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Published: Wednesday, May 22 2013 6:25 p.m. MDT

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Brigham City, UT

The 2012 election was mainly concerning the economy...and it is getting better.

salt lake, UT

of course he is, he has to play to his base no matter how far out in right field they get. Its sad when even Ron Paul calls you to far to the right.

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

Jason Chaffetz is over the top. Normally, that would not be a problem, but since he's a member of the House of Representatives, it kind of is.


Jason just drilled another one right through the uprights. Go Jason!

The Reader
Layton, UT

Jason needs to be impeached!!

St George, Utah

To keep talking about impeachment -- even if to only deny you are thinking about impeachment -- makes you look a fool. You can assume anything you like about Obama's knowledge or role in various scandals but so far I have seen absolutely no proof of his personal knowledge or involvement.

Paul Scholes
Provo, UT

And that is why Jason Chaffetz will not be receiving my vote.

Salt Lake City, UT

#1 goal of Republicans: Take down Obama in any way possible.
#2 goal of Republicans: Huh?

Mcallen, TX

As we learned with Clinton. Impeachment means nothing, and the American people can't understand right, and wrong.

Roy, UT

Why does Pres. always get a pass by so many, giving him "Teflon" effect? Is he really accountable for nothing?

Idaho Falls, ID

The most dangerous position in the world is to get between chaffetz and a camera.

sandy, utah

This from a guy who released classified information improperly. This from a guy who repeated false interpretations of the white house emails regarding Ben Ghazi. This from a guy who was a key participant in a congressional hearing that went no where other than to incite a backlash that will probably help Hillary's presidential bid.

Sandy, UT

Chaffetz is digging his own grave. Somehow I guess he doesn't understand the saying speak softly but carry a big stick. Boehner is absolutely right on this one. The truth will come out but it will take time, as it always does. Chaffetz is trying to make himself into a somebody from a nobody, and this is not the way to do it. I can't help but feel he is putting all his chips on one hand, one that is far from secure, perhaps because he's willing to walk away if it doesn't work out. Could be a black eye for him and for the state of Utah, BYU, NCAA kickers, etc. if he is not correct. Just go about your business Jason and you will do well. Actions speak much louder than words.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nevermind that he probably idolizes Reagan who had weapons sold to a state sponsor of terror (Iran) so he could do an end around from legislative blockade so he could fund the Contras. That's way worse than anything Obama has done and Reagan wasn't impeached.

Jacksonville, AL

I am conservative. But the last thing we need now is more partisan politics. Too many important pieces of legislation are on the table that require both sides to compromise. Remember compromise, back when our government functioned?

Durham, NC

I think taking impeachment off the table would be wrong as well..... but that is like discussing the death penalty as an option before the case has even been made. Sure its an option, but it may be completely inappropriate as well. At this point, the term seems to be being thrown around in political terms though... and even the Republican leadership is worrying about those who are debating the punishment before finding out what crime has been committed.

No more was Reagan impeached for Oliver North's rogue actions - selling weapons to Iran to fund the Sandinistas in a covert war in Nicaragua - completely outside the law. How one can make this case that even if Obama had knowledge of the IRS scandal does this surmount selling the Iranians weapons... America's worst enemy for the last 3 decade.

If Reagan wasn't impeached over that incident... I would love to hear how this, if true, is a higher crime then selling your enemy weapons.... and funneling the money through drug transactions to fund a covert war.

@Ralph.... very funny.... at least under Reagan they had a plan. Starting with Newt... that plan has been missing.

Riverdale, UT

Obama is never around when anything happens; that way, he can always claim he didn't know about anything and won't be found responsible for anything. I don't know who is running the country but it sure isn't Obama. He is busy campaigning for 2014, when he plans to take the election using every underhanded trick in the book, just as he and his party, and whoever is behind him, did in 2012. Most people won't have a clue about it, and won't care even if someone does manage to start impeachment proceedings. The country has been slowly, carefully turned to the ultra-liberal progressive mindset, and that is probably going to prevail until enough people are fed up with it to stand up and be counted. Unfortunately, so much has already been subdued by the liberals that it isn't likely to matter. Soon, the government will be in control of so much of our daily lives that what we think or want simply won't matter. If you go back through Obama's speeches and interviews, he told us he would do this, and we let him, no, we HELPED him.

Alpine, UT

If any citizen tried to get away with our current administration and many in congress are doing, he'd be in prison. Justice does not exist in this country! We are the laughing stock of the world. Back in the 80's a U.S. teen was caught doing graffiti in the Philippines. The U.S. asked them to return him unscathed and they would take care of the matter. The Philippine government just laughed at the idea, caned the kid, then sent him home. He was later caught doing graffiti in his home town. Do you think he'd ever think of doing graffiti again in the Philippines?

Weber, UT

I believe Mr. Chaffets is right in keeping the impeachment on the table if for no other reason than to keep pressure on the administration to answer for their actions. If it is left up to the administration, all they have to do is delay the investigation until after the term of Presidency is over. They need to dig now while it still matters to our nation and this administration. If no fault is found then and only then do you remove the call for impeachment. But please get to the facts. We have a right to know what really did happen.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Someone needs to speak truth here. This rush to the middle to gain votes has turned the GOP into Democrat-Lite.
The Gang of Eight is proof that even so-called conservatives (Flake, Rubio) can't seem to follow the GOP platform.
Jason is willing to step out of the box and use a little candor. At least you know where he stands.
With Congress showing approval ratings in the low teens can he do any worse than his colleagues?

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