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Published: Thursday, May 30 2013 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Nepotism is alive and well at the Athletic Dept.

Mesa, AZ

LOVE what part the W family plays within our program. They certainly know how to keep the pharmacy business down there in utah county operating at full-throttle, ANNUALLY.

BTW, byu is currently 2-3 against The PAC-12, BUT they've been utterly destroyed AT HOME by the only 2 teams which finished the season with a winning record....Good times.



Let's look at your “Elite Plateau” that you are saying BYU has reached as opposed to Utah. In 1984 BYU beat a schedule that included mostly bad WAC teams. They only beat one ranked team, Pittsburgh. And that team ended up going just 3-7-1. BYU played a very average 6-6 Michigan team in a minor bowl. But since no other team went undefeated, BYU backed itself into a “national championship” by default. The rules then immediately changed.

Fast forward to 2008. Utah beat four nationally ranked teams, including Alabama, a team that had been ranked #1 for 1 ½ months. The big conferences, however, would not allow a non-BCS conference team to be awarded the national championship. Utah even defeated Alabama by a greater margin than did Florida, the “national champions”. And Florida had one loss.

Utah's claim on a national championship in 2008 is far greater than BYU's was in 1984.

Concerning the Heisman, it is merely a popularity contest. Detmer put together impressive stats beating up on bad teams.

Neither of these points supports your claim that BYU is "elite" or that Utah is not.

Mesa, AZ


You forgot to mention Detmer's/byu's performance immediately following his Heisman Trophy presentation against Hawaii....EPIC....But they'll never acknowledge the weak competition they faced back then/continue to face today, although 2013 is a slight upgrade in SOS, yet still ripe w/weeks-off.....TYPICAL.

BTW, I mentioned byu's record against The PAC-12 merely in response to byu fan's Ad Nauseam reference to ours.



Very well said. There are actually two things of note during Detmer's Heisman campaign of 1990. After it was announced that he won the Heisman Award (against the very mediocre WAC competition), his Cougars proceeded to get thumped by Hawaii 59-28. But that was mild compared to the following 65-14 debacle in the Holiday Bowl against Texas A & M.

So, I guess bluto and other zealous BYU fans will have to forgive us if we are not impressed with bluto's claim that his team has now reached an “Elite Plateau” as opposed to Utah's more impressive, more current accomplishments.

West of I15, UT

@Go red & AZ Ute

Couldn't agree more well said!

Bluto dosen't understand that Utah paved the way to all the recent changes and changing of the college football landscape. Utah was the first non-bcs school to win a bcs bowl. Then they followed that up with an even more impressive run 4 years later.

Bluto I'm sorry buddy I realize it's tough to see your rival absolutley dominate the overall series and win most of the head to head match ups. I'm sure it's tough to search for anything you can to try and prove a teams better when they rarely beat them on the field where it actually matters....lol

Also Bluto just heads up since you want to reference 1984 as an accomplishment with no recognition of the weak schedule the Y played. I will give the Y credit for their un-beaten season it was a good year for them. I also will say the best a team can do is win all the games on their schedule. The Y has accomplished that feat 1 time in their entire history. The utes on the other hand have accomplished that feat nearly 10 times.

Sandy, UT

@Ute fans
BYU has Major Achievements in College football.
Not one, not two, but scores of them.
Utah does not.
How tedious and sad one must be to constantly feel a need to put oneself through endless contortions, in order to minimize your Big Brothers achievements.
Inferiority complex on display.

Ty Detmer and BYU beat the #1 ranked Miami Hurricanes on National TV in his Junior year.
Miami finished ranked #3 that year. That's how it's done.
Let us know when Utah beats a #1 ranked team, OK?
Let alone has 23 National Award winners.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Clearly that 1984 NC trophy means a lot to Cougar Nation.

But, let's consider some context.

No team in the BCS era would win a NC with the schedule BYU faced in 1984.

The BCS may not be perfect but it ensures that no team, even an undefeated team, can win the NC without a solid record against quality competition.

The fact that BYU won the 1984 NC trophy by beating a mediocre team in a 2nd tier bowl game began the evolution of events that has resulted in the BCS, which has excluded BYU.

Enjoy that trophy, but remember that the modern era a college football has evolved with the purpose of excluding teams like the 1984 Cougars that are unproven against quality competition.

So, I guess you could say that BYU does have a legacy... and that legacy is the BCS.

Oh... and as for those 23 national award winners, enjoy those too, but remember that those were awarded by vote... and those votes were inspired by gaudy statistics run up against weak competition.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


BYU doing more with less? Cute comment?

But lets consider some facts.

Pre-indy, Bronco's recruiting classes averaged a ranking of 60th... post-indy Bronco's classes have ranked on average 64th.

Mid-majorish recruiting that has actually declined since the indy announcement worked fine in 2011 and 2012 when the schedule was loaded with cupcakes.

Now that the BYU schedule is looking like BCS quality for 2013, mid-major recruiting won't work quite as well.

But, hey if you think mid-major recruits will dominate a BCS schedule... then enjoy.

Springville, UT


Recruiting smack against a team that's supposedly irrelevant. Well we know BYU is still relevant, Utes trying to move on and compete in their conference is proving troublesome.

The so called recruiting improvements at the U have done nothing, nor will they against the likes of USC, Oregon, Stanford, AZ, etc.

The McWaCish days are gone howie and its obvious where the Utes place is in the PAC10.2

This year will be Back to Back Bowl-less... B2BB

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


The last three years have been some of the lowest rated recruiting classes in Bronco's tenure... and there's no improvement in sight.

So it's not just me that considers BYU's independence irrelevant in the modern era of college football... it's highly rated recruits.

BYU schedules in 2011 and 2012 were with padded with WAC patsies. Until 2013 BYU has never faced a BCS quality schedule on a week in/week out basis.

I am genuinely puzzled as to how the Cougar Nation thinks that Bronco's mid-major recruiting classes are going to compete successfully with the big boys each week.

Mesa, AZ


"The so called recruiting improvements at the U have done nothing, nor will they against the likes of USC, Oregon, Stanford, AZ, etc."

We've yet to face UO/Stanford and we're 1-1 against "Mighty" ua. Furthermore, during our 2 years in The PAC-12, we're 7-11 and ua is 6-12.

Mesa, AZ

The byu fanbase sure likes to point to our 2 year record in conference play as we transition into The PAC-12, a transition which requires multiple recruiting-classes as a BCS school, in order to build the depth necessary to successfully play through a legitimate week-in, week-out grind of a schedule, something which is 100% foreign to byu. Instead, byu is 100% accustomed to feasting upon the likes of Idaho, Idaho St., Hawaii, NMSU, etc., in order to pad their record, become bowl eligible and be able to proclaim their "greatness" to the world. Even their 2013 schedule is ripe w/weeks-off. See our 2013 mid-season 8-game stretch for comparison.

byu has played against 5 PAC-12 teams now and has a 2-3 record, beating 2 teams which finished at the bottom of the conference and getting absolutely brutally curb-stomped AT HOME by the only 2 teams which finished the season w/a winning-record.

Mesa, AZ


We've also taken USC, W/Matt Barkley, down to the wire during both of our years.

Layton, UT

And when they can't win a discussion they always go back to " Well, you guys didn't go to a bowl last year, and anyway, we have a bigger stadium". lol.

Springville, UT


I appreciate your interest in BYU sports but the recruiting for BYU is not comparable to 'big boy' recruiting. As you well know a religious school like BYU does not have as large of a pool to pull from. It is what it is.

I'm happy how BYU does in its recruiting efforts. But I can't believe that your mighty team can be happy with 'inferior' (Ute perspective) 2-3 star recruits as compared to USC, Oregon, Stanford 4-5 'superior' (Ute perspective) star recruits.

This has been discussed multiple times.

You've mistaken me for someone that has a lot of angst about BYU recruiting. Whatever BYU does recruiting wise doesn't concern me nearly as much as it does you.

I on the other hand have always tried to figure out how the Utes will 'work' in the PAC10.2 since the hype of the announcement.

My expectations for the Utes have not disappointed... as predicted.


Springville, UT


"We've also taken USC, W/Matt Barkley, down to the wire during both of our years."

So? You still lost.

According to Ute fans when BYU comes close to winning against BSU, ND, Utes... it means nothing.

West Point , UT

You're selling 1990 Miami short. They finished the season ranked #2 and would have definitely been national champions if not for BYU beating them. Btw Detmer had 300 plus yards passing in that game...you know putting up big numbers against "cupcakes"...the only argument ute fans jealous of big brother can ever make, unfortunately for Howie et al that garbage argument doesn't work against the hurricanes that year.
I'll tell you something else that's 100% foreign to BYU fans...losing to 10 loss weaklings like Colorado and UNLV, sub .500 seasons and bowless post seasons. But keep quoting recruiting rankings which are still inferior to half the PAC12 to give yourself comfort. And please...you didn't take USC to the wire last year, that game wasn't even as close as the score indicated and anyone who watched it would agree...the score was 38-21 late before Utah scored a TD to close the gap and that was all after sleep walking the 1st qtr and spotting U 14 points. What excuses/spin will you come up with when BYU goes 8-4, or 9-3 against the 2013 schedule? I'm sure you'll think of something.

West Point , UT

In regards to the article, I didn't take any of Fred or Kyle's comments as being derogatory to BYU. They have had success and been given opportunities at the university of Utah, and it's all their kids have ever known. Remember, Kyle took a while to decide between BYU and Utah in 2005 so it's not like there's no feelings of nostalgia or gratitude for BYU. Fred jr even said he remembered his times at BYU with "fondness". C'mon Y fans lets not be so sensitive because if what the Whittingham kids say and do.

West Point , UT

2 corrections...Bluto was right Miami finished #3, and Detmer threw for 400+ yards against them (406).

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