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Published: Tuesday, May 28 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

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DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

That question belong to Bronco M., what is his answer? Bowl game is just one more game to play and no implication of playing for the NC (NO Question About That). Playing in the Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Cotton Bowls are nice but New Mexico? I know we all BYU want to win this u game but the rest of this 2013 season will be no cup cakes (well Idaho). I don't mind this year at SF Kraft Bowl which is great place to be at.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Y Dad/Grad:

Your post makes little sense. Looking at the "long haul", as you put it, is exactly what got Utah into the PAC in the first place. Urban Meyer got things started over a decade ago with asking to join the Pac 10, and Utah football's winning tradition over the course of that decade is largely what got the U the invite (we certainly know it wasn't from the basketball team).

If BYU had been thinking more long term, Y fans would be attempting to hurl insults at U fans from the likes of the Big 12 conference, and not from lonely independence way out West.

Arlington, VA

Snack PAC

"The Utes haven't lost to BYU and still won a conference championship in over SEVENTY years"

Quite obviously, Utah's entire season hangs in the balance when the Utes play BYU.


Seems like a lot of people on both sides are talking about this like it means Ute fans would rather beat BYU than win the Pac 12 South.


Gilbert, AZ

What's funny is Utah fans deluding themselves into believing that the tables have turned... ironically, joining the PAC has been a trip back to the future for the Utes, where BYU is once again Utah's bowl game.

Jealous U
Alpine, UT

It's interesting that some of the kids on the hill are pretending that this is a choice between the Utes going to a major bowl or beating BYU.

Let's get real.

There's absolutely no chance the Utes are going to a major bowl if they lose to BYU.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

What Utah fans have to realize is that the Utah administrators no longer call the shots. They are all subjects to Larry Scott now. He is the overlord and they must bow down to whatever he says. They sold out. I can't blame them. They are in a better place as far as money goes. While the cellar isn't a happy place, at least they can keep looking at the checks that are coming in from their overlord.

Maybe some day they will get to a bowl game again.


Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Cowboy Dude

"As if winning a post season game for an Independent is the same as winning a post season game in the PAC-12...not apples to apples."

Here's a clue: IF Utah succeeds in winning six games this season, they may well end up in the... drumroll please... Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. Their likely opponent: BYU. Looks pretty Apples to Apples to me.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Duckhunter - very well said, Brother.

Naval Vet - Rose Bowl??? Get real. You must be kidding.

Provo, UT

Naval Vet told Ducky just how it really is and of course he was correct. Let go of the Hatred of everything Ute, Ducky. You crawl out of the woodwork on every article this can't be healthy. I like the rivalry game, but it sure will be nice to get away from so many rabid BYU fans for a couple of years!

Arlington, VA


Does winning the PAC 12 South guarantee U a bowl game?


You're completely delusional. Utah's brief football flash-in-the-pan success in 2004 and 2008 had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Utes being invited to the PAC. Utah's better cultural and academic profile, and 2nd largest fan base in the Utah market were the main factors in the Utes' invitation to the PAC. Utah's PAC 12 bottom dwelling status in every sport except women's gymnastics is proof positive that Utah wasn't invited because of their athletic excellence. The PAC knew what they were getting in Utah; a whipping boy for the big boys of the conference, nothing more.

CO Ute

Interesting article but even more interesting comments. Got a big chuckle from all the Y fans posting about 'what U fans think'. Amazing that some of you are so smart that you can speak for your rivals!
Then there is the repeated post from Duckhunter who amazingly knows the goal of the Utah football program. Most of the U fans would disagree that our entire focus is on beating the Y, although we have been very proficient at this over the past 11 years. He follows that comment up by repeating the accomplishments from 30 years ago, none of which happened in the current BCS world of college football.
Not that any Y fans will actually accept a comment from a real U fan but I totally agree with Naval Vet. I'd rather go to the Rose Bowl and lose to the Y but rather beat the Y instead of going to the Armed Forces or similar bowl.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

Easy Question; Simple answer.

Beat the sons of provo and go bowling!

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

I still get a chuckle every time is see a Pac 12 sticker or billboard or flag or hat or (what else do they put them on?).

Nothing like being the bottom dweller in almost every sport in your conference. I guess the extra money makes up for the empty huntsman center every game for the basketball season.

I really don't think either school is sitting very pretty right now.

I actually think college sports as a whole has taken a huge hit the last 10 years or so.

Across the nation, fans are losing out. We want the rivalries. We could't care less about money. The traditions have been lost and sports are becoming less relevant to the local fans.

It is sad no matter how you look at it.


In your dreams, duckhunter.

Well said, Naval Vet and motorbike.

The truth is, most Utah fans don't care that much for the byu game anymore. Why should they? 3 in a row, 4 of 5, 8 of 11, and 56-34-4 overall. There's little more to prove. The game IS a big deal for the byu fanbase, as evidenced by their outcry when Utah decided to take a two year hiatus from the series to play Michigan (a much harder challenge, by the way). It IS a big game, as evidenced by Van Noy giving up his chance to be drafted this year in order to try and get one win in four years against his rivals. And it IS a big game as evidenced by Tom Holmoe scheduling a bye for byu THE WEEK BEFORE THE UTAH GAME.

One thing I will say. The D News knows how to stir the pot with their byu-friendly fanbase. Sadly and unfairly, they usually do it at Utah's expense.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Mister J

"Easy Question; Simple answer."

Trust a Ute to completely misunderstand question; "all of the above" was not one of the choices.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ TheSportsAuthority:

I don't know how you can say Utah football's success had 'NOTHING' to do with Utah being invited to the PAC, since Larry Scott specifically mentioned it at RES when he made the formal invitation to Utah in 2010. Why don't you educate yourself, before calling others 'delusional.' You'll get more creditability dubbing yourself 'thesportsauthority', and not simply come across as a one-dimensional y fan/Utah hater.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

According to BYU fans:

Quest t-shirts... $15
Airport celebrations ... $30
Getting OWNED by your rival... Priceless!


This is a weak article. It confesses that it draws its conclusions from a "self-proclaimed unscientific poll."

Worse yet, many of you believe that those who voted that the "rivalry game victory more important" than a bowl bid are speaking for the Ute fan base at large.

They don't speak for me.

As much as I enjoy it when Utah beats BYU - and that has happened more often than not in the last 20 years - a bowl game means more to me.

A win against the Cougars means the Utes played well on that specific Saturday. A bowl invitation indicates that the Utes have had a successful season. And now that Utah plays in a tougher conference, bowl games have more significance than they did when the Utes racked up wins against MWC opponents.

I predict that this year's Utah-BYU game will be another nail-biter. I hope that Utah wins again. But in the end, it's only one of twelve games on the schedule...

Go Utes!

Springville, UT

Some Ute fans make the comments that playing these '3rd level' bowl games just don't interest them.

Well we all know that when Colorado and Utah were added to the PAC10 that the Kraft Fight Hunger and New Mexico Bowls were tied in specially for the sixth and seventh place 'winners'

"It is your destiny"... if you can ever win enough games again. LOL

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