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Published: Monday, June 3 2013 6:05 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

I'm all for more missionaries. However, what happened to the self-reliant expectation of paying your own way, even if it means delaying your mission by a year or two? I've been taught and continue to believe that self-reliance is no respecter of age and that the Lord will provide a way.

Woods Cross, UT

I think aspect is the time frame to become financially prepared for a mission. Prior to the announcement last October, a young man had an entire year to prepare (or waste), while the young woman had 2-3 years. Now, the young man can submit his papers while in high school. A little more difficult I think. Still, what has the young man/woman been doing since they were 16? A difficult balance between work and school. Tough decisions.

Springville, Ut


People in other countries are sometimes lucky if they make as much as is required for a mission in their lifetime. Self-reliance yes; selecting missionaries based on the luck of their birthplace, no.

Sandy, UT

My youngest son served a mission in Chile. Several of his companions came from near poverty circumstances from other South American countries. Most of them received support from the LDS Church's General Missionary Fund. Given their circumstances, it would have been impossible to save enough to pay for their missions. Any money they earned went to feed their family. Taking two years to serve a mission was a tremendous sacrifice on their part, as well as for their family.

Once they honorably completed their missions, several of them also benefited from the Perpetual Education Fund. What a blessing that has been! These young men learned skills that enabled them to get decent-paying jobs. They are paying back the PEF loans, have the skills to support their families above the poverty level, and will now be able to support their children in the future for their missions as well as make contributions to the Missionary Fund themselves. Self-reliance is a good thing, but sometimes it takes a "pay forward" activity like the Church's Missionary Fund and the PEF to make self-reliance possible.


I find it interesting that someone with the screen name of LivinLarge would be whining about how missionaries should be pulling their own weight. If you are "LivinLarge", you of all people should be able to assist those who come from very modest circumstances to fulfill a mission (if you are being truthful about being for more Missionaries). I know how it is though... sometimes your fingers start typing before your brain is engaged.

Lehi, UT

livin - the expectation of missionaries paying their own way "even if it takes an extra year or two" went out last October where the advice to prospective missionaries was to not delay for financial reasons. Part of the reason for moving the age of service up was that the church "lost" many potential missionaries in the extra year. Requiring that all missionaries be self-reliant would be counter-productive.

Aurora, CO

What is boils down to is this: for those who can contribute, please do so for there are many who would serve if they could afford it. The old days when most of the missionaries came from the US, where they could earn and save for their missions are over. There are so many in other countries who don't have what we have who can benefit from our contributions. Oh yeah, and the blessings are there too.

Barb Wire

Where does all that millions of dollars in tithing money go? Asking a member to pay tithing and contribute to a missionary fund is a little excessive. I would never contribute to a missionary fund. If a high school student wants to go on a mission that bad, then they should find a way to pay for it themselves. I think it's more of the their parent's egos pushing them than really wanting to serve a mission at that age. I believe college or work is a better choice at that age and a mission later when they are more financially able and certainly more mature.

Monticello, UT

Really Barb Wire. Did you serve a mission? Do know anybody who did? I did (5th generation missionary), my 2 sons have, 2 warming up in the bullpen, one daughter headed out next week. A mission can be a life changer. I gladly help my kids and pay for other youth who can't afford it. A few hundred bucks a month to change and improve generations, priceless.

Moses Lake, WA

I think that young men and their families should do as much as they can to pay their way. When they can't then its time for guys like me and "living large" to step up to the plate. As for Barb, attitude adjustment comes first then comes the contributions. Its all up to you.

common sense in Idaho
Pocatello, id

Just for the record my wife and I have supported three sons on missions. The youngest got home last year. We have noticed that since he has gotten home that we have missed supporting a son on a mission financially and also spiritually. We now help support a full time missionary in our home ward who is from humble circumstances. No, we are not related to this elder and no we weren't asked by the Bishop to help. We do it BECAUSE WE WANT TO. Nothing makes us feel better than to support a missionary in the mission field. It is actually quite an honor. And yes we are full tithe payers also. All the glory be to our heavenly father.

Bountiful, UT

We received a letter from my daughter's mission president asking parents to be considerate on the extra funds and even gifts we sent to our children because there are so many other missionaries who are not american who serve under very humble circunstances. Whoever had served a mission in latinamerica for example can tell about the "local" missionarirs going to the mission field with just the basic. Just going on a mission was a family sacrifice because family lost one of the earners. I know of a girl who worked two full time jobs here to save the money so her parents who are poor don't have a financial burden. I also know of a girl in latinamerica whose mother is selling rice and beans to help her daughter to go on a mission. The girl is cleaning houses. No father figure, she is the only child and will leave her mother who is old behind, They are sacrifizing more than what we can imagine! I think we can give a bit. From bit to bit, great things can be one!

Salt Lake City, UT

To me it ain't the money, it's a call to follow the leader's request. I don't know where "all that tithing money goes" and don't really care - it's not my money once I give it. All this means is that there is a need,and we are asked to fill it. As a people we have an opportunity to step up and be part of what we supposedly sing about, pray about and talk about on Sunday.

Sacrifice brings for the blessings of Heaven, or so the refrain goes. We get a chance to put it to the test.

Hey, it's only green pieces of paper we all pretend has value, and it's been so since the 1970's.

Harwich, MA

When the Church sends thousands of 18 year old young men that haven't even had a year to save some money and ready themselves for the mission experience what can they expect other than to help pay for these kids. Seriously, what were they thinking?

Gainesville, VA

Dear Barb Wire; read the article today about the service that the pilots give to those in need. Basically this boils down to giving unconditional to the betterment of society. It doesn't have to be to the church or missions - it can be to whatever your heart desires. I hope one day to have enough money to give, give and give some more.


BYR - I think you bring up something about the level of financial preparation. If a young man graduates from high school and then decides he isn't even going to start college until after his mission, then he can work full time to build up a mission fund. However, in high school, you can't possibly work a full time job, if for no other reason that child labor laws won't allow it. So having a mission savings fund ready and waiting for you on high school graduation based on your own labors is pretty much unrealistic.

Lancaster, CA

I am ambivelant about this new request. It's not surprising. Yet, I give, and give and give. My tithing, fast offering, supporting a missionary from our ward in part(including clothing expenses), and a missionary from my home (my daughter). Soon, my husband is going to be fuloughed by his employer in July unless there is an act from the federal government. Our ward has not had a ward activity in 6 months because we have no budget for ward activities. I love the Church and try to be true to the covenants I make. But, what about my family and planning for retirement? What about my ward that needs so much help and gets very little? I agree in the wonderment about where all the tithing money goes, because, besides a physical building to meet in and 2 temples within an hour and half drive, I don't see any help for my poor ward that has a library that is practically useless and no activities worth inviting non-members too. And now, were being asked to give to the gen. missionary fund. When will it end?

Spanish Fork, UT

We supported 7 children on missions and are now supporting two more--ourselves. Senior Missions Rock!!! Most of the Senior Couples in our mission are serving their 2nd, 3rd, 5th missions; and one is on their 9th mission. They hope to serve #10 after this one. Why?? The blessings far out weigh any inconvenience, and the people here need and appreciate us so much. Our capacity to love others is growing. Our understanding of what it means to be a disciple of the Lord is growing. Our understanding of the scriptures is growing. Our ability to receive revelation is growing. Most of all, our closeness to the Savior is growing. What a way to top off a life-time of part-time service and prepare for the next world by doing what we hope to be doing there.

Christmas Carole

"As for me and my house..." SHAME on anyone who would "protect" their wallets above the humble request of our leaders to help those in lesser circumstances. Aren't those of us who have been blessed grateful?...and how gratefully we are asked to give to those who are not, in a "nonjudgmental" way. "...but for the grace of God go I.."

Syracuse, UT

The positive of a mission is that it helps these young men who need help prepare for college. I think it helps many of them rise above their circumstances when they get home. I'm glad we can help.

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