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Published: Wednesday, May 22 2013 2:15 p.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

What is it with Ute fans wanting to post on a BYU Hoops article...

All of these comparisond make me laugh...

There is only oe fact y'all need to memorize... Over the past 7 years the BYU vs Utah record is 11-1... SEVEN YEARS???


Layton, UT


Start a trend of having only 1 coach on the payroll and not 3.

Start a trend of more wins in a season than transfers.

Start a trend of running an offense and not playing keep away for the first 31 seconds on the shot clock.

Start a trend of hiring a coach who isn't scared to play Weber St.

Start a trend of hiring an AD who isn't scared to play Utah St.

And finally start a trend of U bball fans who don't put their foot in their mouth on BYU bball articles.

"Lol" indeed.

Columbia, MO

To all the ute fans who want to brag about Bogut on a Tyler Haws article, let's just say that if we are going to compare players from three or four coaches ago, then we should talk about BYU's NBA draft picks from three or four coaches ago, including NBA draft picks and lottery choices like Danny Ainge, Kresimir Cosic, Fred Roberts, Greg Kite, Shawn Bradley, etc., etc.

Tyler Haws is going to end up right up there with the best of them. Meanwhile, the team up north will continue to struggle in its new league where it can't compete.

Mesa, AZ

When it comes to how programs are viewed on the national stage, it boils down to their performance in The Tourney or in byu's case, their lack there-of. In this regard, there's zero comparison between UTAH and byu. Sure, we've had a challenge in replacing our Legend, but it hardly defines our overall program. byu wouldn't know what it's like to replace a Legend, since they've never had one, in the first place.

I chuckled at byu fans regularly equating the hype over JF to their team/program somehow even remotely being considered to be a national powerhouse. The reality of it all was byu's most celebrated player ever could only manage to lead his team to The Sweet 16, their 1st such appearance in 30+ years, and no further. And now he's a literal unknown in The Association. In response to an inquiry regarding JF, the vast majority NBA fans would immediately respond with, "Who?"

In stark-contrast to how they view themselves, the world doesn't even remotely revolve around byu. Literally, legends in their own minds only. National leader in Tourney-appearances w/zero Final Fours, for obvious reasons. LOL

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

But, just remember there is only ONE Tyler Haws. Let's hope the league does not hire the hockey refs they used last year - or was it rugby? Basketball should be a finesse game. Hopefully, Tyler will not be subjected to the brutality he endured last season! Play on!

IRS Agent


"Sure, we've had a challenge in replacing our Legend, but it hardly defines our overall program."

For a minute there I thought you were talking about the BYU football program. I think BYU does know what it is like to replace a legend, and are doing a pretty good job (top 25 rankings, bowl games & victories, etc.)

Speaking of basketball, I think that BYU's record, ranking and performance show they are relevant nationally. If you look at their recruiting classes and the actual comments of other coaches from around the country (you know, the people who actually know what they are talking about), you will find a lot of respect and recognition for their program. Weber St. had a nationally recognized player, but it still didn't make them a respected team. BYU is a respected team, and one that coaches around the country know can beat them if they aren't at the top of their game.

The world is a lot different place without the crimson colored glasses on.

South Jordan, UT


I have 2 questions for you

Why is it ok for the Ute fans to go back to the Majerus era but it is bad taste for BYU fans to bring up 1984?

Also just courteous if BYU (as put by so many Ute fans) are not even thought of by the national media because 1984 was so long ago how do you think the Utes are looked at with your last big run in basketball was over 10 years ago?

Last of all the world may not revolve around BYU but you and chris b must because you are always here.

Bountiful, UT

Tyler Haws had an amazing season and was way better than I thought he'd be in his first year back. This is the type of season I thought he'd have for his senior year. Now I'm wondering how will he top this season for his junior year? Jimmer went from 7 pts a game to 16 to 22 and then 28 pts his senior year.

Tyler isn't as nifty and resourceful or deadly from really long range like Jimmer was so I don't see him being able to handle the same type of defensive attention Jimmer got when he was scoring 30 pts a night. I wonder how high Tyler's ceiling will be as a Cougar by the time he's a senior. He's made an incredible leap going from avg 11 pts a game as a frosh to hitting almost 22 as a soph. Maybe he can get close to 24-25 pts a game but I don't think he'll continue progressing at this pace. I think his growth will be incremental the next 2 yrs.

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