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Published: Wednesday, May 22 2013 12:15 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Well I just don't get it. Several of the posters did compare SOS and RPI to Utah but not one of them has said anything about ASU. In fact they have been complimentary so far as I can tell. Perhaps you need to go to a nice relaxing ball game against a patsy team on a quiet Tuesday or Wednesday night when one of your favorite teams can get a dominating win over a lowly conference nobody that you wouldn't waste a minute of your precious life worrying about. Now, wouldn't that make you feel better. (Unless of course your team lost to that lowly nobody. Then I can see how you just possibly might get frustrated and rant and rave about silly things.) By the way BYU respected ASU. So I guess they played their best pitcher as you say. Wouldn't you if you were facing the #13 team in the country? As for starting a nobody pitcher against a 30-19 nobody? Oops, bad move.

Provo, UT


As for the SOS issue, yes, according to Boyd's World, Utah's SOS is 21, BYU's is 58 (but BYU is ranked overall at 37th and Utah at 119th). According to WarrenNolan.com (the top hit when I put in College Baseball SOS 2013), Utah's is 88th and BYU's is 95th.

Both of those kind of fly in the face of your statement that "BYU's SOS isn't REMOTELY close to Utah's."

"Tis is truly hysterical witnessing byu fans attempt in vain to spin it all."

The only spinning that I'm seeing is from some guy in Mesa who finds a need to come onto a BYU/ASU baseball thread and make a bunch of inane excuses about why the #13 ASU Sun Devils got it handed to them at home from some "patsy" in the WCC.

Which I find extremely entertaining!

Looking through the comments, all I see are BYU fans that are excited about another win over a top 25 team and the possibility of making the NCAA tournament this year.

Not bad for a BYU team that was picked to finish last in the WCC.

So enjoy the ride, AZUTE. No need to hate.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"Actually, what's hilarious is watching [AZUTE1's] epic meltdown after the Cougars blew out the Sun Devils in Tempe."

No kidding!

ASU Players versus Arizona
Coffman, Kasey cf
Benjamin, Michael 3b
McDonald, James 2b
Rossiter, Max c
Causey, Nathaniel dh
Allen, Trever rf
Stankiewicz, Drew ss
DiNatale, Dalton 1b
Peevyhouse, Jake lf
Ybarra, RJ ph

ASU Players versus BYU
Coffman, Kasey cf
Benjamin, Michael 3b
McDonald, James 2b
Rossiter, Max c
Allen, Trever rf
Ybarra, RJ dh
Stankiewicz, Drew ss
DiNatale, Dalton 1b
Peevyhouse, Jake lf

REMARKABLY similar, yet AZUTE1 wants us to believe that ASU was playing a bunch of bench players who seldom see action.

ASU batters must have simply stood in the batter's box and watched pitch after pitch sail by without even trying to hit the ball because they didn't care about winning their final home game of the season (for some their final career home game) in front of family and friends.

Face it AZUTE1, the Sun Devils were dominated by a better team last night, because we all know that the team that wins the head-to-head matchup is ALWAYS the better team.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Looks like some "fan" from Arizona was busy throwing a jealous tizzy fit when an avalanche of logic began descending on him, so he tucked his red-tailed feathers between his legs and skedaddled.

Great game Cougars; it's nice to see BYU baseball getting back on track with a convincing win over a perennial PAC 12 college baseball powerhouse on their home turf!

Good luck in the WCC tourney BYU!

Go Cougars!

River Falls, WI


I'd love to have you reconcile a few of your posts which make absolutely no sense. First...

"If you comprehended College Baseball, you'd know how these mid-week games work. Schools save their top pitchers for the weekend and oftentimes kids play who are otherwise buried deep down into the dugout during their important weekend-games... However, hollow, meaningless victories such as this one are precisely what fuels the utter self-delusion running rampant in utah county, year-round."

From this I deduce that mid-week games are meaningless. But you later state that

"A dominating win would be KU beating byu, 15-4....Or USF beating byu, 11-1."

So make up your min--do mid-week games matter? The two games you referenced BYU losing were both mid-week games. The weekend games they played gainst KU and USF were all won by BYU.

I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too. Go Cougs!

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Hey Azpuke....scoreboard! Series sweep after series sweep against u! nuf said!

Lincoln Park, IL


"Schools save their top pitchers for the weekend and oftentimes kids play who are otherwise buried deep down into the dugout during their important weekend-games."

Looking at Truth Machine's list, are you're trying to claim that ASU played its bench players against Arizona?

Either you didn't watch the game, as you claim you did, or you have absolutely no idea who's in ASU's regular starting lineup, because it's obvious that ASU used the exact same starting lineup against BYU as they used against their arch-rival Arizona.

Palo Alto, CA


So you go to the game hoping to see BYU get crushed by ASU, so you use that as evidence of how out-classed the Cougars would be if they played in the mighty PAC.

Unfortunately for U, it was BYU that did the crushing, so now you're forced into damage control trying to explain away BYU's win by claiming that ASU really wasn't trying.

Does that about cover it?

Thanks for playing!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

It's all been said. College World Series? Naw... Great win, nonetheless? Yep!

How great? Read the posts by AZUTE. Has to have hurt. A lot.

Columbia, MO

BYU beat #2 LSU in Louisiana. They beat #22 Gonzaga in Spokane. They beat #21 UCI in Provo twice. Now they beat #13 ASU, and BYU was not using their top pitcher either.

The Cougars deserve an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament.

Highland, UT



Salt Lake City, UT

C'mon everyone, let azute1 verbalize his pain. It's the only way he can heal.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

What's up with team up north? Are they related to Chris B?

Good job Cougers on asu.

Go Cougars!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I wonder if azute just looked back over all the posts and got embarrassed that he posted so much spin over just one game...

I hope he's okay...

Gilbert, AZ

It's hysterical that a group of "fans" who pretend that Utah won a national basketball championship in 1944 after playing the weakest schedule in the history of the NCAA (the Utes only beat two college teams during the entire regular season - Idaho State and Colorado College), would be so hilariously hypocritical as to question BYU's 1984 schedule. Especially when BYU's 1984 schedule was demonstrably tougher than Utah's 2004 bcs-busting schedule.

Bountiful, UT


First off, let me just say Thank you for coming out and supporting BYU sports. Your attendance was much appreciated.

Secondly, a word of advice, you're getting a little frantic and emotional here. I think most Cougar fans realize ASU is a historic team in College Baseball. That's why Cougar fans are so happy after their dominating win. They curb-stomped a pretty good baseball team.

You're putting out a lot of really whiney excuses. Just please save a little face here and don't start complaining about injuries or the sun was in their eyes or there were midge flies swarming the mound, etc.

Bountiful, UT


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Idaho Falls, ID

Maybe someday the uses will win a PAC-12 baseball game, but I'm not betting on it.

South Jordan, UT

Hi EdGrady....actually....the Utes have won 5 games this year against PAC12 opponents and won a series versus Stanford. Not sure what your comment is about.

Palo Alto, CA

The Utes are 6-21 in the PAC 12; 5-5 versus the WCC; and were swept by the Sun Devils.

The Cougars are 3-1 versus the PAC 12; 15-8 in the WCC; and dominated the Sun Devils.

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