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Published: Thursday, May 30 2013 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Baltimore, MD


"Why not count Utah's best year..."

Because it's been all down hill since.

You're in the PAC 12 now. Nothing in your previous little boys conference counts, at least according to the silly argument that is now apparently all the rage up on the hill.

Rankings don't matter, but somehow, beating ranked teams still counts.

A 13-0 record in the MWC is no better than a 7-6 record in the PAC 12. Two of the four ranked teams U beat in 2008 were MWC teams, so obviously their rankings, as well as Utah's, were bogus.

Does that about cover it?

Anaheim, CA


You're blaming BYU fans seeking attention for Utah fans rushing the field three times in the same game?


Your hypothetical mumbo, jumbo of what Utah might have done IF, is meaningless.

If Utah fans were really as passionate about playing USC as you claim, why was there absolutely ZERO smack on USC blogs here in LA prior to the game?

Cowboy Dude

Marked it Down
"That's like saying Utah fans would take their 8-5 season in the PAC 12 over their Sugar Bowl winning 13-0 season in the MWC."

Nobody said they would take the 2012 team over the 2008 team. So, how can you compare?

The 2008-2009 Utes beat a Bama team that nearly beat Florida for the chance to play OK in the National Championship. Utah thumped Bama. Utah had the only 13-0 season. While Florida thumped OK.

Everyone knows it should have been Utah not OK in the National Championship. There was no way in without a BCS conference.

Utah hit the ceiling twice in four years. They are the original BCS Busters. Did it done it.

Do you really think it would be wiser to stay in that position?

Now, they are in the BCS. They no longer have to go undefeated just to play in a BCS Bowl.
You know for a fact, that if Utah was in the BCS in 2008, they would not have finished 5-8 and would have been in the Rose Bowl and perhaps the Championship. Florida was not the #1 team.

If you think the 2008 team would be 5-8 in the PAC, then the delusion is not the Utah fan's.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Your hypothetical mumbo, jumbo of what Utah might have done IF, is meaningless."

Reread my post. I said nothing whatsoever about what "might have happened". I said we will never know if the fans would have rushed the field after the USC game because the opportunity was lost when Utah lost the game. Further, I noted that the challenge byu faced with crowd noise was nothing compared to what USC had to overcome after the first half. Don't bother disputing that assertion unless you attended both games.

As for the absence of "smack" on USC blogs...you may not know this but USC fans gave the Utes a standing ovation as they left the field at USC in the inaugural Pac-12 game in 2011. USC is a first class fan base and Utah has utmost respect for USC. Note there was/is no "smack" from USC, either.

Finally, my comment regarding byu fans seeking attention is in reference to this mindless and seemingly endless drivel about the byu game being the most important to Utah fans. It isn't. Why can't byu fans, such as yourself, accept that? It isn't your call. Accept it and move on.

Salt Lake City, UT

"A 13-0 record in the MWC is no better than a 7-6 record in the PAC 12."

So, you acknowledge that the Utes have stepped up to a far more challenging slate of games since joining their elite Pac-12. Similarly, given the near identical schedule for byu until two years ago, you acknowledge that byu has played a weak schedule.

At least one byu understands what is going on and openly admits it. There's hope.

Baltimore, MD


"So, you acknowledge that the Utes have stepped up to a far more challenging slate of games since joining their elite Pac-12."

No, I was being facetious.

Utah, with their PAC 12 schedule, only played TWO Top 25 teams in 2012.
BYU, with their Independent schedule, played FIVE Top 25 teams in 2012.

The bottom half of BYU's was less challenging than Utah's, but if Utah had been any good, Utah would have beaten Utah State and a couple of PAC teams with winning records, and the Utes would have had a winning record and would have been playing in a bowl game. It wasn't the difficulty of your schedule, it was the mediocrity of your team, that resulted in a losing season.

You had a gift-wrapped PAC South there for the taking in 2011, and couldn't get past one of the worst teams in the country to take it.

Stop whining about SOS and man up. You still haven't beaten a single PAC team with a winning record.

Mcallen, TX

The utes have been good for the PAC 12. They have made more teams bowl eligible, and helped place more teams into the NCAA tournament.

A wise investment for the conference. That's why the cougs weren't invited.

Orem, UT


A very good team can have a very easy schedule and a very bad team can have a very difficult schedule. SOS only determines how much a team has been challenged, not how good the team is.

The current major college football system is slanted highly in favor of teams in the "major" conferences. You could put the defending Super Bowl Champions in the MAC or C-USA and they would have almost no chance of winning the major college football national championship simply because they would never be given the chance. That's why we need a 16-team playoff. To level the playing field and give every FBS team an equal chance of proving themselves.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


"Note there was/is no "smack" from USC, either."

The reason there isn't any smack from USC is they don't consider Utah a real threat.

During the depths of the Crowton era, BYU was similarly honored by USC fans after making a dramatic late-game comeback at USC.

Trojan fans reserve their smack for teams like UCLA, Stanford and Oregon.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

It's interesting the qualifiers Utah fans have had to put on their responses in order to feel good about their choice.

The original question from the Utah blog tweet was this:

"If U had to choose, would you rather lose to BYU, finish at least 6-6 & a bowl game or beat BYU & go 5-7"

It wasn't a choice between beating BYU or some other team.
It wasn't a choice between losing to BYU or going to a major bowl.

It was a choice between losing to BYU and meeting the bare minimum requirement to go to a lower-tier bowl or beating BYU and finishing with a losing record and no bowl.

Layton, UT

@Snack PAC

Good point.

Would the Ute fans rather be independent, consistently lose to their rival, play an inferior schedule, and qualify for an inferior bowl?

So it would be fair to ask the byu fans...
Would you rather be in the Pac12, consistently beat your rival, play a Pac12 schedule, and not qualify for a bowl.

Basically it's asking the Ute fans if they would rather of been in byu's shoes last year.

I see it an unfair dumb poll created by a byu fan, printed in a byu biased publication and intended to bait the Ute fans.

I'll take our Pac12 membership and domination over byu any day of the week.

Go Utes.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Rankings don't matter, but somehow, beating ranked teams still counts.



Rankings do NOT matter when you have a 3 game schedule and lose to all three teams (Texas, Utah, TCU) see #25 BYU 2011 (SOS #94).

Rankings do matter when you are the only undefeated team in the nation to beat 4 ranked teams, see #2 Utah 2008.

Can you see the difference, if not it's okay BYU will this year.

Mcallen, TX


Be honest guy. Utah is the caliber of a San Diego State, or Air Force.

Competitive in the MWC, WAC, or Big Sky, but way over their heads in the PAC. They're in last place in almost all sports.

They just help the conference create more bowl eligible teams. Period.



And yet they own byu. What do your comments tell you about byu's program?

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Shouldn't you wait until at least one Utah PAC-12 class has graduated before comparing Utah to SDSU and AF?

Utah has 3 years of BCS recruiting, we have no problem competing against teams like Wazzu and BYU. It will take time to compete against the upper half of the PAC-12.

To be honest should you be comparing Utah when your own team is 12-13 vs BCS teams under Bronco. If Utah can't compete in a BCS conference then you have to be honest nor can BYU.



This comparison of "would we rather go to a bowl game or beat byu", is, to me, a little ludacris and illogical. Being from the Pac 12, how would we expect to make it to a BCS bowl or even a bowl game without beating A non conference/non BCS opponent like BYU?? The BYU game is a very important game. The rivalry, the hatred, and the mutual desire to beat one another make the game a very special one. However, I see the BYU game as a stepping stone to a greater goal, a bowl game.

Of course we would rather go to a bowl game..,

But can you have one without the other??
Go Utes!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Owning a team would suggest not only beating them head-to-head, but overall as well.

BYU finishing with better records and higher rankings in five of the last eight years, belies U "owning" anything more than individual game bragging rights in five of the last eight years.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

The flaw here is the poll the Deseret News conducted on the article was addressed to (and open to) both Ute AND Cougar fans. So to say that the DN poll results prove that Ute fans prefer going to a bowl game is wrong.

I'll tell it how it is: Ute fans would rather beat BYU than go to a bowl game. At least, they think beating BYU is a better indication of a successful season than actually finishing with a winning record.

My proof: Look at all the comments from the last 6 months from Ute fans. They clearly think that a win against BYU is better than bowling. They believe Utah was the better team, although they didn't even finish with a winning record. Yet they'll say USU was better than BYU because they were ranked higher. Bottom line: BYU is never better than Utah because Utah is Utah and BYU is BYU. That about sums it up.

Highland, UT

@no perspective

That you are on here so vehemently arguing otherwise is proof enough that you are....shall we say.....spinning things just a bit. Anyone that truly didn't care would never even comment let alone go to such great lengths to deny it. They just wouldn't care. You obviously care, truly, madly, deeply.


Mesa, AZ

byu fan continues to "tout" overall record the past couple of years, yet blatantly refuses to ever acknowledge SOS. UTAH has been significantly better than byu during this current BCS Era by virtue of winning the vast majority of their head-to-head games, PERIOD, END-OF-STORY. Nobody has annointed byu fan the authority to suddenly switch gears and declare head-to-head results to be somehow mysteriously irrelevant and, instead, only overall record and final ranking to "count". HYSTERICAL.

Please. byu annually plays against a weaker schedule, which is 100% irrefutable [Idaho, NMSU, Idaho State, Hawaii, etc., anybody?]

Regarding rankings, take 2011 as a prime-example. byu, LITERALLY, beat nobody of note during this season and got utterly destroyed by UTAH on their homefield in epic-fashion, to the tune of 54-10, concluded it by beating a string of well-known patsies, only to then magically surface at #25 in one, single Top-25 poll? LOL

2011, like every other year I could've chosen, was obviously voted upon by East coast voters who merely saw their final record and never even remotely conceived of actually reviewing their body-of-work, let alone actually doing so.

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