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Published: Tuesday, May 28 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Gilbert, AZ


"If Utah loses to BYU we aren't going bowling anyway."

Yet, BYU IS good enough to go bowling and to be ranked even after a blow-out loss to Utah.

"...if we are bad enough to lose to BYU we wont be good enough to find 6 other wins."

U weren't even good enough to find 6 wins even with a narrow win over BYU.

While Utah's entire season hangs in the balance with a win or loss to the Cougars, BYU's program is mature enough to understand that one game does not a season make.

Mesa, AZ

For instance, UTAH only plays ONCE in CA in 2013, at USC. Furthermore, UTAH misses CAL in '13 and '14. USC/UCLA rotate opposite each-other against UTAH, annually. Stanford will be at home again in 2015.

Once again, UTAH doesn't play all 4 CA PAC-12 schools in CA each season and won't always be guaranteed to play Stanford/CAL, since they play in The North Division.

FSU is one more opportunity for CA recruits to play in front of their people in their home-state and is an area we recruit in, which makes playing them at home important, too. Additionally, some recruits know players at FSU, to boot.

Again, byu does nothing for us beyond a guaranteed victory to pad our record, annually, not to mention the satisfaction of seeing the implosion following beating them, as we witnessed w/bm and falslev this last season. No further impact on recruiting, etc.

Mesa, AZ

I find it to be hysterical when byu fans continuously point to our loss to CU 2 years ago. This was during the same, exact season we utterly destroyed byu on their homefield, 54-10. Just imagine what CU would've done to byu then.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

It's laughable that our little brothers spend so much time trying to minimize the only half-decent team the Utes have beaten since joining the PAC.

It's even more hilarious when they try to make ANY bowl pale in comparison to the couch potato bowl the Utes played in last season.

Didn't the Emerald (Kraft Fight Hunger) and Poinsettia Bowls account for ONE-THIRD of the bowls in that 9-bowl winning streak Utah fans used to brag about incessantly?

Sandy, UT

@Wacked Pad and Spoked Ute

Legacy programs are built over generations.
They are an accumulation of notable and rare achievements.
A resume' if you will.
Your willingness to dismiss BYU's long record of achievement only shows your own jealousy and desperation, because, your program has none of these things.

Legacy/National Brand programs, tout their long list of achievements all day long, it's who they are and where they've been.

When Oklahoma was in the dumper and losing to everyone in sight, it didn't matter, once they righted the ship, they were still Oklahoma.
Ditto Texas, Florida State, USC, Washington, UCLA, Michigan, Notre Dame, etc.

Legacy matters.

There is no room for "Pretenders" regarding National Brand or Legacy, 5 good years in 50 won't get U there, sorry.
It's earned over "Generations"... see BYU.

Whenever BYU or any other Legacy School plays on ESPN, they make note of their history and past.
They show their Heisman, Outlands, and Hall of Famers.

Only Wannabee program's fans, without a legacy, runs down actual programs who have actual achievements.

What a sorry state to be in.
Helooo 3&11 seasons....

Mesa, AZ


"Since 1972, USC(25) and UCLA(20) are the only Western teams with more football Top 25 finishes than BYU(18). Utah(6) isn't even close."

Right on cue, yet another byu-fan omits the obvious qualifier here and that's SOS. You really ought to go back and include each school's respective SOS ranking, annually, when making such a comparison, if you truly wish to be objective.

For instance, byu's SOS ranked 96th out of 98 total D-1 schools ranked in 1984, beginning with 3-7-1 PITT and ending with 6-6 Michigan.

arrogant chickens
Sandy, UT


"--What are you, the authority on how many games over in CA UTAH needs to play in order qualify as scheduling FSU for recrulting-purposes?"

It doesn't take an "authority" to recognize blowing smoke.

The good doctor himself admitted that the reason he dropped BYU from Utah's schedule for 2014 and 2015 was because he didn't think the Utes were good enough to play both Michigan AND BYU in the same season.

Highland, UT


Uh....are you sure you are talking to the right person? I didn't post any of the stuff you are crediting me with. As a matter of fact I'm not sure anyone wrote any of that stuff. Perhaps you need to do a little remedial work and get your self sorted out.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Um Utah has been to a bowl game 9 of the last 10 years; but great job of pinning the entire progams success on last year. Typical.


Let's stay current guy. Utah finished number 2 in the AP rankings in 2008-2009. When was the last time BYU did that Mr. Helper? The word "authority" appears to be off target; as usual. I guess anything but give your rival credit when due.

Sandy, UT


It's funny how you distort the truth to fit your own version of reality.

BYU's last two games versus Colorado were a 20-17 BYU win in the Freedom Bowl and a 41-20 beat down of the Buffs in Boulder. BYU hasn't lost to Colorado since a 7-9 setback at Colorado in 1947. Hardly comparable to Utah getting dominated at home (see 2011 1st half stats) by a 10-loss Colorado team with a gift-wrapped PAC South title on the line.

The real answer to the question of whether Utah fans would rather go to a bowl or beat Colorado would be stunned silence from the kids on the hill. Beating Colorado isn't even on their radar.

Cedar Hills, UT

I suspect most U fans would rather beat USC and Oregon and put themselves back on the BCS map. As far as BYU goes.. I think that rivalry is dying and will soon be more of a who cares game. The Y has more to gain by beating the U than the other way around. Wow - can't believe I said that. Times sure have changed.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Another DN article stroking the little independent school down south fans egos. Note how many of the BYU faithful think this is true. Most of them are trying to live in 1984 because it's the only thing they have left twenty nine years ago.

Mesa, AZ

I understand that byu fans can't hang their hat on beating UTAH, head-to-head, and they can't hang their hat on actually beating good teams on a regular-bases, hence all this talk about these polls, influenced greatly by human-error and its inherent arbitrary-nature. Even the BCS poll still has this influence to compliment the myriad computer-rankings.

2011 is an Instant-Classic. byu fans somehow believe them beating a slew of patsies to end their season, [in order to pad their record, only to have these East Coast human voters merely glance at final-records, with absolutely zero consideration given to SOS, and allowing byu to slip into 1 of the polls in the very last spot], even remotely magically mitigates 100% the 44-point margin UTAH whooped byu by during the season on their homefield and concluding byu was the better team in 2011. Utterly-SURREAL.

Palo Alto, CA


"Right on cue, yet another byu-fan omits the obvious qualifier here and that's SOS."

Right on cue, another Utah apologist trying to pretend that Utah's paltry number of appearances in the Top 25 is a result of Utah's SOS.

Someday our little friends on the hill will understand that SOS is meaningless if you don't win and Top 25 finishes are determined by consistent winning, rather than occasionally beating a good team.

It's interesting that Utah fans use beating a ranked BYU team in 2008 to validate their 2008 season, yet question the validity of BYU's ranking. The inconsistency is truly laughable.

Palo Alto, CA

Silent Lurker

"Another DN article stroking the little independent school down south fans egos."

LOL at your delusional spin!

The article is based on a Utah Football Blog!

Are you really trying to assert that Utah football fans would be trying to stroke the egos of their big brothers or are you too embarrassed to admit Ute Nation's total obsession with BYU?

Las Vegas, NV

@ Spokane Ute

"Um Utah has been to a bowl game 9 of the last 10 years; but great job of pinning the entire progams success on last year. Typical."

Well you know what they say, "it's not about what have you done for me in the past, but what have you done for me lately." Who cares about 9 of the last 10 years. What happened last year is all that matters. I'm not hypocritical, I hold BYU to the same standard. Even though the euphoria of the National Championship in '84 is cool to reminisce about, I don't throw it around all the time like some BYU fans do. Under that standard, BYU's 8-5 with a bowl victory is greater than Utah's 5-7 without a bowl. You asked for credit, I'll give you credit Utah beat BYU last year, but you guys finished 5-7. That SUCKS! So stop treating your season like it's a success because you beat BYU. BYU's season was not great but it wasn't terrible either. Much rather have that than your season.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"I understand that byu fans can't hang their hat on beating UTAH, head-to-head, and they can't hang their hat on actually beating good teams on a regular-bases[sic],..."

When has Utah ever beaten good teams on a regular basis?

The fact that Utah has only appeared in the AP Top 25 FIVE times in their entire history is proof enough that you're just blowing smoke.

The real difference between BYU being a perennial Top 25 team and Utah being a perennial unranked team is BYU seldom loses to BAD teams like 10-loss Colorado and 10-loss UNLV.

BYU played FIVE Top 25 teams in 2012, beating one, and losing to three others, all on the road, by a total of 10 points. BYU also beat Georgia Tech and SDSU.

Utah played TWO Top 25 teams in 2012 and U lost to both. U haven't beaten a single conference team with a winning record during the past two seasons, yet U whine about BYU's SOS.

Who did U beat in 2012 or 2011 besides BYU?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ midpacmajor

So you're saying that what BYU did in the 80's will somehow have an impact on the upcoming season?

Swing and a miss.

Park City, UT


Unlike Utah, BYU didn't LOSE to one of the worst teams in the country on their home turf in 2011.

The East Coast voters are smart enough to figure out that no team deserves to be ranked when they finish with a mediocre 8-5 record and get dominated on their home field by a team that hadn't won a road game in three years.

BYU finished 25th and 26th in the Coaches and AP polls; Utah didn't get a single vote in either poll.

Sagarin ranked BYU #34 and BYU's bowl opponent, Tulsa, #35. He ranked Utah #39 and Utah's bowl opponent, Georgia Tech, #56.

Stop whining about SOS. The only decent team you've beaten in the past two seasons is BYU, and you were lucky to escape with a win in 2012.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"The Y has more to gain by beating the U than the other way around."

Don't kid yourself; the entire self-image of the Utah fanbase is tied at the hip with beating BYU.

BYU has much bigger fish to fry than beating a big boy conference bottom dweller.

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