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Published: Tuesday, May 28 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

The fact is, even if Utah loses to byU, they can still get to the Rose Bowl. This just kills the byU "fans" on this board. They won't accept it...it's not possible... not a chance. lol

Who wants and needs a win in this game more than the other? We all know the answer to that one.

Too funny that the Dnews dug this poll up to stir the pot when they ask for "civil dialogue". Yeah right.

Idaho Falls, ID

I believe the unscientific study is accurate. Based on the behavior of fans at the Rivalry games and how closely so many Ute fans follow BYU articles, the results don't surprise me at all.

That being said, I am not ashamed to admit that I would rather see BYU beat Utah than see them in an insignificant bowl game. However, if the option were a BCS bowl game, I would take the BCS bowl game.

Provo, UT

If only one of these teams temporarily dropped the other from their schedule, and then that other team's fan base whined about it for months.

Then we'd finally know who this game means more to.

LaMont Levi Hansen
Provo, UT

The Utes have gotten pretty arrogant, but I will take the National Championship game or Rose Bowl over a Utah win this year.

Kaysville, UT

And this is why Utah will never get anywhere. they are more concerned about beating BYU than they are becoming a nationally recognized football team. If Utah beats BYU and then sits on the couch during the post season, then what exactly do the Utes have to brag about?

there are enough bowl games that it is just shameful if you don't make one. Utah fans, you need to rethink your priorities.

you enjoy the couch, I will enjoy watching the Cougars play in a bowl game.

LaMont Levi Hansen
Provo, UT

Finally, some hard numbers to prove what we all know. I wasn't surprised at all at the results--in fact I voted 13 times since I know at least that many Utes that I'm pretty sure think BYU is more important than a bowl game.

West Point , UT

This is news? Like people didn't already know the outcome of this question? My favorite is when they had an entire show on the radio dedicated to BYU/Utah football not long ago. The question was whether ute fans cared about playing BYU or not. They were blown away by all the calls, texts, and emails from ute fans saying "we don't care, who needs them, blah blah" and talking all this smack. Hilarious how in denial ute fans are about their game against BYU. The radio show host even said, "if you don't care why so much noise and banter...if it were Wyoming, or Air Force, etc we wouldn't be getting any phone calls". I love this rivalry, hope it never dies.

MT Seats
Salt Lake City, UT

Such polls are both transparent and deliberate in their design in order to validate a specific agenda. In this case, the local media desperate to keep this game alive. Consequently, I would not respond as neither option reflects my true feelings on the matter. Let us be clear - the cost/benefit of playing BYU yields a negative risk factor for Utah. As recent recruiting efforts demonstrate, the ideal non-conference replacement would be against most any BCS Texas school. However, the scheduling of Fresno State should serve as a clear indication of Utah's present disposition toward BYU. One that I and a host of fellow Utah fans wholeheartedly share.

The Watch Dog
tumwater, WA

It's an awesome game but an unhealthy rivalry. given the state of the relationship between the fans, I'm glad we have a 2 year break so that everyone can cool down some. So I wish the fans would lighten up a bit because I actually blame the bad blood for the 2 year break more than the "scheduling problem." But..........there's no other game I'd rather see than the Holy War! GO BYU!

Layton, UT

Why do we have to choose either/or?
We've been doing both for years.

Plus, we've gone to and won bigger bowls.

Playing byu doesn't do anything for our program.
It's not what got us into the Pac12.

Thanks for the memories though.

Go Utes.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Utah State is the most important game - They beat us last year and it will be the first test of the 2013 team.
Oregon State is the most important game - They are ranked and a PAC-12 opponent.
BYU is the most important game - The outcome could very well determine bowl eligibility for both teams.
Every league game is the most important game - Each game is critical to bowl determination. As last year proved each game could determine if bowl eligible and then which of 8 bowls PAC-12 teams can participate in.

When BYU and Utah were in the same league I attended the last 5 games in Provo. Two years ago I went to USC not BYU game (duh! ) This year I will miss two Utah games - WSU (late November and financial considerations) and BYU (league games far more important!) That is how far down my priority list the Utah/BYU game has fallen for me personally!

Salt Lake City, Utah


"The truth is, most Utah fans don't care that much for the BYU game anymore."

Which of course explains why you immediately cited Utah's recent and lifetime record versus BYU, and why U rushed the field THREE times after narrowly escaping with a win last year.

You're so blinded by your crimson glasses wearing BYU obsession, that you don't even recognize where your own true passion lies.

The truth is, there is absolutely NOTHING Utah fans HATE more than losing to BYU, or delight more in beating BYU.

Suffering four-game losing streaks in back-to-back seasons in the PAC 12 hardly raised an eyebrow in Uteville.

Suffering a four-game losing streak to BYU would cause a monumental meltdown in Uteville.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"The fact is, even if Utah loses to BYU, they can still get to the Rose Bowl."

Theoretically, yes.

In reality, only in your crimson-colored dreams.

Of course, you're welcome to go on pretending it could happen, but we all know it's NEVER going to happen.

Layton, UT

I hope the DN has a similar poll for the byu fans in the near future. If not, then it's my opinion that this poll was created to bait the Ute fans.

Go Utes.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

The "non-scientific" poll attached to this article says that 60% of Ute fans would rather go to a bowl than beat BYU. Does that make this whole thread null and void?

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

I would so much rather go to an upper tier bowl game than beat BYU. If it is the New Mexico bowl than i would rather beat BYU.

Adirondack Cougar
Queensbury, NY

A lot of trash talk as usual from both sides, but to me everyone missed an important point regarding the bowl games. By going to a bowl game a team gets extra practice time, which in my opinion is what helps get a team to a higher level. So I think if you asked either coach, they would both say 'give me the bowl game.'

Sandy, UT

There is only one College football program in the State of Utah that has "Produced" the following...

-A "Unanimous" National Championship
-A Heisman Trophy winner
-A Maxwell Trophy winner
-A Doak Walker Trophy winner
-Davey O'Brien Trophy winners (4)
-Sammy Baugh Trophy winners (7)
-C.F.P. Awards (3)
-Hall of Fame Coach...National Awards (6)
-Conference Championships in the modern era (23)
-Consensus All-Americans (16)
-All-Americans 70+
-Super Bowl MVP
-NFL MVPs (2)
-18 Top-25 finishes

To name but a few...
Not one of these things has the U of U program equaled....Not one!

"If you done it, it ain't bragging"
Walt Whitman

Do Utah fans look to BYU as "The" game on their schedule, every year?
Of course they do!

Just look at how much catching up they (Utah) has to do to match BYU's Legacy, Tradition and National Brand.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Salt Lake City, Utah

"The fact is, even if Utah loses to BYU, they can still get to the Rose Bowl."

And I would love it. In fact, while we are fantasizing, lets imagine BYU beating Wisconsin too, and Wisconsin going to the Rose Bowl.

Then we could have TWO teams beaten by BYU playing in the granddaddy of them all.

Of course, if BYU lost a different game, they could still end up in the Kraft Fight Hunger bowl...

Charlotte, NC

When you have lost 4 out of the last 5, what can you do? Apparently, the last resort is to pretend you don't care.

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