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Published: Thursday, May 30 2013 3:00 p.m. MDT

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idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

1 other thing, even though Utah has had better recruiting classes (according to the pundits) it has not helped them much in the Pac 12. I do help Utah does well, (I know a Coug fan rooting for their rivals), but it makes the rivalry game even better. Utah needs to start winning again because the BCS wins are holding about as much weight as BYU's national championship almost 30 years ago. The recruiting will lose steam because of mediocrity.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Nice frantic and emotional try, but how many of Utah's bowl winning teams finished in the AP Top 25?


TWO: #6 Bama 2008 (11-2) and #25 Pitt 8-4 (Pitt)

The last time you beat a final bowl ranked team: See 1996, under Edwards and Chow.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Since 2008: BYU is 2-10 (17%) versus 12 ranked opponents with wins coming against #18/#18 Utah and #16/#17 Utah State...Utah is 1-8 (13%) versus 9 ranked opponents with Utah's lone win coming against ur/#25 BYU."

Not so my delusional Indy-WACey little brother. Since 2008, vs. ranked opponents, Utah had beaten #6 Alabama (2008), #7 TCU (2008), #18 Oregon St. (2008), #25 Little Brother (2008), and then lost to #11 Oregon (2009), #12 Little Brother (2009), #9 Boise St. (2010), #16 Utah St. (2012), and #20 Oregon St. (2012). That makes us 4-5 (44.4%); not 1-8.

Utah's 44.4% > little brother's 16.7%

Edge: Utah.

HUGE edge!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"If Utah fans were really as passionate about playing USC as you claim, why was there absolutely ZERO smack on USC blogs here in LA prior to the game?"

That would be because, unlike our Indy-WACey little brother, we actually RESPECT the Trojans. Unlike our Indy-WACey little brother, they have a winning record against us. Unlike our Indy-WACey little brother, they don't create fake handles "pretending" to be USC fans, but rather are REAL Trojan fans.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Just the FAX


FACT: During the BCS era, 36% of Utah’s bowl teams were ranked in the AP top 25 and 55% in the top 30:

Utah 17
Southern Miss 0 (AP #28 … final #42)

Utah 35
Pitt 7 (#19 … final #25)

Utah 38
Georgia Tech 10 (#24 … unranked)

Utah 31
Bama 17 (#4 … final #6)

Utah 3
Boise 26 (#10 … final #9)

Utah 30
Georgia Tech 27 (#30 … unranked, while #29 BYU beat Tulsa and finished #25 Coaches)

FACT: Over the same period BYU beat “Bowl" Diddly Techs.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Riverton Cougar:

"If BYU loses to Utah in the head-to-head game, but ends the season ranked higher, Utah fans will say head-to-head is more important."

Really? Utah fans? Seems to me that this would be a more accurate depiction of the INDY-WACey fans. Afterall, Utah had been WINNING the head-to-head game, yet its been Y fans who have been pointing to the final rankings. Typical hypocritical coug.

"If BYU wins the game, but ended ranked lower than Utah, Utah fans will point to the final rankings as the best indicator."

When had this EVER happened? You made that up. How frantic and emotional of you.

"If Utah loses the game and is ranked lower, Utah fans will point to strength of schedule (even if BYU's is stronger) and their PAC conference affiliation."

When had THIS ever happened? You made THAT up too. How frantic and emotional of you.

Two frantic and emotional points, PLUS a blatant demonstration of hypocrisy, all in the same post? This must be the MOST important game on your schedule.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Just the FAX:

"A mediocre team beating another mediocre team in a bowl doesn't mean much if you aren't even good enough to be ranked."

Does that include the 2012 Poinsettia Bowl?

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

@Naval Vet

I don't know if my last comment made the sight, but in a nut shell Utah has dominated BYU since 2000. A few numbers, Utah's record 109-51 BYU's 106-57. Wow, through Utah's golden era they have a whopping 3 more wins in 13 years. Maybe we should go back 13 more years, I'm SURE Utah was that close to BYU's record. Head to head Utah 8, BYU 5. You got us there again. Utah has DOMINATED us like BYU use to in the 80's and 90's. Wink, wink! Last 13 years Utah has been ranked higher than BYU 4 times, BYU has been ranked higher than Utah 5 TIMES!. That can't be right, Utah has been WAY BETTER than BYU no way they should be ranked higher than Utah. Don't through out the strength of schedule crap either, from 2000 through now the out of conference schedule would embarrass Utah. Notre Dame, USC, Virginia, FSU, Syracuse. That right their tells you a lot about how each program is percieved.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

Point I want to make. Yes, Utah has better than BYU over the last 13 years. But chest pounding dominate, not even close!!! Barely better than BYU. If you want chest thumping, whose your daddy dominate go back 25-30 years before that and BYU's dominance over Utah is what it looks like. How many big time teams has Utah gotten to come to RES before they joined the Pac-10.2. How many big time non conference games has Utah even had in the last 30 years? How many times have they played the elite programs (not just in bowl games)? Naval Vet and all other Ute trolls have Cougar envy because their best is not much better than BYU's normal and that eats at them. If Utah can dominate us like BYU dominated them for 30 years then you can pound your chest, but until then please don't bring weak arguments into the discussion until you can TRULY dominate BYU.

Las Vegas, NV

sammy g:

A byU "fan" asking what Utah has done lately? That is truly genius!! byU fans can't talk any smack without having to go back to 1984!! Truly genius!!

You trollers just keep me in stitches! Thanks for the entertainment.

Go Utes!!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

idaho cougar fan:

"If you want chest thumping, whose your daddy dominate go back 25-30 years before that and BYU's dominance over Utah is what it looks like."

Obviously, Utah is the most important game on your schedule. Otherwise, you wouldn't have felt the desperate need to relive the rivalry "25-30" years ago.

[*NOTE: "25" yrs won't far back be enough. Utah leads the last quarter century 14-11. You need to go all the way back to 1984 to retake the lead, and PRAY that we don't beat you again in the Fall. *]

There are no "weak" arguments from me. I either always support my position with facts, or COULD support them when challenged on its validity**. Just because you don't "like" them, that doesn't make them "weak".

** Often my "facts" had been supported/proven in prior posts, so I don't always feel compelled to repost them, but when challenged, I can repost them [DNews moderators permitting].

Las Vegas, NV

Idaho cougar fan: 54-10 in your house with your 4 star latest-and-greatest QB. Chest pounding dominance if I ever saw it!! byU's last win: byU with their all-time winningest QB senior against the freshman Ute. Overtime win. Not much to hang your hat on there.

Why do you byU "fans" STILL have to go back three decades to have anything to talk smack about? Your 15 minutes of fame is up. Move on!!

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

Vegas Ute,
Thanks for that chest thumping moment. BYU has been there and done that many times to Utah.

Naval Vet,
Never said your arguments were not backed up by fact, just said they are weak. Just as weak as my argument over head to head was. Fact is when a BYU fan post something that you "don't like" you attack that and sometimes make it personal. Just like I said on my post prior to these ones, after 2 more losing seasons and no bowl games, Hill is going to fire Kyle and the only thing Ute fans will be able to thump the chest about is the 13 year period where they dominated BYU in which they won 3 more games and head to head 3 more times. All that and BYU was still ranked higher 5 times to their 4 times during that span. Like I said, pretty weak stuff.

Las Vegas, NV

Idaho: Uh, you have to go back to 1989! Once again you byU fans having to go back decades to talk smack!! Welcome to the 21th century

Go Utes!!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Naval Vet,

First of all, let's have a little English lesson. Note the sentence structure of my sentences that you quoted and the words I used. They had the words "If . . . . then . . . .". That means that if one thing happens, then another thing will happen as a result. I don't think you get this. I'm trying to see in my post where I said that the events HAD happened; I was saying what would happen in each situation.

In fact, my first comment was "If BYU loses to Utah in the head-to-head game, but ends the season ranked higher, Utah fans will say head-to-head is more important." That happened recently, and you proved my point as to what Ute fans' reactions would be. Thanks.

My next points are hypothetical scenarios that predict how Ute fans will respond based on past behavior. Yes, you correctly pointed out the hypocrisy in the behavior, but failed to recognize it as Ute fan behavior.

Anyway, the fact that BYU can still lose to Utah and have a successful season proves that the Utah game isn't the most important. A loss to BYU would devastate Ute fans!

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