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Published: Thursday, May 30 2013 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Black & White

So, the big question here is whether or not he will try and bring a football team to the school?

It's not from a lack of talented players in the area, enough football resources (money, land or renting a stadium like Mtn. View or Orem HS), or a potential conference to join (the Big Sky would be a perfect fit to begin with), so I have no idea why the school has not pursued this further. Will the new A.D. be able to further Athletics at UVU with the addition of a football team?

I hope so!

springville, UT

UVU will not be going into football anytime soon. The cost is way to large and the money is needed else where.

Copy Of...
Orem, UT

The last thing UVU students and tax payers need to pay for at UVU is football.

Provo, UT

It is rare that a football program makes money. Most college football programs lose money and with BYU just up the street the chances of this program being profitable is not good. There are plenty of schools with football programs. I would actually like to see more wrestling programs in this state, a sport in which Utah does well. I am grateful that UVU has this program.

Black & White

Wrestling..., now there's a money-maker.

And since when do taxpayers pay for football programs? Until enough money is raised to fund a stadium with sponsorships (like the baseball stadium), they could rent out a local high school stadium. The rest of the money is raised through ticket sales, commercial sponsorships, endowments, conference affiliations, TV rights, etc. Yes, it would take a couple of years to get up to speed, there's no denying that, but the students of UVU deserve an alternative to BYU on Saturday's; especially in an effort to continue school spirit and support..., a team to call their own.

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