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Published: Friday, May 31 2013 4:55 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

This is about the best news I have heard all year. Nothing against Williams personally, but he should have been playing under 10 minutes a game last year if even that. Corbin saw something in him that simply wasn't there, and DeMarre Carroll had his minutes cut as a result. Is is wrong for me to hope that his recovery lasts more than 6 months?

Burley, ID

I too hope that Carroll gets the playing time he deserves. When DeMarre was in the game good things happened. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, Marvin's play reminded me too much of CJ Miles, one good game in every ten.

Sandy, UT

Wow, that's a bit brutal. Maybe his foot issues caused him to be unable to perform at his best. Getting it fixed and strengthened might contribute to his best year ever. Give the guy a chance to heal and improve.

Anyway, I'm excited for all things to come.....especially Karl Malone. This will be great fun to watch and some interesting surprises.

Go Jazzboys!!!

Lindon, UT

DeMarre definitely needs to play more!

Ivins, UT

I see you have your rosé colored glasses on again. The NBA is a business and needs to be run that way so unfortunately teams at times need to repair mistakes to improve and enhance the bottom line. Not everything that Jazz do as an organization works as planned and like every other team, they do make mistakes. Marvin Williams has under performed since he joined the NBA and that's why Atlanta was thrilled that the Jazz would trade Devon Harris for him. It has not payed off unfortunately and we are stuck with his 7.5 million dollar contract next year. I agree with the other comments posted here that more of Demarre Carroll and less of Marvin Williams is a good thing.

Santa Monica, CA

Unlike anybody else on this board so far, I would like to behave like a human being and not an overgrown adolescent, by wishing Marvin well and hoping that his surgery goes well and that he heals up quickly.

Saint George, UT


Hope Marvin heals quickly and can continue to play somewhere.

Could the injury be the reason he underperformed?


Marvin's disinterested play due to injury or whatever is the point driving my comment as well the comments of others.

Which leads to the question...

Was Marvin ever in?

LaVerkin, Utah

Look at those arms!!

Orem, UT

I don't know why we got him in the first place. He was third string with Atlanta who realized he was not worth his over-bloated contract. With this injury and subsequent, it becomes really iffy if he can ever compete again. We need to get rid of him and get some players with the money we save that can play and compete in the NBA. Last summer's acquisitions were a total waste of good money. We essentially got nothing for it.

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