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Published: Saturday, June 1 2013 11:15 p.m. MDT

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Portland, OR

There is NO attack on religion by the Obama administration. This is a tiresome political meme of the Republican Party. Inviting a few people who call themselves Democrats, while acknowledging they are far Right, does not change the fact this group is a gathering of conservatives backing Right Wing issues, such as alleging a right of employers to prevent their employees from choosing to use contraception.

Organized religion is on a downturn in the U.S., with more and more people choosing to go 'unchurched.'

""Young people are resistant to the authority of institutional religion, older people are turned off by the politicization of religion, and people are simply less into theology than ever before," [Barry] Kosmin told USA Today."" (Based on research by the Pew Foundation.)

Efforts by evangelicals and other conservative religions to impose their views on secular aspects of society likely have much to do with 'unchurching.'

Far East USA, SC

Those who scream "war on religion" basically do so because they are being forced to follow the law.

They claim that the constitution protects "religious freedom" when in fact it is constitutional restrictions and the enforcement of the constitution that are causing their grief.

Yes, they want "religious freedom" whether it is constitutional or not.

Salt Lake City, UT

Religious persecution does exist. Worldwide, religion "A" is attacking religion "B" and they both occasionally team up to attack religion "C." That's real enough, and it happens exclusively in nations with strong religious control of their governments.

But the notion that here in the U.S. and other First World nation that religions are somehow being "persecuted" is a laughable fantasy.

What certain religious conservatives are clutching their pearls about is in fact merely a growing unwillingness to permit baseless authoritarian superstition serve as an excuse for unjust behaviors that they've grown accustomed to getting away with.

Playing the "Help Help I'm being repressed!" card is always an effective fundraising tool, and so religions are playing that card for all they're worth and crying all the way to the bank with their tax-free income.

American Fork, UT

Religion is all about power in the here and now, and now that this influence has waned a bit churches are sure playing the victim card a lot.

Ogden, UT

To Interloper 11:59 p.m. June 1, 2013

Well said.

I am a person of deep faith. The Obama administration has done NOTHING to attack my faith or my ability to beieve as I choose and/or to practice my religion as I deem appropriate. While a few who make these claims of "attacks" on reigion may actually (and misguidedly) belive their claims, the majority who make those claims are just paying politics, trying to use government establish THEIR religion in the United States contrary to the provisions and protections of the First Amendment to the US Constitution and impose their view of religion and their-reigion-based morality on the people of the United States. I beieve in free agency. They don't.


This group could do so much good in the world by trying to reduce religious strife. Instead they focus on same sex marriage and contraception. It seems to be the only thing they care about anymore.

Saint George, UT

Interloper: The reason why some young people have become 'unchurched' is because those churches have become politicalized, rather than looking to Christ for answers. Anyone that becomes a pawn of 'political correctness' is going to be confused, including becoming disengaged from God's teachings. However, that doesn't mean at all that they don't believe in God. They are just searching for real answers. The real answers are there and he that has eyes to see and ears to hear will come to the living waters. Contrary to what you have stated, Americans are deeply religious and the turmoil in our politics is just a barometer of how deep Americans feel about God. It is awesome. Although the number of athiests have risen dramatically the last few decades, the number of people turning to God, and their commitment level, has risen dramatically. Conscience is a difficult thing to squelch.


"prevent their employees from choosing to use contraception".
They are not preventing their employee from using it, they are objecting to paying for it.


Well stated Interloper.

Long ago I predicted the marriage between politics and religion would be detrimental to both.

And so it has.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Since when is religion under attack? Why does the Dnews keep posting article like this?
Bigotry may be under attack and certain religions espouse certain types of bigotry but the sooner they figure out they can't espouse bigotry the better off we'll all be.
Again, religion isn't under attack. But that said, people are becoming enlightened to reality so religion isn't being confused with 'truth' as much as it used to be.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

*Efforts by evangelicals and other conservative religions to impose their views on secular aspects of society likely have much to do with 'unchurching’.*

It is an old argument that the religions are *imposing* their will. Voting, lobbying, and proselytizing are not imposing. They are legal forms of getting one's points heard: Legal forms of persuasion, using the pen or ballot rather than the sword so to speak.

And as far as someone imposing wills on *secular aspects of society*, IMHO, please contemplate the possibility that there are no truly or completely *secular aspects of society.* I can hardly think of any laws, policies, platforms, or politics that do not have religious (or at least ethical or moral) undertones. Morals and ethics are the lifeblood of religions and their discourse. The laws of the land almost universally deal with how we treat (or mistreat) each other. One could not, and should not, separate our laws from moralality and virtue. Of course there should not be state-sponsored religion. And neither should there be government controlled by religions until He, Jesus Christ, who is the perfect Governor, comes and takes his rightful place.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

More common is that churches are champions of traditional values that have served us well for hundreds of years. These values have only recently come under threat of extinction through the efforts of people who, by and large, despise those churches. They despise those churches for taking any stand for morality and virtue. The point of this article is in describing a situation in which religions are trying to retain their own rights, not to *impose* their will on others. These are religious rights espoused and codified by our Founding Fathers.
One of the important points of democracy is indeed in protecting the minority, but in so doing, it should not endanger the legitimate rights of the majority. This concept really should be self-evident and obvious, not requiring any defense. But I guess it does need defense the way things are going.

For those without religion who keep crying *diversity*, getting rid of religious groups is hardly the way to achieve true diversity.

True, we can misunderstand and claim rights that were never there in the first place. Or we can try to rewrite the universal laws of peace and contentment. But that won’t work.

salt lake, UT

@very concerned
So if you are not imposing your values by the use of voting and lobbying etc. how is my doing the same to extend secular views an attack on you.?

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@very concerned – “I can hardly think of any laws, policies, platforms, or politics that do not have religious (or at least ethical or moral) undertones… One could not, and should not, separate our laws from moralality and virtue.”

Can you please how religion is synonymous with morality or that somehow laws are not in essence codified morals?

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Perhaps the DN is sensitive to this religious persecution issue due to the history of the Mormon Church and the fact that the Mormon Church is coming under increasing critical scrutiny . Often from some of its own members and former members.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

very concerned wrote:

"...please contemplate the possibility that there are no truly or completely *secular aspects of society.* I can hardly think of any laws, policies, platforms, or politics that do not have religious (or at least ethical or moral) undertones."

Oh, my! What a horrifying thought!

the truth
Holladay, UT

Funny how it is the extreme left on this site that is has eyes shut, and are living in denial.

The Obama administration is indeed constantly attacking Christianity, Judaism, conservatives, and any other group that opposes his views and ideology.

And I know of none of these group that has imposed their views other than by legal and constitutional means. (I believe the left and secular groups do the same, and are often more insidious and underhanded in imposing their views)

It has become a tired old canards these blatant assaults by the left on religion and faithful and then claiming such doesn't exist.

The religion and faithful and churches have equal voice to influence government and lawmaking as any group or individual on the left.

The Constitution does not p[protect any one from hearing opposing, and/or disagreeable voices,

nor does the constitution protect you from being offended or uncomfortable.

If you do not like living where a majority have opposing views then perhaps you should vote with your feet or accept the fact you a minority and will never have voting power to change things to your liking.

Sorry Charlie!

many modern religions have become their own worst enemies when they abandoned their core principles of honesty and integrity. The country is moving slowly towards a more far and just society were crime rates, teen pregnancy and abortion rates are very low when compared to other periods in our history, religions need to be able to respond to peoples realities and not use lies and deceit if they wish to remain relevant.

G L W8

Anyone need evidence that religion is under attack? The preponderance of evidence is in the huge number of earlier comments from those critical of religion: "Obama doesn't attack religion", "the Churches brought it on themselves," "The DN publishes articles that propagandize religion", and so forth.
Obama DID attack the Catholic's position on birth control, that's obvious. And the Churches defending their core beliefs is viewed as an offensive (no pun intended--by me, at least) maneuver to cram doctrine down people's throats? Get real, people! As to the DN being so one sided, it looks to me like they were willing to publish an overwhelming majority of opinion critical of the article, which article the critics obviously didn't read very carefully. But then they're too busy regurgitating talking points to give the subject much careful consideration.

salt lake, UT


Instead of lumping all the "above" comments into one gross strotype you may actually answer the question I asked earlier. How is Obama using his elected office to speak out and attempt to set public policy any different from an elected offical that shares your conservative Christian views doing the same thing?

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