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Published: Wednesday, May 22 2013 2:15 p.m. MDT

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Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Chris B
Star, your boy from the U that went 14th in the NFL draft is an active church going, Mormon!!! How do you think he is going to do in the NFL? How is Eric Weddel doing in the NFL? Maybe if Jimmer were on a different team he might have a better chance!!! Danny Ainge did well in Boston!!!

Columbia, MO

And the utes haven't had anyone get to the NBA since Majerus left, four coaches ago.

Layton, UT

Start a trend going 1 and out in the wcc tournament. lol

Start a trend of failing to qualify for the NCAA's. lol

Danish American
Payson, UT

It seems to me that some of the best Utah players were LDS such as Tom Chambers and Danny Vranes. And remember Chris, Utah now plays in a religious bigoted league.

West Point , UT

A very small percentage of athletes coming out of HS are Mormon. So of course, the majority on any team whether Bama or Louisville is not going to be "Sunday school mission" boys. Thank you for pointing out the obvious to everyone. I guarantee bama or Louisville wouldn't care what religion he embraced if he can play...many lds players in both basketball and football have played for prestigious schools (does the name Jabari Parker sound familiar). Good call Chrissy, why don't you personally call up coach K and ask him what the heck he was thinking recruiting that Sunday school Mormon boy to a nobody school like DUKE. LOL...literally.

West Valley, Utah

@ Chris B and any other ute fan commenting on this message board. When was the last time utah had a relevant basketball team and a player drafted into the NBA period? That's right it's been a while. Congrats on last season though at least you made it into double digits in the win column. I guess that answers the question as to where utah "athletes" fall in the national "relevance" picture - below a sad enough BYU.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Wow basketball smack from the Utes! Seriously?

I can't wait to watch Tyler play for two more years and I'm excited to see if Collinsworth can make the same successful transition from missionary to star player in less than a year. Go Cougars!

Las Vegas, NV

Dear SLS, I bet you think your pretty smart with your comment of "And the utes haven't had anyone get to the NBA since Majerus left, four coaches ago." Well, your wrong, surprise! There was this guy named Andrew Bogut who was the #1 draft pick in the NBA. Yes Majerus originally signed him, but he left the program and Ray Giac had to fly to Australia and convince the kid the come back which he did, all credit goes to Giac not big Rick. So how many players from Provo have been the #1 pick? Yep, none! Sure, the Jimmer was pretty high, but also one of the biggest busts in NBA history. You can add Hafa Arujo to that list as well, bust!

Frisco, TX

Chris B - In response to your question, really? Basketball banter from a Ute to a Cougar?

Believe it or not, BYU doesn't get all the sunday school boys (i.e. returned missionaries). Your Utes have quite a few on their sports teams, so you may want to be careful about your comments.

Do you really want to know how many top schools offered Tyler Haws, Kyle Collinsworth, Nick Emery, TJ Haws, Chatman, Calvert, Mika, or TJ Haws? Or even Jabari Parker, who still may go on a mission? Do a little research and you can answer your own question. Your Utes offered most of these guys, but had no luck. They were all offered by many top programs.

The Sunday School boys are getting plenty of offers, from top programs. And I like the ones we are getting at BYU. The basketball domination is sure to continue.

Sorry U are not able to get more of them for your sub .500 basketball, or sub .500 football or sub .500 baseball. Tough times on the hill.

Morgan, UT

It seems everyone is a little testy today. Hang in there guys, football season is only 3 months away. Btw, Chris is a confused Cougar fan. Don't let him fool ya. Go Cougars!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

funny how those buys above talking smack stuff. What was his name crissy?

Anyway, hope Kyle C. will start the conditioning like Tyler did or however the system work for RM.

Go Cougars!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I thought I would do something novel and actually comment on the article.

Tyler Haws had a fantastic year. Of course he should set the pattern for others returning from missions. He hit upon a successful formula and it should be emulated.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

He's dang good.


If he decides against playing PRO (US or overseas) he probably could land a job on the BYU staff helping the RMs get back in game shape. But I imagine he'll go pro, he plays his best games in the arenas.

South Jordan, UT

Maybe Coach Rose should enlist the help of Tyler's dad, Marty Haws, who was stellar in helping his son get ready and conditioned for the basketball season last year. It was a story of love, unique training, and persistence that really paid off in a big way!

Go Cougars! Go Kyle!

American Fork, UT

Hey sls, what about Andrew Bogut lol :)

Roy, UT

Tyler played well to be sure, but was frustrated when d became physical; hope this off-season he gets stronger, tougher for the pounding refs seem to be blind to--Cougars too thin, easy to push around.

IRS Agent


Start a trend of not going to a football bowl game. lol

Start a trend of losing more conference games than you win. lol

Start a trend of being the last team to qualify for the conference basketball tournament. lol

Hey this is kind of fun.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Summary of BYU and Utah basketball during the Dave Rose era

BYU 209-66 (76%) 8 20+ win seasons, 4 conf champs, 6 NCAAs (4-6), 2 NITs (3-2), Consensus Nat'l POY
Utah 116-137(46%) 1 20+ win season, 1 conf champ, 1 NCAA (0-1), 6 losing seasons

BYU has dominated Utah 12-3, 11 of the last 12, 7 in a row

Utah hasn't beaten BYU since Jan 2009, a 94-88 OT win in SLC

Average score during the Dave Rose era - BYU 72 Utah 64

And this final tidbit, BYU leads the all-time series 129-125



"Hey sls, what about Andrew Bogut lol :)"

Bogut was the last remnant of the Majerus era.

The Utes were humiliated in their only NCAA game since Bogut left for the NBA.

In Reserve
Sandy, UT

Bogut only played for the University of Utah for two years. Since Majerus recruited him there and coached him one of those years it is reasonable to say that Bogut was Majerus' success and not Giacoletti's.

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