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Published: Thursday, May 30 2013 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

Glad to have you on board Fred!! Choose The Red!!

Go Utes!!

Richmond, VA

Glad to know BYU has deep roots in the Ute program! And despite the ugliness that rears its head much too often in the rivalry, one thing is crystal clear...the two programs are inseparably connected. It's unfortunate that fans of both sides have added hate and bitterness in the mix. Even more unfortunate is it's happening dead smack in the midst of a people raised in a faith where love, compassion, tolerance, and kindness are strongly emphasized and taught.

Good luck to the Whittinghams! Glad BYU played a part in your football lives! Just sad to hear there's much disdain now in your family towards a program you once loved.

Go Cougs! And best of luck to the Utes too!

Lyman, WY

I have to admit this one really hurts me. I was a middle school kid playing full back for Star Valley Jr. High and my favorite BYU player was Freddy Whittingham (as Jay Monsen called him). I even liked him more than Ty Detmer. I don't like the color he wears now, but I would like to wish all the luck in the world to my football hero when I was in middle school.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Coach Whit's six recruiting classes before the PAC 12 announcement had an average ranking of 53.

The three recruiting classes since the PAC 12 announcement have an average ranking of 36.

That overall talent improvement is going to begin to show itself on the field this year.

Thanks PAC 12 and thanks Fred Whit Jr.

Salt Lake City, UT

Great story, thanks Dirk and DN!

Spanish Fork, UT

I agree totally with thebigsamoan. I'd love to see Utah win the Pac10, except for all the garbage SOME Ute fans would throw at BYU. I'd also love to see BYU make it to a "BCS" game, but would also hate the garbage SOME BYU fans would throw at Utah. You don't make yourself better by putting someone else down. Go BYU, go Utes--except when you play BYU.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Whittingham's may have great football minds but they lack class..err...common sense. Fred just burned any bridge of ever being associated with BYU. He owes his football career in part to the opportunities BYU and Lavell provided for him. To offer the 'disdain' comment wasn't very bright or classy.

Better start winning in the Pac12 or you will be moving out of Utah for your next job.

Does this surprise anyone though? They blamed a fan confrontation on the BYU fan when in fact it was the Whittingham kid who took a phone away and threw it. Classy!

Sandy, UT

Really Fred?

You and your kids, disdain BYU?
They gave you nothing Fred?

Really, it's all or nothing to you?
No room for any warm and fuzzies for your alma mater?

You can't respect your life with BYU?
That's all just blotted out now?

I disdain myself for wasting one ounce of emotion while investing in you and your family during the time that BYU put food on your family's table.

And BYU also provided everyone of you a free education, from a University ranked #68 by USNWR compared to the U's ranking of #127..

Bush league Fred...Bush league.
Count your blessings Fred....name them one by one.
Ingratitude ain't cool man.

Maybe Max Hall was right after all.

Davis County, UT

Good. We have a disdain for Kyle.


@ wazzup, Bluto, & stateofutah1

Why so touchy? Fred never said he had a disdain for BYU. The article actually says that he has very fond memories of his time at BYU, as I am sure Kyle does. He was talking about his kids who have grown up with Utah as their Grandfather, Uncle, and now Father were/all on the staff. I would dare say most kids would have the same feeling regardless of the school. Before slamming Fred for his comments you may want to be sure yours don't show your own disdain towards Utah, both are great institutions.

It's nice to have Fred Whittingham on staff and his presence has been felt. @Howard S gave a great example of the greater recruiting success the Utes have had over the past few years.
Good luck this summer in preperation for the new season,
Go Utes!!!


As a Cougar fan, I still try to root for Utah when they are in bowl games or not playing BYU since they still represent my state, but it is getting harder and harder. To hear that Fred's family has disdain for BYU, is discouraging. I understand that the family has moved on, and understand where the paychecks come from, but I don't know why the hatred has to come with it. Why couldn't it be, "we like BYU except when they play Utah". Just like my conversation with a Ute fan on the plane last week. I told him, I want Utah to do well in every game except one. His response, "I hope BYU loses every game." Like it or not, Max Hall was right.

Salt Lake City, UT

wazzup, Bluto, stateofutah1...grow up kids.

It's not the journey that matters it's where you end up. The Wittingham's are total class and have made Utah a great football program. The players that come here learn that their education is important and it shows in the graduation rates. Utah recruits are indeed fortunate to be under the tutelage of Kyle and Fred. So glad you are Utah men in every respect!

Go Utes!

Sandy, UT

“We try to facilitate that kind of a conversation — because if a kid is interested in how many different helmets or how many different jerseys we have, or how many HEISMAN TROPHIES we have, or how many NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, we’re going to lose those sales battles to Oregon and USC and teams like that,” Fred said.


Let's see Fred, your very own alma mater (BYU) already has a Heisman Memorial Trophy and a Unanimous National Championship... or did you blot that out as well?....

Along with Outlands, Davey O'Brian's, Sammy Baugh's, Doak Walker and Maxwell Trophies....

You sure had better find another sales pitch for your Utes, because, there is only one team in Utah with an actual Legacy and National Brand and it's BYU not Utah.

Slick advertising won't fool anybody into viewing Utah as anything other than a Conference bottomfeeder.

Where are Utah's 7 Hall of Famers?
And 18 Top-25 finishes?
And 16 Consensus All-Americans?
And Super Bowl and NFL MVP's?


As for me and my house, we'll always appreciate those who proudly wore the Y and never forget from whence they came.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Hey Bluto...

Here's an interesting factoid to consider...

Since the announcement of the PAC 12 for Utah and indy for BYU, Utah's average recruiting class has been ranked 36th and BYU's average recruiting class has been ranked 64th.

It seems that highly ranked recruits are buying what Freddy Whit is selling and rejecting the faded legacy and mythical national brand of BYU as a mid-major indy.

Oh, and as for gratitude... how many BCS programs besides Utah have been willing to offer indy/BYU a four game home/home series?

How about a little gratitude man... because ingratitude ain't cool.

Salt Lake City, UT

team of family guy and yes-man. we need new blood

Salt Lake City, UT

Your list of byu's shining accomplishments from last century loses more luster with each passing year. How many #1 NFL draft pick has byu had this century? Ever? How many byu players in the NFL? byu's recruiting classes get worse while the it's 12-15 year run of success with soft schedules is a distant memory for old timers and not even in the consciousness of the young. lol.

The future of football in Utah is THE University of Utah and the Wittinghams have been and continue to be a huge factor in that bright outlook.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

Childish. It is a fact that byu has the better more quality athletic programs.....okay aside from women's gymnastics. How many seats does re stadium hold?

Springville, UT

little Howie

Here's the last part of your factoid that you conveniently omitted...

"... Utah's average recruiting class has been ranked 36th and BYU's average recruiting class has been ranked 64th."

Which proves that BYU can do more with less as BYU continues to outrank Utah in the polls and as U stay home for the holidays bowl-less.


Mobile, AL

It is really sad to see that so much animosity and jealousy ecists between the fanbases of these two exceptional universities. As a member of the Church I happen to pull for both schools, but since having had two children attend BYU I tend to pull for them. Having said that, I have a son-in-law that attended Utah and played baseball for the Utes. I promise you though, that I don't get bent out of shape when Utah wins. I sort of understand the strong rivalry as I'm a Bama fan and we do not hold Auburn in high regard.

Sandy, UT

@Howard S. and My perspective

Only Coat-Tailing Cellar-Dwellers argue recruiting ratings and draft picks.
It's hard to boast of...being a bottom-feeder, no bowl and losing records.

I'll state it again....Pay attention!
The majority of the players in the NFL and College are 3 stars or less.

Steve Young, Super Bowl and NFL MVP, only had two D-1 offers. (not a blue-chipper)
Jerry Rice, (not a blue-chipper) played at Mississippi Valley State...student-body 2,500.
Dennis Pitta-no stars
Jacoby Jones...no stars
Paul Krueger...2 stars
Kaepernick-3 stars
Flacco-3 stars

The Starting Quarterbacks in the Super Bowl were from those Hotbeds of College Football, known as Delaware and Nevada.

As for touting ones Legacy....

Those who have one......DO!

Those who don't have one.........DON'T!

Like BYU, even Colorado has a Heisman Trophy Winner and a National Championship.

So you see, Utah fans.....
Your rival of yesteryear (BYU) and today's rival (Colorado) both have something U never will.....
A National Championship and a Heisman Trophy winner.

Reach that Elite Plateau, and then U guys can pop off.

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