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Published: Tuesday, May 28 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Blue Rampage

Regarding - "The problem is the potential of losing to BYU and the Ute athletic department won't take that risk."

--- That's strange, why then are they (the U) planning on scheduling BYU for at least another home and home following the 2 year hiatus?

Regarding - "Moved on to what, becoming the Wyoming of the Pac 12, a classless doormat?"

--- Call the Utes a conference doormat if you wish, but if you want to go with classless you ought to look at the fans in Provo for your example of what classless is. BYU fans have been far more prone to throwing trash onto fields and courts when things don't go their way than pretty much any other group of fans outside of the Wyo fans you mentioned. Now THAT's classy!

Regarding - "In what other city do we see people putting Pac XII logos on their vehicles?"

--- Ever been to SEC country? It clearly still pains you, not being in a conference and all ... I feel for ya brother.

Iowa City, IA

This is going to be bad for Utah. Not only are they going to lose in Provo this year, they won't be going to any bowl games for years.

I guess beating BYU is bigger than a "BCS" bowl game. I knew BYU was big time!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Nice spin, but we all know that the PACy WACers have absolutely NO CHANCE of going to the Rose Bowl if they lose to BYU.

The Utes haven't lost to BYU and still won a conference championship in over SEVENTY years, since 1942.

Logan, UT

I love how this article among every article about the subject blames "scheduling conflicts" as the reason why the rivalry game won't continue for 2 years. BYU wants it to continue while Utah doesn't care for it. The University of Utah is the reason why the Holy War won't continue. What a shame.

Cowboy Dude

As if winning a post season game for an Independent is the same as winning a post season game in the PAC-12...not apples to apples.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

This is just silly. The rivalry game lost relevance when Utah chose to end it yet it's still the biggest game of the year for the U. BYU has clearly moved on, building tough schedules in the years to come. BYU will continue to do well and the U will continue to dream of a Rose Bowl berth. BYU might not hit the National Championship game but at least they're aimed that way. I wish the best for the Utes but I have a hard time believing they'll do much of anything; even if they come out on top of the PAC12 South they'll still have that pesky conference championship game to deal with.

Bubble Boy
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow! We cougar fans are not obsessed with big brother Utah! We are not delusional! We would never take a silly, completely unscientific poll and run wild with it! Ha!

Frisco, TX

@armyvet - If BYU is the Indy WACers, does that make U the PAC WACers, since we play the same number of ex-WAC teams over the next few years? In case U missed the headlines, the WAC is dead. Brainstorm with Chris B and I bet you can come up with a new line.

Even if it's the rivalry game, I can't imagine one game being more important than the whole of the season. As painful as it was to lose 2 of the last 3 on the final play to the Utes, I really enjoyed watching the Poinsetta bowl instead of sitting home in December.

West Valley, Utah

Wow! That explains a lot. I'm not even going to think about jumping further into this topic. No wonder they keep losing to PAC 10 teams.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Malarky! BYwho? Can't you see why Utah fans have been bragging up beating you three years in a row? Because we have SCOREBOARD! Why does Utah want to beat BYU so bad? because it helps in recruiting the state of Utah. We're winning the games. We're winning the recruiting war. We love it.

A bowl game? I agree with Naval Vet above. Would I rather see the Utes play in a no-name bowl or beat byu? Beat byu. But that's as far as it goes. Would I rather see Utah beat byu or beat USC, Oregon, or Stanford? I'll take the conference win.

What's funny is how the tables have turned. Utah has become the biggest game of the year for byu. We are your "bowl game."

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ DNews

"Beat BYU or go to a bowl?"

A question like that is like me asking:

"Playing as an Indy and winning 11 games and still playing in your mid-major bowl game every year or rejoin the MWC and win the conference for a chance at a automatic berth in the Fiesta Bowl (when the new post season begins)?"

Cottonwood Heights, UT

C'mn folks. It's time to grow up emotionally. As fun as it is to beat the Y and even more fun to beat them over and over - it is NOT more important than a winning season!!!

Case in point - We beat BYU in 2002 and then promplty fired McBride. Why? Because beating BYU is not enough anymore.

It is called progress!! We are not in the WAC anymore it is not the 70s or 80s. It is 2013. We are in the Pac 12.

We love to beat the team down south but we NEED to beat USC, Oregon and Stanford.

Layton, UT

So...as a BYU fan.... I would rather just not play Utah... Going to a bowl is just second nature in Provo.

Cedar Hills, UT

Hey duckhunter and millred, you mean to tell me that your team doesn't care about beating their rival. And you are a fan of team that has that sort of mindset. Maybe you are right, they keep losing to them.


Beat BYU and let everyone know within earshot that they are members of the PAC-12. Doesn't matter if they continue to be the doormat of said conference.

West Jordan, UT

Mr PAC12FAN, to go to a bowl game you need victories, so beating BYU would actually be a positive; Utah has always maintained that winning the PAC12 South is their goal--and so losing to BYU means nothing; so why not schedule the game? Image! They are affraid of the loss. Utah has had a nice little run of victories but I do recall not a couple decades ago that BYU would win 9 of 10 games for a nice little run of their own. It flows up and down, so why not put away all the talking points and schedule the game like the fans want and enjoy the moment, win or lose.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


"Utah fans simply don't get all that worked up about going to the kind of bowl games BYU has routinely been going to the past 15 years."


Utah fans bragged incessantly about Utah's 9-game winning streak until the string was broken by a resounding defeat by a WAC team in the Las Vegas Bowl. Recalling the "kind of bowl games" the Utes won during their bowl winning streak:

1999 Las Vegas Bowl vs Fresno State(8-5)
2000 Las Vegas Bowl vs USC(6-6)
2001 Liberty Bowl vs So Miss(9-4)
2004 Fiesta Bowl vs Pittsburgh(8-4)
2005 Emerald Bowl vs Ga Tech(7-5)
2006 Armed Forces Bowl vs Tulsa(8-5)
2007 Poinsettia Bowl vs Navy(8-5)
2008 Sugar Bowl vs Alabama(12-2)
2009 Poinsettia Bowl vs Cal(8-5)

Utah fans get all worked up about ANY bowl win, regardless of how mediocre the competition might be.

Ashburn, VA

"What's funny is how the tables have turned. Utah has become the biggest game of the year for byu. We are your "bowl game."

Nope. BYU goes to ACTUAL bowl games. Pity Ute fans have forgotten about those so quickly.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Actions speak louder than words. When was the last time ANY team rushed the field THREE times for a single victory?

The ONLY accomplishment the Utes have talked about the last two years is beating BYU.

Not being ranked - don't care
Losing record in the PAC - don't care
No bowl - don't care
Losing to Utah State - don't care
Losing to Utah's "new rival" - don't care
The meer thought of losing to BYU - strikes panic into Uteville


It would be interesting to see a comparison between actual scientific polls done 5 years ago, and today. The Y game is still important, but much less than it used to be. I feel like there has been a big shift since the vast improvements that came in the rest of our schedule with joining the Pac 12. This was evidenced by the U dropping the Y for a couple years to play Michigan, which most Utes I know are happy about, though this seems to be a sore subject for a lot of Y fans.

I agree with NavalVet and Motorbike that the answer to this completely depends on the Bowl. Utah fans have enjoyed two BCS bowls in the very recent past, and so something like the New Mexico Bowl doesn't hold a lot of meaning for us right now. I'm not surprised if most fans would still rather beat the Y.

Either way, we can always plan on plenty of hurt Y "fans" hypocritically commenting on Utah articles about how it is the Utes who are obsessed with them.

Never gets old for me :)

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