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Published: Tuesday, May 28 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Payson, UT

Naval vet

Not sure where to start. Remember when I told you Utah has a large fan base that hates BYU more then they like Utah. So if it is the Rose bowl fine but 11-2 is not good enough if you lose to BYU.

As for the rest. Are Utah fans going to start chanting BYU cheated the scheduled a bye before the our game. Your right it would be nice if BYU was in a major conference but they are not but one advantage they do have is they make there own schedule. Why shouldn't they take advantage of that.

Payson, UT


"The game IS a big deal for the byu fanbase, as evidenced by their outcry when Utah decided to take a two year hiatus from the series to play Michigan (a much harder challenge, by the way)."
Funny thing that it is not Michigan you got instead of BYU it is Fresno State. BYU is also playing Michigan in 2015 and would still play Utah.

It IS a big game, as evidenced by Van Noy giving up his chance to be drafted this year in order to try and get one win in four years against his rivals. I don't know KVN but he might thing returning would give him a better draft in 2014. Better wait and go in the first round then the forth.

" And it IS a big game as evidenced by Tom Holmoe scheduling a bye for byu THE WEEK BEFORE THE UTAH GAME." On thing about being independent you make your own schedules. Nothing wrong with taking advantage of that.

Mesa, AZ

Beating byu annually only benefits us so much.

FSU was scheduled primarily for recruiting purposes, in addition to the fact they're competitive.

Salt Lake City, UT

Have to smile. I suspect a lot of the voters are the same people who hang out on-line waiting with baited breath for another BYU story they can comment on and spew their hate.

As I remember, there was a lot of emptiness around Utah football this past December. I know in my family a lot of plans changed when there was nowhere to go. A very disappointing year.

Before you go much further you better talk to the players and coaches who definitely want to go to a bowl game. Ditto for the post season in any sport. Bowl games and tournaments are flat out fun.

chase SL
Salt Lake City, UT

No survey needed. I could have told you that.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

First, we love to beat BYU in anything. But, and there always is one, the game doesn't mean as much as it once did. Bowl games are important. Especially good bowl games. I find the comparison meaningless any more. Utah fans want both. We want to continue to beat BYU in football and go to a bowl game. BYU continues to get top billing with this paper and sports radio in this town. Utah continues to build its' program and facilities to compete in the BCS world and the PAC-12. That is what is really important now. We don't just want to be part of the PAC-12 but be a leader in it. Whether we play BYU every year is not important any more. They will do what's best for them and we need to do what's best for us. That is the new game now. If we do that, the bowls will take care of themselves and the scheduling with BYU will too.

Personally, I am looking forward to the rest. Sorry sports radio and D-news, many of us Utah fans think the same way.

Orem, UT


"FSU was scheduled primarily for recruiting purposes, in addition to the fact they're competitive."

laughing hysterically

Utah already plays USC, UCLA, Stanford and Cal; why on earth would the Utes need a 2015 game in Fresno "for recruiting purposes"?

As for "competitiveness":

2008 - 7-6, lost to Colo St in New Mexico Bowl
2009 - 8-5, lost to Wyo in New Mexico Bowl
2010 - 8-5, lost to Hawaii by 22, beat Idaho by 3, lost to No Ill by 33 Humanitarian Bowl
2011 - 4-9, lost to NM St, no bowl
2012 - 9-4, lost to SMU by 33 in Hawaii Bowl

Overall - 36-29, 0-4 in bowls

THAT's what you call "competitive"?

It's laughable the utterly preposterous spin Utah fans have to fabricate in order to justify their PACy WACy scheduling.

Sandy, UT

It should tell you who its really more important too by the overwhelming number of BYU fans posting compared to Utah fans.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Would Utah football fans rather beat rival BYU and finish with a losing season or lose the rivalry game and finish the season with a bowl game?"

The blog UTE FOOTBALL CENTRAL posed that question to Twitter followers earlier this month.

It's doubtful even a handful of BYU fans would even be interested in, let alone follow, such a blog, so the vast majority of responders were obviously Utah fans. Of course, the usual suspects on this blog immediately go into denial, trying to paint the D-News reporting this as being part of some vast "right-wing conspiracy".

The constant obsession by Utah fans/BYU haters of all things BYU reveals the true sentiment on the hill. Beating BYU is their number one priority. Not going to a bowl game in 2012 was a distant second to pulling out a narrow victory over BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT


The "overwhelming number of BYU fans" posting is simply another indication of the overwhelming difference in size of fan bases.

It's why BYU has had a 65,000-seat stadium since 1982, and why Utah still doesn't have enough fans to justify building more than a 45,000-seat stadium.

Layton, UT

Here we go again...It doesn't matter that we own them on the field, Because... They Have A Bigger Stadium. lol.

Go Utes.

Las Vegas, NV

This is not that surprising. Anyone, who comments on these boards would see that beating BYU is more important to Ute fans than anything else, even over a losing record. Utah finished 5-7 last year and they felt like they won another BCS bowl game because at least they beat BYU.

Highland, UT


1st of all mildred is a utah "fan" pretending to be a BYU fan. 2nd of all I never said I don't care about beating utah, I care about BYU beating every single team they play. But that isn't the point here. I would prefer, and always have prefered, that BYU have better records, go to bowl games, and be nationally ranked. utah "fans" care more about beating BYU than anything else. It is just a matter of how each fanbase looks at things. For a realitively unaccomplished commuter school languishing in an out of the way state and at the bottom of its conference with no hope of improvement in sight then it is understandable that they would view beating the team that has so completely outshined them nationally for so many decades as the pinnacle of their season.

On the otherhand for a team that has actually reached the pinnacle of the sport, as a team and as individual players on those teams, it is simply not as big a deal. They tend to look at the big picture.

Hey neither is right or wrong, just preferences.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Was this article for U fans or both Y/U fans?

Park City, UT


Bigger stadium, bigger fanbase, vastly superior accomplishments on a national scale - it's no wonder that Utah fans are so giddy every time they beat their big brother; it's the only accomplishment our conference bottom-dwelling little brothers have to talk about.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

This is tough in some ways. As a Ute fan who lives in Utah, it is important to win the rivalry game. But bowl appearances are what will attract recruits. I will agree with Naval Vet in some ways. Would I rather beat BYU and go 5-7, or go to a bad bowl and be 6-6? Probably beat BYU. But anything beyond that borderline situation would go to the bowl game. The rivalry game only has increased importance to me because I live here. If I lived in Arizona or Southern California, those games would be more important than BYU.

The real question as to the importance, is how many teams could you substitute into that question? I would also take a win over a handful of PAC12 opponents in that scenario as well.
I guess I am petty, but I like to have bragging rights in the work place and neighborhood.

pocatello, ID

Highland, UT

utah on the otherhand invests just about everything it has into the BYU game and generally comes up lacking in national accomplishments and recognitions as evdienced by the fact they have only finished a season ranked 5 times in their entire history and have never had even one national award winning player. Compare that to BYU's extremely extensive list of national rankings, all american's, and individual awards including the most presitigious of them all, the National Championship and the Heisman Trophy and you can see the vast difference in what each univeristy considers to be more important.


Why does BYU invest so much in sports accomplishments? It's just hype like kids waiting for the Wiggle's or Justin Bieber tour to show up in town. The major conferences don't care about a WAC Legacy, otherwise you would be an official member of one. All it has rewarded you with is an ESPN contract where people watch BYU loose to ranked teams, and pad the schedule with wins over bottom feeders.

Highland, UT


You actually probably have a better grip on this than most utah "fans". The truth is this is not really a one answer question. I would guess that most people on both sides of this thing would look at it situationally and not as "we want this over this no matter what".

If utah "fans" had the choice of going 11-1 and getting to the rose bowl with the one loss coming to BYU then most of them would probably take that scenario. I would guess they would even take 9-3 or 8-4 with a bowl game and a loss to BYU. Likewise BYU fans would take a bowl game and national ranking over just beating utah.

For me I would prefer 6-6 with a bowl game and a loss to utah over 5-7 with no bowl game and a win over utah, going to a bowl game is a bigger deal to me than beating utah, it has more implications plus it is a lot of fun to go to bowl games and I enjoy it.

But I do believe utah "fans" put more emotion into the BYU game than BYU fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

Bowl game, no question. I love it when Utah beats BYU, but a losing season is not worth it.

pocatello, ID

Park City, UT

Bigger stadium, bigger fanbase, vastly superior accomplishments on a national scale - it's no wonder that Utah fans are so giddy every time they beat their big brother; it's the only accomplishment our conference bottom-dwelling little brothers have to talk about.


Since when did those things become prerequisites to be good in sports? You lost to San Jose St on the road-smaller stadium, smaller fan base, and the finished the 2012 season ranked. BYU did not. BYU also loses to teams at home and on the road to vastly smaller WCC schools with small gyms and fan bases.

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