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Published: Wednesday, May 22 2013 6:25 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

I love Reagan!! I would take him any day over dictator Obama.

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

This is just Obama's political Chicago Dirty Tricks machine trying to discredit anyone who opposes THE ONE

Ogden, UT

Go Jason! Obama has been slick so far keeping his fingerprints off of anything but an old saying sticks to him and that is a fish rots from the head down. I am convinced that Obama and his administration are lying through their teeth on these scandals. I hope that is proven and I would relish impeachmnet.Go Jason!

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

Sure he's not! The work "impeachment" keeps him in the headlines. That's what he wants! He's developing real skills for his future political career. Reagan was the "Great Communicator", Chaffetz is hoping to be the "Great Grandstander"

Kaysville, UT

President Nixon's close advisors went down before he did and one by one they fell into disgrace. Some changed their attitude but others were defiant to the end. When you are not honest with the people you work with and try to get around the documents and laws that govern our country and impose new laws that cost plenty of dollars and no sense just to be passing laws is not govern. He is handed a golden platter of a peace prize before he even attempted to govern. He knows how to issue promises to voters but hasn't realized he has to govern in order for those to really have effect. He messed with his own Party's domination of the Congress and lost in the House where the districts have new elections every 2 years and is the House to protect common everyday citizens. Those Representatives are held closer to accountability, not like the Senate who are supposed to be Statesman like but have changed to almost the House of Lords in England with power, fame, and glory. Senator Bennett learned he had a movement at the right time to thwart his 18-year effort to stay in.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"#1 goal of Republicans: Take down Obama in any way possible.
#2 goal of Republicans: Huh?"

Actually, the #1 goal of Republicans is to help America become the great country we all hope it to be. But I understand your confusion since the steps to making America great usually involves stopping Obama. Excuse us for not buying into propaganda so easily. A whole nation was gypped by it in the 1930's.

Mcallen, TX

This country doesn't hold its leaders accountable. It's leading to our downfall.

Springville, UT

If he is talking impeachment now, before the facts have come out, he isn't interested in truth, or justice, or the will of the people. He is selective and highly partisan in his principles, ignoring the abuses of the prior Administration (need we list them, things that are as bad if not worse than what we are seeing here?). I am fine with policy differences, but I am sick and tired of the constant, persistent undermining of the President for purely political games by the right wing. Case in point is their long standing complaints about a budget not being passed by the Senate, and now they (including our own Tea Party Sen. Lee) are doing everything they can to stop the democratic process and the passage of a budget. When will Chaffetz and the rest of the disloyal opposition start putting America first instead of opposing everything that the President seeks, even when the idea is that of the GOP? The right wing is not patriotic. They put their interests first, even at the jeopardy of the Consitution and the will of the people. I'm fed up!

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Whether impeachment is on or off the table, it is in the Constitution which means it is always at the disposal of Congress. Impeachment is a tool the framers of the Government left to posterity to use as good judgment deemed appropriate and warranted.

Part of the unfortunate legacy of Watergate has been to make impeachment of a President something to threaten willy-nilly towards a political foe. Our political discourse in America has become so raw that rhetorical overkill is now the norm. I’m not real familiar with Jason Chaffetz but his loose talk in recent days is making him sound more like a self-promoter than a public servant.

Lehi, UT

As a Republican I feel that Chaffetz is an embarrassment to our state and to the party. Very few in DC will take him seriously.

Clearfield, UT

ESQUIRE I second your comments. Let's say Obama is impeached. The Senate is the trial court. No doubt a Democrat controlled senate will convict Obama. If you believe that I have some real estate for you.

Salt Lake City, UT

Our country needs to hear the truth.

When we have our guys in Washington who feel like they are getting the run around and we clearly know even less. Also, the press isn't telling the whole story.

Thank goodness that Jason is trying to hold Obama accountable.

Keep it up Jason! I'm with you all day long! You have my vote and support.

Drop the hammer on all the crooks and liars you can find.

Castle Valley, Utah

Grandstanding for votes.....and it works in his district.


I don't expect many of Obama's administration to talk unless a special prosecutor is appointed. Holder's justice department won't prosecute anyone who is a "team player".

If the various employees that are covering up are threatened with jail time - they'll talk.

The only bad thing about impeachment is - Joe Biden.

Yes, things could be worse!

salt lake, UT


You are at least partially right enough Americans apparently do not know enough about right and wrong as to allow someone like Chavez and Newt Gingrich to continue to try to rip our country apart. Luckly it appears enough Amercians still remember Gingrich's antics to keep Chavez in the minority.

I Choose Freedom
Atlanta, GA

Jason, please keep applying the heat. This is the most corrupt administration ever and it is time someone stood up to them. I am grateful that you are doing your best to hold them accountable.

Saint Louis, MO

Jason Chaffetz is right but he is "spitting into the wind". As a Navy Vietnam era vet, you can sense the mood in Washington which is akin to the day that the last choppers went into Saigon to pull out as many as possible before the North Vietnamese came into the city. It would now appear that there is a consolidation of power going on. Vladimir Putin said that it was the "Illiterates". I would say that it is the entitled. It is all about "redistribution of wealth". All that Jason Chaffetz can do is the "Paul Revere thing". However, the left wing agenda has organized religion in its sights. Mormons, Catholics, Lutherans, are at risk.

West Jordan, UT

Lied about Benghazi attack because of potential impacts to election
IRS targets conservative groups (White House staff knows about it and does nothing)
Unmanned drones targeting US Citizens
Dept of Justice wiretaps the Associated Press

The list of crud that we have to deal with is becoming unbearable. And then there are those that think that Chaffetz is too extreme? He seems to be the only one that isn't okay with what the executive branch is getting away with.

American First
Merced, CA

Thankfully the only 36 people in all of Utah and Idaho who support government corruption and loathe patriotic Americans are here in this comment section.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Ron Paul is "irrelevant".

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