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Published: Saturday, June 1 2013 11:10 p.m. MDT

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What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Older couples should embark on an exercise program. At least walk 30 minutes a day. Even better do 40 minutes to an hour. Also go to the gym and work out your larger muscle groups. This is a year of destiny and these young people will benefit if there are more senior couples in the field. The greatest experiences of my wife and my life were in Tonga, Dominican Republic and New Zealand. Non members should understand that we do not want to convert everyone, but we do want everyone to hear about the Restored Gospel so they can make a choice.

St. George, UT

For all of you that are worried about these young men and women being too immature to serve. Stop!!!!!
The revelation wouldn't have been given if this were an issue. My son isn't even 18 yet and is leaving this summer. He will be a much better missionary than I was, and I think that I did o.k.
I was old for my age so I left the fall after high school graduation. I didn't have any immaturity issues, or any out of the ordinary homesick problems. He has had the same opportunities to grow up that I had. College doesn't give you that. Most of my companions had gone to a year of school and were less mature than I was. Most of them had experimented with alcohol/drugs while in school.
This is a good thing and a positive step forward. This generation of young people is up to the challenge!

Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

I am all for the change, and think that if a boy is immature at 18, he likely won't improve much after a year of college, for which he will likely be similarly unprepared.

Much has been written about the preparation necessary for youth going on missions. What I didn't understand myself because of my family situation growing up is the importance of being taught correctly in the home. I wasn't a particularly good missionary myself; I was the first of my extended family to go on a mission, and did so out of a feeling of obligation rather than a desire based on a knowledge of the rewards of living the Gospel. From an early age, my wife and I have been trying to teach our kids by word and deed so they will go because they have the desire to bring the blessings they have experienced to others.

Finally, quite unrelated: I hope Church leaders have the safety of our missionaries as their top priority. I think more can probably be done to prevent things going wrong.

Wild Blue
Abilene, TX

pt 1
Dektol, I served a mission and I've served my country. Still do. And hands down I have to say that the mission was a thousand times better, prepared me more effectively and was a more important step in my life to developing me as a human, a citizen, a man, a father, a student, and a leader.

I've flown an awful lot of combat missions and been to the best training our country has to offer and very little of it has compared to the lessons I learned 15 years ago in a foreign country sitting on a ragged couch baring testimony of Jesus Christ in a language I barely understood to people I didn't even know how much I loved at the time.

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