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Published: Sunday, June 2 2013 6:50 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

It didn't take long for Lightning Lad to demonstrate what Ernest T. Bass and bigmontanan were talking about...

@NorCalCougar - I know Bronco turned down a 5-year contract in favor of a 3-year contract before but where do you get the info that his agent is pushing for another 3-year contract? I don't have any inside info but Bronco has been sounding more interested in staying long term. I've been hoping that would translate into a longer contract extension.

Oceanside, CA

I put the blame on his "failure" on the coach. Should have left him to develop as QB coach. Then when your big idea doesn't work, you just cast him out. That's not right.

Cinci Man

Good fortunes Brandon. You are an outstanding person in every way. I wish you well.

U 90
Corona, CA

Best wishes to Brandon and family

Iowa City, IA

Nice article Brandon. I walked by your football office one day and saw a picture of Pres. Hinckley on your desk. I think you have things figured out no matter what happens. Plus you will always be a BYU football legend...last second running TD in Salt Lake and a beautiful option pitch to Luke Staley for uhm...30 yards and a TD the next year!

You've got a lot to smile about.

Phoenix, AZ

Doman seems like an outstanding person. He was just too inexperienced for the OC job. Major DI OC's usually have more experience as a player or coach, are OC under an offensive minded HC, or move around a lot to get immersed in other schemes. Doman did not have that much experience as a player. He only played at BYU for two years and got half a dozen snaps in the pros. Fiver years coaching QB's was not enough IMHO.

Most coaches have to put their time in the trenches. Lance Anderson slogged as an assistant coach in D-II and minor D-I programs for 10 years and finally hooked up with Harbaugh at San Diego and then Stanford. He is still a position coach after 7 years at Stanford. DC positions come calling, but he won't hop just on any given train to be a DC. He will pick the right train.

I think Brandon needed more time as an assistant before he was given the OC reins. Bronco needs heat over that on as well.

BTW, I think Lance Anderson should be the next DC at BYU when Bronco decides to turn over the reins.

Saint George, UT

BYU people keep telling us how different BYU is. This story proves that BYU is just like every other school. That's okay, just stop telling us that.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU Football has become boring to talk about....the excitement of BYU football went away; much like the 8-track player and other things that have had their day. But are no longer relevant.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Good coach, wrong time and not a good fit. We can argue if he is or was a good coach and or OC. I think he is a good coach but wrong fit at the current BYU situation. Was a change needed? Yes. Does that make him a bad coach? No. Coaches are as good as the players and execution. Takes time to do this. Brandon was given 2 years. Current players are mostly his who he recruited. He inherited Anae’s players and now the stakes are turned. Both coaches are capable and both have good and bad.

Reminds me of McBride and Meyer at the U. Meyer did a fantastic job but it was with McBride’s players. Kyle is struggling some but I am sure he will get it back on track.

Bronco needs to take some of the blame here but as in all businesses etc someone has to be the scapegoat when in reality others are to blame as well. This was not just a Brandon issue.

In any respect good luck to Brandon. A good man and will do well in life and what ever he wants to do.

Las Vegas, NV

Good luck to you in the future Brandon. No one can question your dedication or your heart.

West Point , UT

Appreciate the well wishes and class from some of the ute fans for Doman. Thanks guys (VegasUte, U90, Two For).

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Each has his own garden to tend.

South Jordan, UT

Brandon Doman was Bronco's scapegoat as a result of his love of Riley and push to play Riley even when he was seriously injured. Again, Riley wasn't just hurting, he had a serious injury and should not have been on the field beginning with the Utah game. And, while inexcusable, the Taysom Hill injury was the fault of the on-field offensive staff. The only offensive coaching change that needed to be made was with the offensive line.

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