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Published: Saturday, May 18 2013 6:20 p.m. MDT

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Hank Pym

re: UTAH Bill

Mia would do the same thing Lee, Orrin, & Jason do. Pander to the base when "offended"

Wally West

at DaveRL

So? You are saying the Sarah Palin approach doesn't work? Hmmmmmm. Go figure?

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

I would like to see Mia cross over and run in another district. Surely, she would be a better choice than some of the other republican representatives serving now. With no Romney coattails this time, I doubt she will win another race with Matheson. I feel we need at least one democrat representing our state and would support him over Love.

Lehi, UT

Hopefully people learned something from last time. Mia represents Utah, Matheson represents the liberals who hate the good things that Utah represents. It's that easy....any questions? Then read the comments by Matheson supporters. : )

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

"Mia stands for limited government and responsible government."

What does that even mean? Will she refuse bribes from the nra or koch bros? Cut defense spending?

I went to Mia's website when she was running to read about her plans and couldnt find any. In fact, your quote listed above was essentially all that it said on her website. So what does that mean? I have heard only 2 actual "plans" from ms love.

#1 to get rid of student aid. Hilarious, since she used government subsidized student loans to get through college.
#2 privatize social security. One horrible idea which will never happen.

So Mia has 2 plans. One of them seems selfish and fairly unrealistic to achieve. The other, one horrible and unrealistic idea coming from the far reaches of even the radical sides of the tea party. Privatize social security??? Such a horrible idea!

Saying that she is an example of Utah-style governing is an insult upon those governors and dedicated peoples who with built a sprawling community from the desert.

The pioneers would have failed had they had the GOP's current defeatist attitude.

Kaysville, UT

She has taken good lessons from the party elite and taking advantage at the Convention to publicize she was making her notice. She was not an elected official and those that would want to run against her don't have this initial push that she got from this convention. The outgoing chairman let things go as if he didn't have a say in what happened. He bent the rules on voting at his will. The publicity with the No or Aye count was definitely a franchiser for the Tea-Party and Eagle Forum FreedomWorks people that should not have happened with the electronic voting available. Mix and Match???

By the time the Medicaid and Common Core resolutions were there only about half the delegates were there due to the attitude of those running the convention and people like the former U.S. Representative in her negative voice and actions. Deja Vu!

Huntsville, UT

Great; now we get to watch 2 more years of Love attack ads against Matheson. I'm so not looking forward to it.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Denver - I would be more than happy to vote for a Democrat if he was against everything our current dictator in cheif and his croonies seem to belive in.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Some of the prev. comments seem to confirm my suspicion that nothing threatens liberals more then an intelligent woman. Mia has my vote!!!

Danish American
Payson, UT

@Kipp: I would trade Bob Bennett any day of the week and twice on Saturday for Mike Lee. You look in the dictionary under RINO and there's Bob's picture along with McCain, Graham, and Huntsman.

Spanish Fork, UT

Excellent. Mia is a great person. If you don't know what she stands for you weren't reading or listening. She articulated it well. And, if she does nothing else but slow down the ruinous actions of Obama and his ilk, that's enough for me. She is bright, moral, family values, walks the walk she talks and will be a very good legislator. I like Matheson, but, he and Hatch need to step aside. Chaffetz for Senate and Mia for the House. Intelligent representation with passion.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

My previous comment didn't pass the censors. Let me try again.
Many of us were not impressed by the way she handled the Mother Jones allegation of her anchor baby story.
Specifically, she claimed that the Lee Benson story of a year earlier was false.
Frankly, I wanted an explanation. I felt her answer was lacking.
She lost votes over that.
She needs to resolve the problem with an answer, even if it means an apology to Benson.

Healthy Skeptic
Saratoga Springs, UT

Note to 1st, 2nd and 3rd district citizens, and non-Utah residents...thank you for your opinion, but perhaps you should focus your attention on your own congressman.

Since our new Representative will be “bound by Oath…to support [the] Constitution”, the members of Utah’s 4th congressional district will judge each candidate by his/her commitment to that Constitution. This includes not only the enumerated powers and limits in the Articles, but those in the Amendments. If Mayor Love is committed to free speech, free press, free exercise of religion, the personal bearing of Arms, Equal Protection, the presumption that all powers rest primarily with the States, etc., she will have my vote. Congressman Matheson subscribes to a political party that has proven that it is not committed to these things, and in fact embraces positions that are destructive to the ends for which Governments are established. I have nothing against Jim. He usually represents me well. The onus is on Mayor Love to make the case that she is committed to a limited government that will secure our right to pursue happiness.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "UtahBlueDevil" apparently she did run on more than just stopping Obama. Read the post from Bloodhound.

To "Bloodhound" that idea of privatizing Social Security was first a Clinton idea, not exactly a "right wing" idea source.

The funny thing about all of the liberals declaring that they won't vote for Mia Love, don't really give any argument for voting for Matheson other than Matheson isn't Mia Love.

Tell us liberals, what has Matheson done that makes him a better candidate than Love?

Arlington, VA

So, my favorite part about reading these comments is when readers rail against the Obama administration for being so awful (spending, taxes, debt, etc.) yet take no consideration of how hypocritical their criticism is based on the most recent rule of a Republic president. Republicans seem to be fiscal conservatives only when there is a Democrat in the White House. Republicans never met a spending hike they didn't like under Bush and had no problem with the budget deficit until Obama became president. Oh, and balanced budgets? Guess who the last guy to do that was? Stifling economic growth? What would you call 2008? How about total economic meltdown.


During the last election watching TV one would think there was only one race in Utah, the Mia Love vs. Jim Matheson Race. I was so relieved when the election was over so I wouldn't have to see one more of those nonstop negative attack ads. Can't say I was happy when Mia Love announced her nomination as I don't want to see all her negative ads nonstop!
I'm not in her district, nor Jim's (thanks gerrymandering) but I sure wish the TV could show those Mia Love ads to those in her district only! Ugh!

Everett, 00

Mia --
Seriously, what did she run on other than -- Mitt Romney's coat-tails?

"Mitt Romney needs Mia Love in Congress"?

Missing In Action

Salt Lake City, UT

@Danish American....RINO? I would trade Bob Bemnett any day of the week as well! That's a great point. I think that you may have meant that you would trade Mike Lee for Bob Bemnett :)

I stand by my previous comments that the Tea Party needs to fizzle out. Extreme divide in politics, to the point of standstills helps no one. More and more (on both sides of the isle) are concerned about who is right, rather than what's best for this nation. Call Bennett RINO all you want, but he saw the big picture. Lee and Chaffetz do not. Nor do a lot of prominent democrats. I do fully agree with you on Huntsman.

I am conservative, more moderate than fanatical. I am suggesting that a better candidate emerge than Ms. Love, otherwise Matheson will cruise to yet another victory.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Things will be a lot tougher for Mia without Brother Mitt at the head of the ticket next time around.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone should run for something constantly all the time and attack 200 percent of the time Hannity style.

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