)
Pinch me! After two years I'm still dreaming.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Enjoy it while it lasts Dr. Hill; in the wake of the growing swimming abuse scandal, that may not be much long - see Rutgers.

Salt Lake City, UT

Re Sir Robin

"Yea it's great to be in the PAC..pinch me.". You should pinch your Utes. Bottom Half and cellar dwellers in just about every sport.

You fans are so funny...no wonder why people laugh at both programs.

BYU finally plays more than one tough opponent in a year and suddenly it's "the hardest schedule in program history"...duh. Not as many cupcakes. Welcome to what real teams do. Can't wait for the SF Bowl. Bigtime.

Utah. Please. You will be lucky to win 6 games as the PAC is way superior to you now. Stanford, Oregon, UCLA and ASU are easy picks against you. You are begging for just a winning record and a bad bowl game. Begging.

Bottom line= State of Utah better tune in to High School games as the College programs are mediocre to poor in a national scale.

Idaho Falls, ID

"Hill says Utes are making progress after two years in the conference."
He's correct - the Utes are getting progressively worse.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Who am I sir:

"I really don't think the thrill of seeing Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, UCLA, USC, California, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Washington, and Washington come to Utah and play the UTES in conference games will ever wear out!"

It hasn't worn off on ME either, and I seriously doubt it ever will.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Okay, by a show of hands, how many Ute fans wish the school would have gone solo in football and joined the WCC for a few other sports?

Now, how many byu "fans" (and you know who you are) wish the cougs were in the Pac-12?

I thought so.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I'm with Duck. Utah "fans" will never realize they just can't beat good teams.

West of I15, UT

@Ducky.....You and other cougie "fans" may not like this comment. However the Y will never be more than a kraft fight hunger bowl type of football team. They will continue to lose to teams that don't rank in the bottom half of college football. Sorry that may hurt but I truly believe it's the truth......."LOL"

Highland, UT


That doesn't hurt me, but I can clearly see my comment hurt you. LOL!

That said please tell me why utah will ever be more than I said they would be? Just because you really, really, want them to be better than that won't make it so.

I can tell you now why they won't be any more than I said.

They will always have a vastly smaller budget than most of the pac12. They will always have lesser facilities than most of the pac12. They will always be located in far less desirable location than most of the pac12. They will always have inferior recruits to most of the pac12. They will always have an inferior legacy to most of the pac12.

Those are just facts and they are not going to change no matter how badly you want them to.

Layton, UT

When you create a list of what your big brother supposedly *doesn't* have, that spells

I'm "melting down" with laughter.

Go Utes.

Highland, UT

Well ekute why don't you tell us what advantages utah has then? And "being in the pac 12" is not an advantage in relation to the rest of the pac 12. I'm not asking what "advantages" you might think utah has over BYU, I want to know what advantages they have in relation to the rest of the pac 12 as that is what this article is all about, how utah stacks up to, and competes with, the rest of the pac 12.

I notice not one of you utah "fans" has been able to give us one single advantage, or for that matter even one single thing that is equal, for utah with the rest of the pac 12.

So please tell what those things are, I'm certainly open to learning what those might be.

Idaho Falls, ID

I'll admit that when Utah was invited to the Pac-12, I was envious. I hoped that the Big-12 would invite BYU, but not since Utah became the whipping boy of the Pac-12. Utah just became the latest victim of the "Peter Principle." They were promoted to their level of incompetence. I think the BSU model is much better - be the big fish in the little pond.

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