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Published: Wednesday, May 22 2013 6:25 p.m. MDT

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Durham, NC

Worf... it is evident that it is pointless to discuss facts.... when all you want to hear is politically driven talking points. Yes, ND is coming on line.... but that is just a small portion of the total portfolio of reserves being exploited right now. Even Texas is pumping more than it did a decade ago- same could be said for Oklahoma, the gulf, and PA.

As to your comments about the Obama administration not getting credit for Sadam... it is amazing he is responsible for the IRS when they do things wrong, for the state department when they edit talking points on Libya, and yet don't get any credit - none- for getting Sadam.

How does that work? You get to pick and choose which facts suit your own personal narrative....

And tell me... how many families had to be told their loved ones were killed on Iraqi soil over the last 12 months... how many? Lets flash back 5 years, and compare.

It blows me away how hate for someone lets so much get tainted. I do agree the recent "scandals" need to be looked into... but to pretend nothing has gone right..... good grief!

Kaysville, UT

The President each day seems to have some new tactic to get around talking about the important events of the day. He should pull out President Nixon's play book and see what diversionary tactic or strategy he should use for tomorrow or even today. Pawns will fall and really don't want to spend time in detention or in prison with other inmates that may have an agenda against these people. An IRS agent in jail would not be a pretty site as some people are in jail for items that pertain to the IRS or that type of system. The DEA may arrest people for drug running and the money those arrested may not have been taxed, for sure. It would not be good for many people to share cells or environments such as the lunch room, together. The higher ups in President Nixon's time went one by one. When Spiro T. Agnew went for an unrelated issue, it sort of started falling into place. President Nixon lost his man to fend off topics of the day. Spiro was a Joe Biden of the day that deflected the ball to give the President another day. AG next?

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


I presume that since you are willing to credit Obama for all those accomplishments you say he is responsible for, then by your same logic of picking and choosing facts, you are also completely willing to hold him responsible for all these scandals? That includes knowing Benghazi was being attacked and telling the reinforcements to stand down. Well?

I love how people try to compare the Iraq war to Benghazi. There is a huge difference: a lot of good came from the Iraq war (ask soldiers who served there, not the mainstream media that misrepresented everything; Saddam Hussein was ousted, Iraq became a democratic free nation, the people were saved from tyranny, etc.).

On the other hand, nothing good came from Benghazi! That is why the liberals and the media are trying with all their might to cover it up and draw attention away from it (Squirrel!). It seems no matter what Obama does, he will be seen as the Savior. If you want to refute my point, please give an example of something Obama did that did not receive a lot of support from the democrats. They even love him when he raises their taxes!

sandy, utah

The Des News must love these stories. It only aids in stirring the pot and polarizing political views. This type of talk from a naive politician is just that, talk which will come back to haunt him and he will regret it.

sandy, utah

@Riverton Cougar

I have to say not one of your points is supported by the facts.

Salt Lake City, UT

If he is so obsessed with rooting out corruption and cover-ups, and facilitating an impeachment, Chaffetz should get himself back to Utah and take care of business here. We've got plenty to keep him busy right here at home.

Salt Lake City, UT

"This situation is shaping up eerily like WaterGate."

This "situation" is nothing like watergate, except in the fevered imaginations of the right wing radio hacks and the gullible that parrot them.

"you first must open your eyes and mind to be able to see what is going on"

Uh. . . Yes. But while you are at it why don't you do a little honest research on the issues? And believe me, just regurgitating what the right wing commentators are blathering about is not research. If you listen to Hanitty or Beck or Limbaugh and do no other research you are terribly misinformed.

"Give some reason why Obama shouldn't be impeached."

Because he has done nothing that is even close to being an impeachable offense.

"Its obvious some people cannot see what is in the White House.. I feel sorry for them!"

You feel sorry for them. Why? Because they are obviously better informed then you?

"Bring Jason to my pathetic state."

Oh yes, please do!"

"No let's take it back, or die trying."

What's this? Another call for violent revolution? There is a word for that. Treason.

Kaysville, UT

It is amazing to see people in denial like President Nixon was for two years. It finally wore his people down and even though it was hard on the country, if you can't trust the man at the top that is what Congress is for. The House of Representatives with two year tours have the largest number and are the most likely not to be in the beltway mentality in all cases. That doesn't apply to Pelosi who has been a beltway person forever. The process to get this through will take years if the entrenched people don't start falling from the pressure and their consciences. In countries, including Syria, Iraq, Libya and others, the leaders never give in that they are corrupt and beyond their conscience. They cause disruption and bring their country down. We supposedly have a system where citizens count if they want to be counted. The three branches are made to be independent as they work together. They do not want to work together these days, at least very much.

Eventually, the Representatives and Senators will be up for election and will have to decide which side of the fence they are on.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"@Riverton Cougar

I have to say not one of your points is supported by the facts."

Says the man who doesn't provide any evidence to support his points. For facts about Benghazi, see the testimonies in the hearings. As far as Iraq, I really hope you know that everything I said was true. Or did you not know that Saddam Hussein is no longer in power?

Which of my points exactly are not supported by facts? I'm pretty sure Iraq is a democratic, free nation now. Kicks testified that they were told to stand down.

I even said "If you want to refute my point, please give an example of something Obama did that did not receive a lot of support from the democrats." How do you respond? Certainly not with facts.

Please try again, ronnie. 200 words isn't enough to go into detail about all my points, so I just provided where to find the facts for yourself. All you can do is say "not one of your points is supported by the facts", which just seems silly considering that much of the stuff I talked about was common knowledge.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

The Republicans have been trying to impeach President Obama since 1/20/2009.

Why stop now?

New to Utah

Jason Chaffetz has truly annoyed and got under the skin of the ruling elite. He has intelligently and skillfully asked questions the mainstream media refuses to ask. As a long time DC observer and participant in political campaigns I would give Jason an A on his report card. MSNBC a surrogate for the Obama campaign utterly detests him as does NBC, CBS, and ABC so he is obviously succeeding. Utah is well represented by Congressman Chaffetz.

Durham, NC

"On the other hand, nothing good came from Benghazi!"

Ok.... one of these things was a war.... and the other was an individual event within a wider event. We could play that game for ever. I can name a hundreds of "events" in Iraq that you can safely say nothing good came of it.

And if you really want to be honest in your analysis... if you look where Libra is at this time after the over throw of its dictator, to the stability of where Iraq was at the same time.... please don't even begin to say Iraq was in a better state 18 months than is Libya. The cost in human lives alone does not even come close to comparing.

So if you are going to try to compare events... lets compare like events. One attack does not equal and entire war....

and no, I have not excused, or accused any one yet on any of these events.... because all the facts are not in yet - at all. Just this weekend NewsCorp - FoxNews parent company - admitted they knew of the probe into the FoxNews reporter. All of these are very much still moving targets.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

re: DRay on 5/22

KInd of (okay alot) like Tim Tebow?

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