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Published: Monday, June 3 2013 3:05 p.m. MDT

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you have got to be kidding me, right?

Santaquin, UT

It's hard to believe that Cheerios is breaking new ground when the president of the United States is the son or a white mother and a black father. Maybe one in a million has a problem with that--so what it's time to move on.


I wish I could say this surprised me. Unfortunately, it would have surprised me more if there had been no racism. Many look at all we have accomplished since 1964 and the repeal of Jim Crow legislation. But the sad reality is that this is still very much an uphill battle.

Woods Cross, UT

It shouldn't shock anyone... racism is not dead in America. It will take constant vigilance to keep racism from becoming popular again. Look at the neo-fascist movements in Europe.

Durham, NC

As the dad of a bi-racial family, I can confirm that this is not an isolated incident. Fortunately, these kinds of comments rarely come from people whom you would really care what they have to say.

But to think families, and worse kids don't have to deal with this.... I wish it were not so.... but some people feel the need to use artificial reason to feel superior than others.

Cadillac Man
Salt Lake City, Utah

Credit to General Mills....they have a new, nationwide, conversation reinvigorating an old worn out ad theme. Some very clever Cheerios brand development folks have sucked every possible impression out of their campaign. I say great. Conversation makes business and business makes the world go around.

Salt Lake City, UT

This was a great, clever, well done commercial. Made me laugh, but doesn't surprise me that
there are those who would be offended, but I bet they would be surprised from which side
the offense is taken.


Sad but not surprising. In my almost 60 years of life I have never seen the level of racism that I have seen in the last 6 years. We have come so far, but we have so much farther to go.

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

I guess since we don't make a big deal of different races in our family, we're surprised that so many people still do. Are people still really stuck in the 60s?!

I can't see a single thing wrong with the commercial. That little girl is absolutely darling! I hope I have a grandchild just like her some day.

Riverside, CA

I am blessed to live in a neighborhood in Southern Cal where my kids are surrounded by all races, mixes, religions, etc. Thankfully, they are growing up colorblind.


Controversy generates publicity equal more sales to General Mills. So what? Society need to get over this over sensitivity phobia and move on. Some people will always have negative things to say about anything they do not like. Ignoring them is the best thing to do. By highlighting their behavior, it brings the weirdos out to the open. I have seen racism at both sides of the fence. The black community has its share, both to the white folks as well as to those who have darker skin than themselves. Our over sensitivity will divide us for years to come. As a minority, I wish we talk about uplifting issues that will make the American Dream come true for us that are migrating to the GREAT USA. This issue is not newsworthy. Noted and move on. Thank you.

Salt Lake City, UT

I've watched that commercial a few times, but until this article pointed it out, I did not catch that the mother and father were of different races. Had to watch the commercial again just now to verify it. I guess I did not pick up on it because it seemed natural. And now that I do know, it still seems natural. The kid is cute, but I'm still sticking with Corn Flakes.

West Jordan, UT

I thought it was a cute commercial.

" Fortunately, these kinds of comments rarely come from people whom you would really care what they have to say. "

Love it...so true.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

We can look no further than legalized discrimination practices such as affirmative action to see that not only is discrimination alive and well, its unfortunately encouraged by many in this country.

I personally think discrimination is wrong

Eureka, UT

It's sad but I think it reflects the polar political divide we have in our country now. Some people just don't want change. Personally, I think it's about time we recognize either we are all children of God or We the People applies to everyone and quit singling out one group or another to put down.

midvale guy

Let's not forget that people have a right to be for or against whatever they want. You can legislate it all you want but until people's hearts are changed none of it makes any difference. Let's also remember that General Mills makes commercials to promote their products to make money. They knew there would be a sector of the public that would take offense but they obviously think there is a larger sector that will be persuaded to buy their cereal. whether you choose knowingly or unknowingly to involve politics, race, religion or sexuality in your business dealings you will either reap the reward or pay the penalty. We all have a right to choose who we buy from.


I see a mother who answers her daughter's questions in a kind and loving manner; a little girl who loves and is concerned about her Daddy; and a husband and father who is not quite sure what is going on. I did NOT see color... only the love and concern portrayed. I will contine to love and buy Cheerios!!!

Sanpete, UT

Everything is racist in this country.

The princess in "Princess and the Frog" was black for racial sensitivity.

You can't disagree with Obama without being labeled a racist--but disagreeing with Allen West is American.

Why do Tyler Parry's movies and TV shows ONLY have black people (or 99.9% of the cast)?

Black people can call each other the N word without a bat of the eyelash, but as soon as a white person says it, it's racism.

People need to realize that racism is alive--on ALL sides. Black people are racists, white people are racists, Hispanics, Asians, everyone has racism.

But not everything is based on racism. This commercial has black people in it and is labeled racist. If I disagree with the President, I promise it's not based on the amount of melanin his cells produce. Give it a break people. Everything doesn't need to be labeled.

Dublin, CA

I resent the fact that Star Jones thinks it's a "white only" issue. I know plenty of black people that are as racist as they come...

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Salt Lake City, UT

A black man and white woman get married.
A company makes a commercial.
A small few complain because they don't believe a black man and white woman should be married.


People are free to hate it or love it or not care, but I don't honestly see any good coming from feeding this attention. The more you spark a debate, the more people will cement their ideas. The best way to convince a racist to stop hating is to not give them your attention. Walk away, move on. Eventually those who care about worldly things will try to keep up with the world. When you feed their anger, all they do is continue to hate and often more than they did in the first place.

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