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Published: Thursday, May 23 2013 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"You are conveniently ignoring the fact that the Utes were nothing more than a mediocre team beating up on other mediocre teams when the Utes were winning "championships" in those pre-WAC conferences..."

And the Indy-WACers are conveniently ignoring the fact that the no-BCS bowling cougars had been outperformed by their big brother on the field over these past 20-yrs -- which INCLUDED the WAC -- by going 7-13 against us.

There's no question who is in command of this series: both in the long AND short term measurables.

Edge: Utah.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Phoenix: "We have"

Apparently not - you are still here on Utah stories!! The fact that you are commenting on this story just proves me right.

Go Utes!! Onward and Upward!!

Las Vegas, NV

Love the hard work and dedication from Karl. So glad he's a Ute!! He is the epitome of a class act and a Ute football player.

Too bad that so many from down south feel so threatened by a story honoring this kid's heart.

Orem, UT


The PACy WACers aren't even good enough to beat WAC teams to qualify for a bowl.

BYU fans measure success by overall results and national rankings.
Our little brothers measure success by how they do against their big brothers.

AP/Coaches Rankings

2011 ur/#25
2009 #12/#12
2008 #25/#21
2007 #14/#15
2006 #16/#15
2001 #25/#24
1996 #5/#5
1994 #18/#10
1991 #23/#23
1990 #22/#17
1989 #22/#18
1985 #16/#17
1984 #1/#1
1983 #7/#7
1981 #13/#11
1980 #12/#11
1979 #13/#12
1977 #20/#16

2010 ur/#23
2009 #18/#18
2008 #2/#4
2004 #4/#5
2003 #21/#21
1994 #10/#8
1964 ur/#14

Top 25 Finishes during the BCS era
Utah 5

Top 15 Finishes during the BCS era
Utah 2

Roy, UT

When we are talking about the better team between Utah and BYU, first you take the head to head, then the SOS. If you look at the head to head, Utah is dominating, ie 3 of 4, 8 of 11. when you look at the SOS no one can say that BYU SOS is even good. It is very weak. Utah on the other hand has a more difficult SOS in the last few years in comparision. Yes BYU has had a btter record than Utah, but against very weak competition. Utah would have a better record than BYU if they played the same schedule.
I don't care how many top 25 finishes either team has had in the BCS era, but I do care about BCS Bowl Games and BCS Bowl wins. And Utah has that edge 2 to none. And for you precious National Championship, you would not have gotten it in the BCS era. Utah had the only shot and they didn't even get the oppurtunity. Why? Because of SOS.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"When we are talking about the better team between Utah and BYU, first you take the head to head, then the SOS."

SOS means NOTHING if you don't WIN!

2011 #25/#26/#34 BYU(10-3) > unranked/#39 Utah(8-5)
2012 unranked/#26 BYU(8-5) bowl winner > unranked/#61 Utah(5-7) couch potato bowl

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

It's interesting that Utah fans beat their chests every time they beat a ranked team, but try to pretend that they don't care about their own national rankings.

Obviously, the kids on the hill are forced to pretend that being ranked doesn't matter, because the Utes have hardly ever been ranked.

Las Vegas, NV


November 23, 2002 Utah 13–6
November 22, 2003 Utah 3–0
November 20, 2004 Utah 52–21
November 19, 2005 Utah 41–34OT
November 25, 2006 BYU 33–31
November 24, 2007 BYU 17–10
November 22, 2008 Utah 48–24
November 28, 2009 BYU 26–23OT
November 27, 2010 Utah 17–16
September 17, 2011 Utah 54–10
September 15, 2012 Utah 24–21

Get over it!!


Arguments that your team is better means NOTHING if you don't WIN!! Yet here you are desperately trying to argue that point.

Move ON!!

Great to be a UTE!! You gotta love the troller entertainment!!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"PACy WACers"? Remind me again which of our two programs made a bee-line towards the WAC to load up on their weakest teams in order to get bowl eligible? Because last by MY count, ONE of us aligned ourselves with the WAC and played 9 WAC teams over a 2 year span, while the OTHER one played only one. In fact, that "other" team has to go all the way back to 2005 to do in 8-yrs what the aforementioned "WAC"-ish team did in 2: schedule 9 WAC teams.

Yeah. That's what I thought.

Next time, don't be so frantic and emotional.

Anaheim, CA

Gotta love the frantic and emotional response from the Utes to try to convince themselves that constantly finishing BEHIND the Cougars in record and national rankings somehow makes them "better".

Was Colorado(3-10) really "better" than Utah last year? Seriously?

Roy, UT

1) If SOS didn't matter than Utah wins a NC in 2008 and Boise wins won in 2006. no team had a better record than either of those teams. Yet neither was even in the NC game. So don't say SOS doesn't matter cause it does. 2) My point isn't Utah is better team regaurdless of record, but that if Utah played the same schedule as BYU the last two years our record would have been better than BYU's. Why do I say that you ask. Because BYU's SOS is so weak in comparison to Utah's. And the Colorado reference would hold some wieght exccept that Utah beat them the following year and BYU can't seem to beat Utah very often. If anything it proves that and inferior team, BYU, can beat a better team, Utah, every once in a while. Which is why BYU has 3 victories in the last 11.

Las Vegas, NV

Deep Blue: The only frantic and emotional responses to this story about a great, hard-working kid, are from down south. Do you all feel threatened by him or something? Your comments have nothing to do with the story. Sounds like some people need to move past the hurt of three three straight spankings by bid brother and start paying attention to what's going on with their own team.

Oh that's right, your team is byU - it's too painful to pay attention to that team!! The FACT that you are here only proves that point!! Oh well, you are always welcome to come back and entertain us some more since your own team is too painful to follow!!

Go Utes!! Go Crimson!!

Las Vegas, NV

Utefanz - Don't try to use logic and reason with them. It just doesn't work. But you have to admit that they are entertaining!!

Las Vegas, NV

How telling is it that all the byU posters are on Utah stories - meanwhile over on byU stories -- total crickets (except for one story where the byU "fans" are bashing a poor kid for leaving the basketball team).

Ain't relevance is grand??

Go Utes!!


Nice comments by wwookie, Naval Vet, Utefanz, and VegasUte. Naval Vet is dead-on accurate about the byu fans conveniently ignoring the past 20 years---13-7 in Utah's favor. And VegasUte points out that the obsession of byu fans on our articles like this one is indicative of all most of their fan base can think about. (By the way, what is it with your own fan base trashing the Ambrosino kid, like sportsfan's "addition by subtraction," "he wouldn't have played more than a few minutes," etc.)

Even byu's own AD is obsessed with Utah, as indicated by their conveniently scheduling a bye the week before the Utah game. Haha! Whatever it takes.

Go Utes!!

CO Ute


Lots of ways to look at things historically so here is another one for you. The BCS was formed in 1998, which a reasonable person could use as a starting point for modern college football. Since then the teams have played 15 time with Utah leading the series with 9 wins to 6. BYU's 6 wins have all been by a TD or less while Utah also has 6 wins by a TD or less PLUS 3 wins by 24 points or more. Utah has 2 BCS bowl wins while BYU has yet to play in a BCS bowl.

As indicated in my previous post, the Y dominated in the 70's and 80's but both before and after that span, the series tilts in Utah's favor.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: Rockwell

Rockwell:3 in a row is MEANINGLESS, especially when 2 of the 3, and 13 of the last 16 were decided by a touchdown or less in the closing minutes of the game or in overtime.

You do realize that BYU hasn't beaten Utah by more than a TD since 1996.
Yes it has been 17 games since this has happened.

Back in '82 that BYU qb could throw it a mile, or so grandpa tells us.

Springville, UT


(Ute) "fans", you have to learn that when your team gets outranked year after year by your rivals, you look foolish to trying to minimize that accomplishment.

You have to learn the differences between being a legacy and wanting one.

The inability to win in your conference and going bowl-less is getting embarrassing isn't it?

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

Little Ducky,

The difference in you coming here to post about JW going to play in
Canada, and Maxi going to play there, was that this was a story, a GOOD story about Carl Williams making it at a D1 school. Now if this story had been about JW, then fine. The story that the UTES commented on about Maxi playing in Canada was actually a story written about Maxi playing in Canada. There are bad fans on both sides of the fence, you being one of them who always has to make some disparaging comment. It really must be a thorn in your side to see one of the worst UTE teams in a decade beat your team without their star RB, and a QB who wasn't even D1 quality.

Provo, UT

@ tajemnica

Why would they frequent byu articles? They are Utah fans as I'm sure you know. I am sure there are plenty of Utah fans that do the same stuff as duckhunter on byu articles, I think we all just need to remember that the majority of fans for each university are quite sane.

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