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Published: Friday, May 24 2013 3:25 p.m. MDT

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clearfield, UT

Of course the Affordable Care Act will leave many with limited coverage. How else do you think they could make it "Affordable"?

Miss the Republicans yet? No? Well, at least you should regret your vote for Obama.


Salt Lake City, UT

I think that this brings up the good point of the fact that the government cannot wipe the runny nose of everyone with a cold. I lived in Korea (which has socialized medicine) for several years. Ambulances and health care were next to free, but GOOD health care was not. Yes, there are places in Scandinavia and what not that have socilaized medicine and make it work (at least from a statistical vantage point), but they also have a much smaller population and not nearly the amount of ethnic and economic diversity of the United States. No matter how many tissues we use, we cannot wipe the running nose of every person living in the US.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

Re: Vladhagen

Very good point about smaller countries like Scandinavia, as many in America believe we should try their system, but is would be apples and oranges.

American Fork, UT

Once again, we need health care. Employers, and insurance companies, should have nothing to do with it.

Centerville, UT


We have good health care. We need competition. We have the best healthcare in the world. It is interesting to me that we criticize the United States and praise Sweden and Western Europe when it was the defense shield provided by the United States for 60 years that allowed those nations to spend their money on healthcare, not to mention exist in the face of Soviet aggression.

Ogden, UT

What I really need auto insurance for is the unpredictable occasions when the cost of an accident is so high I would not be able to cover it. In accepting my premiums, they accept the risk of accident or injury. Thus my auto insurance company is protecting me against unpredictable and catastrophic events. I do not expect them to cover maintenance costs.

In Sebelius's odd little world, she wants to change my oil and perform periodic maintenance, but in the event of a crash, I am on my own because only maintenance costs are covered. That is the skinny part of skinny health coverage. She accepts no risk from me but wants control of the amount of maintenance I am allowed.

That is maintenance control, not insurance.

And when it is mandated in a single payer world, which is her objective, I become a dependant and slave.

Hayden, ID

Hey folks, guess who is now coming out as huge opponents of Obamacare? Unions, imagine that! Protests are nationwide demanding waivers from being compelled to lose their present very good healthcare packages and become part of Obamacare! Says volumes about Obamacare doesn't it? Prediction: like so many other Democrat supporting and donating organizations, unions will get their waivers! The rest of us? Not so lucky!

Salt Lake City, UT

"At the heart of this paradox is an almost complete disconnect among key players as to what 'insurance' actually means, argued Megan McArdle at The Daily Beast in March."


Unfortunately, the disconnection with reality commingled with a mangling of language as a duplicitous attempt at compensating for the reality disconnection is at the heart of just about **everything** having to do with the many agendas of modern liberalism and the totalitarian tendencies of its Communist cousins.

From the fact that an organization called "Planned **Parenthood**" is the largest abortion mill in the country to the absurdly loquacious names of countries like the, "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" (N. Korea), that need to practically spell out all the things it is not (Democratic, for the people, a Republic) in a ridiculously transparent attempt to deny the reality of what it is, truth and integrity is the enemy.

Unfortunately, in a society that increasingly seeks reality denying diversions of all sorts and sinks ever deeper into a fantasy world where monstrous debt is meaningless, killing unborn children is charitable or even noble, etc., etc., turning back to a more honest perspective will be a very long and tough slog.

Salt Lake City, UT

We are acting surprised that the ACA provides neither universal coverage or affordability. What was predicted is now a reality with the intended result being overwhelmed by unintended consequences. Our government is finding out that castles in the sky are fine until you try to move into them.


California just unveiled a wide array of choices for the 5.3 million people expected to qualify to buy coverage through its online marketplace established by the federal health overhaul.

It's the first disclosure of prices in the nation's most populous state for individual health insurance that complies with the Affordable Care Act, and the menu of affordable options surprised some consumer advocates and analysts who had been expecting premiums to be much higher.

Los Angeles, CA

Don't current health insurers leave us holding the tab for one reason or another? They have to make a profit, right?

Portland, OR

Actually, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) reforms mini-meds, insurance policies that provide minimal coverage and have high deductibles. For the first time all employers of more than 50 people will have to offer some benefits and preventive care.

It is misleading to cite Right Wing opinion writers like McArdle and Barone as if their opinions are factual. They are not. For example, there is no evidence the ACA will cause premiums to rise in general. The costs for policies offered by state insurance exchanges are coming in lower than market costs before the Act passed. So, the pressure may be downward.

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