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Published: Saturday, May 25 2013 5:10 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

It's gotta be a short list of good candidates who could coach BYU football. It is an extremely difficult task (missions, Honor Code, fan expectations, counseling etc) at well-below-market pay.

I think for the most part, Bronco has done a very good job with the hand he has been dealt, and he has kept the program relatively "clean". Yeah, he frustrates and irritates me sometimes, but he is the best guy for the job, and I think we fans should rally around him.

I have a hard time believing that Holmoe is looking for a replacement this late in the year. I suspect the current impasse is a matter of Bronco wanting more money (or closer to market value) than what BYU is willing to give him.

Salt Lake City, UT

Bronco really should go but he won't. There is probably nobody else who would want to be a BYU coach or would qualify. Very hard needle to thread.

Beverly Hills, CA

We have seen the ceiling with Bronco so I hope he stays because I know it drives Cougar fans up the wall.

Salt Lake City, UT

Please sign him to a life time contract.

As a Utah fan, Bronco is the gift that keeps giving.

Layton, UT

If Kyle ever became available then bronco would be begging him for a job as an assistant at byu.

Salt Lake City, UT

Are there really more BYU haters than fans commenting on this article right now? Yes, sadly it seems that way............

Farmington, UT

Ute fans just love this type of article. I can hardly wait to see what happens in the basement of the PAC 12 this year, if Utah will be abover or below Washington State and Colorado. Every team inthe PAC 12 was happy when Utah was invited; it was almost certain victory, even to the worst road team in the country when they played in SLC. Two years later and Utah hasn't won enough games to guarantee that they will have 10 conference victories by the end of the third year. They might, but they also might not.

Losing to Colorado reminded me of when they lost to UNLV. I wonder: who won the most MWC Football crowns in the history of the conference?

Who didn't go to any kind of bowl game last year and likely won't this year either? (Hint: They won two BCS games a while back but no Heisman or National Championship.)

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

True blue BYU fans love the coach and all he does -- Go Cougars! Stay, Bronco!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Yes, that type of article. Nothing to talk about if you are a cougar fan, but open season for snark from the anklebiters on the hill.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

For everyone who is saying Bronco should go . . . I'm as dumbfounded with the Riley Nelson situation as anyone, but who would be a better candidate for the job that would WANT it? When I say better candidate, I mean everything that comes with the territory of being the BYU Football head coach, including recruiting within the smaller pool of the Honor Code, representing the LDS Church well, and winning within those parameters. Football is fifth for the BYU Football program because that is the way the LDS Church WANTS it. When you put all of that in perspective, I really can think of no one who can do all of those things better than Bronco Mendenhall. He really is the guy for this job, unless someone can prove me wrong and name someone else.

Bountiful, UT

I have always liked Bronco as a coach and then last year my son was invited to be a Thursday Hero. After watching the way he and his staff treated my son and the kindness and compassion the entire team showed my son and our family, I became even more of a Bronco fan. This is a man who gets the big picture.

I also feel strongly about Kyle Whittingham at the U. I had an experience where he was a speaker at an event where my other son was honored for saving the life of a drowning child. Coach Whit was amazing. A sincere and kind guy.

By the way, my sons are not perfect. I just wanted to explain my thoughts.

Salt Lake City, UT

7 months left on his contract, invited early to submit his proposals, Free hand to reorganize his offense, and the hecklers are already in a froth? Get a life guys.
Wake me in August.

Lincoln City, OR

The one who should be the focus of discussion for departure is Tom Holmoe... I think that he has done more to hurt BYU football than he gets credit for... Had Samuelson and Holmoe been really working for the betterment of BYU's future in sports they would have done everything shy of agreeing to play on Sunday to get us into the Big 12... I think Holmoe has little to no rapport with other ADs from BCS Universities and it is hurting us...

As for Mendenhall, I think the guy has done a decent job... He tool over in a tough situation as the program was in free fall under Crowton... Mendenhall has brought back the winning tradition and he has the no baloney demeaner that Lavell use to have... When he tells you something you can pretty much take it to the bank... And, he doesn't duck the tough questions... If you are a recruit, that's what you want from your coach... Although he could show a little of the light side once in awhile and he seems to have a tough time with that.

I say keep him even if it means 11% tithing.


I'm intrigued by something Coach Mendenhall said in this article: "It's not only in how we play football, but why we're playing the game and for what we believe. "

Can someone help me with the "why we're playing the game" part of the quote?

Murfreesboro, TN

Bronco is the right guy for the job. Think he is a great coach and a great leader of and example to young men. Looking forward to many more years of watching Coach Mendenhall at the helm...

South Jordan, UT

Bronco Is a lightning bolt with his quirkiness, t-shirts, silly sayings, etc. He's done a good job for the situation. It is hard to be competitive every year when the honor code doesn't allow the best athletes to come to BYU. Bronco has been competitive each year.

Springville, UT

I wonder how many BYU fans would comment on a Whit contract story? I'm sure we would not see as many classless comments as this story has garnered.

Congrats to those that felt it important enough to share their hatred towards a good man.

If Whit goes bowl-less this fall we can only imagine how the fickle bandwagon "fans" will react to one of their own.

Woods Cross, UT

I certainly agree that Coach M represents his constituency in an outstanding manner, especially in terms of dealing with the various challenges to recruiting inherent in the BYU chemistry.

Should be no doubt there will be a meeting of the minds and he will remain at the helm.

No coach, however, is perfect. Red or blue, stuff happens, and especially in terms of injuries. Both the Y and the U had injury-punctured seasons last year, resulting in numbers that were not representative of expectations.

But you never see anyone tossing in the towel. We can see both coaching staffs reacting this Spring, responding to perceived needs, and attempting to put the best combination of skill and playmaking on the field.

So I personally don't much care for the haters on each side and their often ridiculous commentary, but prefer to acknowledge the character and skill that results in exciting football and seeing their young men succeed and go forward with the rest of their lives.

If you want to hold Coach M to that standard, he gets an "A" in my book. Pretty sure he'll be there after December 31st.


BYU fans complaining about Ute hecklers on this article? Really? Read the comments on three of the most recent DNews articles on the Utes, the article on Karl Williams, the one on the Polynesian players at the U, and the one on the possible expansion of Rice-Eccles Stadium. A good portion of comments are from BYU fans (I mean, byu "fans" as duckhunter would say) taking jabs at the U.

It goes both ways.

Rexburg, ID

You got to love the Ute trolls. Their comments here in reality are an exercise in futility and fantasy. For me, their comments are just plain amusing.

Here is a dose of reality. Both Athlon and Sporting News (you know the guys who are professional national sports writers) both rank Bronco higher than Whit on their D1 coaches lists. I am not nor will I attempt to minimize what Whit has done (unlike what many Ute trolls do in their childish attempts to cut down Bronco). Whit is a fine coach and man, but Bronco is listed higher. Sorry if you don't like it.

In comparison, Bronco has a better win percentage and more bowl wins than Edwards at the same point in their coaching careers at BYU.

Oh, by the way, Athlon just listed college football's top 25 dynasties. BYU is on Athlon's list. I looked for Utah, but I just did not see the Utes there. Sorry again.

Bronco is doing just fine and what will happen will happen.

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