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Published: Monday, May 20 2013 12:30 p.m. MDT

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West Point , UT

Howard Beal:
I was about to address the same thing, thank you for bringing it up.
In fairness to Freeman, there probably wasn't enough space or time to write every controversial event for each president, though I am also surprised that he didn't mention the whole WMD fiasco with W. I think history (and not very far into the future) will see more than just Benghazi as a scandal for BO. He's facing 3 scandals working themselves into a full blown monsoon at this point. His presidency has certainly been marred and he is losing credibility by the day as he tries to decide between pleading ignorance and incompetence or lying to the American people and lacking integrity.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Are there any liberals remaining who value truth? Obama and his vice president and secretary of state and their spokespeople lied to the American people about the nature and cause of the the terrorist attack at Benghazi. They lied when they said they were only repeating what the intelligence community had told them. They lied when they said they had made only one stylistic change from those written assessments.

Are there any liberals remaining who value freedom of the press? Obama's Justice Department secretly seized months of phone records from the offices and private phones of AP news writers and editors. This intrusion was both massive and unprecedented.

Are there any liberals remaining who value equality before the law? Obama's Internal Revenue Service targeted tea party groups and other conservatives for abuse in their applications for tax-exempt status. These abuses were widespread. Top officials knew about them years ago.

Are there any liberal remaining who even recognize the party they belong to?

Speak up, folks. Liberalism is getting a very bad name.

Everett, 00

5,000 dead Americans,
75,000 wounded,
$2 Trillion in unfunded debt,
for a war based on imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction.

...and the resignation of 11 Federal judges and Karl Rove gets the top billing for the controversies during the GWBush administration.

sandy, utah

Just because the GOP wants Benghazi to be a scandal does not make it one. The actual white house emails with regard to the talking points refute the GOP versions and interpretation of the content of the emails. No smoking gun has been found.

Far East USA, SC

"secretly seized months of phone records from the offices and private phones of AP news writers and editors"

Do you value truth Nate?

Kind of hard to say they "secretly seized" phone records "its prosecutors followed federal regulations by first seeking the information through other means before subpoenaing media phone records"

Would you call that "secret"?

Pleasant Grove, UT

@JoeBlow "Would you call that 'secret'?"

Yes, and I'm not the only one.

"DOJ's secret subpoena of AP phone records broader than initially revealed", by Michael Isikoff

"The Justice Department’s secret subpoena for AP phone records included the seizure of records for five reporters' cellphones and three home phones as well as two fax lines, a lawyer for the news organization tells NBC News....

"Schultz confirmed that the subpoenas for the phone records were secretly issued to Verizon, which turned them over to the Justice Department without any initial notice to AP."

"AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt said the secret subpoenas were 'so sweeping, so secretively, so abusively and harassingly … overbroad, that it constitutes … an unconstitutional act.'....

Far East USA, SC

"secret subpoena"

Isnt that a bit of an oxymoron?

You cant get a subpoena without a judge knowing about it.

Whether you or I agree with what has happened, so far, it looks like nothing illegal has happened.

I guess time will tell.

I fully support an investigation, but I hope to see the truth.

Many just want to may partisan points.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@JoeBlow "You cant get a subpoena without a judge knowing about it."

The Justice Department themselves issued the subpoenas.

"...so far, it looks like nothing illegal has happened."

Nothing big, just the First Amendment.

Seriously...what happened to what we used to call liberal values?

Far East USA, SC

"Nothing big, just the First Amendment."

You may be right. I will wait to see.

Certainly there will be hearing and investigations.

I guess you don't need to wait for those.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

"Your cause is just, but I can do nothing for you; if I take up for you, I shall lose the vote of Missouri."

Please, Deseret News. Even if Van Buren said that to Joseph Smith (which I doubt he did), that’s hardly a scandal.

I find far more scandalous the Van Buren Administration decision to return to the Amistad’s slave traders the kidnapped slaves who freed themselves from their captors at sea.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@ronnie "The actual white house emails with regard to the talking points refute the GOP versions and interpretation of the content of the emails."

Actually, they don't. The actual White House emails establish that --

1) References to al-Qaeda and terrorism were removed from the talking points originally provided by the intelligence community.

2) The were removed after being objected to by Victoria Nuland, spokesperson for the State Department. Her specific objection was that they “could be abused by members [of Congress] to beat up the State Department for not paying attention to warnings….”

3) The intelligence talking points never, at any time, made mention of a YouTube video.

The differences you have mentioned between reported versions of the talking points and actual emails, are attributable to the fact that the former came from handwritten notes, made when the White House was stonewalling the release of the emails. The claim that the quotes were 'doctored' was given three Pinocchios by Glenn Kessler, fact checker at the Washington Post.

@JoeBlow "I will wait and see."

Yes, we will all watch the White House's ever-changing story.

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