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Published: Monday, June 3 2013 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

BYU is well-stocked at quarterback, but don't be too surprised if an equally talented, but less experienced QB starts for BYU vs. Virginia. It will depend largely on how quickly Taysom recovers from his season-ending knee injury in 2012. Not too worry, BYU has a very capable QB ready to step in if Taylor isn't quite ready at the beginning of the season.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder what it will feel like for byu 2013 graduating senior class to be a perfect 0-4 against rival Utah?

I wonder if the recent domination in the rivalry("former" rivalry in our case) has any correlation to Utah winning the recruiting battle for the 3rd year in a row.

I'm glad our seniors wont know what it feels like to be 0-4 against our rivals. Heck, our 2013 seniors wont know what it feels like to ever lose to their former rival. I guess we did lose to Colorado, so we do know what it feels like to lose to our rivals.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

With a .200 win percentage against ranked teams, 3 straight losses to big brother, and something like a 1-11 record last 3 years against your only 12 respectable opponents, I'd count your blessings if you guys win ONE out of :

Utah(nope, not happening. Utah seniors get the perfect 4-0 sweep, how embrarrasing)
Notre Dame
Utah State

With the Utah state game in Logan, they have the edge in that game. byu won't stand a chance against any of the others.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Reporter: This is the first time that BYU can say it has strength of schedule to teams in automatic qualifying conferences? Really? Please inform me of any team that had a harder schedule in the Big East or even the ACC as qualifying conferences. There is a big difference between the SEC,PAC-12, and the rest.

Omaha, NE

Thank you for acknowledging the weak schedules of the past and hopefully they are behind us. While the strongest yet, it is still middle of the pack. Some teams play Wisconsin, Ohio state, Michigan state, Michigan, notre dame every year.

Orem, UT

As a Utah fan, I have to say that I think Hill has a formidable skill set. His athleticism is obvious. If he can demonstrate even moderate passing skills I think he will be dangerous. I am honestly concerned about Hill breaking out. We (the U) got owned last years by QB's that could extend and make plays with their legs. Unlike Christ B (who I doubt is a real U fan) I am not ready to chalk up a rivalry win.

Danbury, CT

Lots of IF's in this article. An unproven QB with a weak OL and below to average running backs and TE's. Doman may be glad he's outta there...


@Chris B
"...I'd count your blessings if you guys win ONE out of:

Notre Dame
Utah State

Texas is probably too much for BYU, there is no shame in that.

Wisconsin went to the Rose Bowl last year after finishing 3rd in their division (behind ineligible Penn State and Ohio State), lost an all-time great in Monte Ball, and are familiarizing themselves with a brand new coach.

Utah State is also getting to know somebody new and showed last year that being the better team overall is not enough to guarantee a win.

ND is not better this year than last (lost their QB and their all-american LB) and were losing to BYU in the 4th.

Boise was winnable on the road and will be in Provo this year.

Utah is a push (it almost always is) and it is likely that both teams will be coming off losses of significant size (BYU vs Texas and Utah vs Oregon State).

I am not convinced 0 is more likely than 3 (not saying BYU will win 3, just that it is as reasonable a prediction as 0).

North Salt Lake, UT

Chris, it's amusing to see your obsession with BYU continues unabated.

Then again, when most pundits are predicting the Utes will miss a bowl and finish in the bottom half of the PAC-12 for the second straight season, it's not surprising you'd rather talk about BYU.

The real question this season is, will the Utes win more than one of their first 6 games? And keep in mind this is what they face before they even leave the state of Utah (the USU game is in RES, not Logan):

Utah State
Weber State
Oregon State
at BYU

After likely going 2-4 or 1-5 during that stretch, this is what the second half looks like:

at Arizona
at USC
Arizona State
at Oregon
at Washington State

No wonder some websites are predicting a 3-9 season for the Utes.

North Salt Lake, UT

Edit: Chris was talking about BYU-USU, not Utah-USU, so ignore the USU comment.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Should be fun.

Rexburg, ID

Re: Chris B

You better start worrying about our little brothers up North on the hill. The little brothers that you root for return 6 offensive and 6 defensive players this year, which is the least in the PAC12. Our little brothers play up North get to play Oregon and Stanford this year as well.

I suggest you start trying to pump up the Utes instead of ignominiously trying to cut down the Cougars. If you do that, you probably will contribute something of value to our little brothers up North. You will feel better too.

I hope you have a great day.

St George, Utah

Although I do think that Taysom will be a game changer for the offense this season, I wouldn't say he is the difference between doing well and flopping against the toughest schedule in BYU history. The difference will be Anae.
The offense has the most talented RB, WR, TE, and QB groups I have ever seen in Provo. With the bull rush for O-Line recruits in the 2013 class, the O-Line should be much stronger as well. But none of that will matter if the OC cant field an aggressive game plan and put points on the board.
It's unfortunate that we will never know what potential Jake Heaps or even Riley Nelson would have had if Anae would have stayed at BYU. The article pointed out that against good competition, Nelson could not complete a pass over 20 yards, but that was more due to the play-calling. Doman insisted on running bubble screens, short slant patterns, and the option. And when it was ineffective he either refused or failed to adjust his gameplan.

If the defense can continue being dominant, and the offense can elevate its play to match it. Watch out!

Pleasant Grove, UT

Lol, I think Chris B just troll'd a bunch of folks.

I'm a Ute fan and I hope Taysom Hill does well (except once in 2013):). He seems like doesn't have the same issues between the ears that Jake Heaps struggled with. He has a cannon for an arm and all the right physical attributes. He should be good.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Go Cougs! I hope fans can stay behind BYU, Mendenhall, and Holmoe even if things are rough this season, this is what we've been waiting for in independence! Let's hope BYU does well this year, that both sides of the ball can execute well. Go Cougs!

Denver Brad
Highlands Ranch, CO

If he was good enough for Jim Harbaugh to recruit him, he's good enough for me.

Mesa, AZ

"BYU faces the most brutal schedule in Cougar history as it will play against the likes of Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Texas and Boise State. It will be the first time in program history that BYU can say it has a strength of schedule comparable to teams in automatic qualifying conferences."

Yet, it pales in comparison to UTAH's 2013 mid-season 8-game stretch.

Also, byu's "dominant" D did much of their damage against WAC bottom-feeders and lost 7 starters, to boot. A balanced-0 which could also pass the ball like OSU's completely blew them up and did so on their homefield. ND didn't have their starting QB [although they did rush up-and-down the field on byu's D, with complete EASE] and BSU was breaking-in a virtually brand-new O. Furthermore, UTAH had a bunch of key-starters out, including JWIV, yet their O still managed to put-up 17-PTS on them.

TH, in limited-action, has ALREADY proven to be injury-prone and byu hasn't even remotely proven they've done anything, whatsoever, to improve their utterly inept o-line. And wasn't Anae previously run-off for being an epic-failure?

St George, Utah


2012 Total Defensel Rankings:
Utah- #36

2012 Top 25 Opponents:

Anything else? Didn't think so..

Springville, UT


Well if there was ever a person to identify an injury prone QB it could be a Ute fan... ie... Wynn. But unfortunately you have a wrong diagnosis.

Sorry but failing to identify an appropriate time for spiking the ball and some miscues from the sideline hardly qualify Taysom as being injury prone. That was inexperience and stupidity.

Now if you want a prime example of being injury prone and mixed with coaching stupidity look no further than these past three seasons in Uteville.

And before you mention Riley...
It would appear he was just too stubborn and selfish to take himself out.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

Though it is true that BYU has a tough schedule, Win/Lose, the games will be entertaining as Taysom Hill is a major stud. I am looking forward to seeing what Anae puts together for an offensive mix. Go Cougars!!!

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