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Published: Saturday, May 18 2013 6:20 p.m. MDT

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The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Ugh gross.

Now we will all be subjected to endless negative campaign ads from the tea party funded Love party 24/7.

I just wonder if the Utah legislature will try and gerrymander the district again? They can only do that every 10 years, right? Hopefully so...

Mia, it is simple. The people of Utah found you empty of ideas and rejected your schtick last time. If your goal is to give Matheson another term then please run again.

Arlington, VA

Again? Or should I say "already"?

Saratoga Springs, UT

I will happily cast my vote against her again. Prediction ... her margin of loss will be much larger this go around.

Salt Lake City, UT

Love needs to clearly articulate her OWN plan - rather than just be the anti-Obama. Seriously, Ms. Love, what are YOU going to do once in office? I did not vote for you last time because I had no idea what you stood for - only what you stood against.

Salt Lake City, UT

She probably won't even end up on the final ballot. She will have other GOP challengers and I doubt the delegates will be dumb enough to let her escape a primary. If she does though, she'll loose again. No way will I vote for her.

Provo, UT

I'm conservative and Republican. However, Love is too far out for me. She lost me when she said she wanted to privatize Social Security.

Dr. C
Jacksonville , FL

You do realize that the current House of Representatives is the only thing preventing Obama from owning Washington and forcing the rest of his agenda on what's left of our free country. A vote for Matheson is another vote for speaker Nancy Pelosi. How did that work out last time? It's not just about Ms. Love. It's about preventing 2 years of unfettered Obamanation with absolutely nothing to stop him. Politics doesn't end at utahs border.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Naysayers above ignore the fact that Matheson outspent the nearly unknown Mia Love by huge margins with money from unions and liberal pacs, and had near 100% name recognition, but still only managed to get a measly 769 votes more than Ms. Love.

Love has plenty of ideas of her own, and many are shared with other conservatives who actually run things successfully, although nearly all are rejected by the liberals, Democrats, Obama and Matheson (but I repeat myself) who universally run things with unbalanced budgets crippling taxes, stifling economic growth, and ever increasing debt.

I think Ms. Love's ideas are excellent (if critics would ever listen to them) and we desperately need her in Washington to halt our economic and moral decline, and to promote prove conservative ideas that actually work.

Mia Love for Congress 2014!

Denver, CO

Republicans are going to do what Democrats did in the '08 presidential race---vote off pure emotion. Republicans will vote because they think it'll be the
'cool' or 'right thing to do'. Jim will still win and hold on.

South Jordan, UT

Jim Matheson is a merely a lapdog in Congress and for BHO. I want someone with a voice from my District. He certainly doesn't represent my best interests. Anyone but Matheson.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Please, not two more years of hateful TV ads funded by anonymous persons. Or corporations. Or whoever they are.

Roosevelt, UT

She should win with Hatch's campaign manager all he had to do to win was to spend the $12 million in Hatch's war chest and good thing because this time around Hatch has done......? Actually he continues to do what he has done. Point fingers when his party is not in control and be a non-useful item when his party has the reins.

DN susbscriber you need to be watchful of who you vote for. You say the moral and fiscal decline yet Allan Greenspan said 6 months before the election that Mitts fiscal plan would incur at least 25% greater deficit than Pres Obama's.

Colin Powell said he would not vite for Mitt even though he is staunch GOP because Mitt had the same military advisers that George Bush employed when he sent 4000 military to their deaths in Iraq. Not sure that is moral!

Mia you have told your story and many listened, but this time around there is no new news, sad to say you will probably be recognized as someone similar to Hatch who hasn't got anything for us as a state but would love to get elected.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

She brings the crazy, that's for sure. Utah County at it's best.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mia stands for limited government and responsible government. Can't we see the result of "Chicago-style politics" the Democratic party espouses? Mia epitomizes "Utah-style politics".

Syracuse, UT

Does anyone know what Matheson has done or said about all the scandals in the past months? Has he laid low and not said anything? If he has, how has this done anything for the people of Utah or our Country? If you are a puppet of your party, you will lay low. If you truly are for the people, you will seek for the truth and expose people and things for what they are!

Lehi, UT

Speculation, speculation. If the Speaker of the Utah House, Greg Curtis can be beat by a Democrat, it doesn't seem unfounded that MIA can beat Matheson. Gosh, maybe no one can beat Matheson and he will be our representative forever. Maybe the people who didn't vote last time will vote this time and Mia will be our Representative. Maybe people will wake up and realize it does matter who is representing us. I believe the election is going to be held this November. Wrong. It is the beauty of being in the House of Representatives, it seems like the election is in November since a Representative is always running until he/she get tired of doing it. Matheson will either quit eventually, get voted out, or be carried out, so for those who oppose or support Matheson, both will have the same results. My advice is don't count Mia out since it was not a fluke last time. She is the real deal.

Durham, NC

@DNsubscriber.... I do think this time around will be a tougher go at it...but you blah blah unions and liberal this and that... good grief.... Love got huge amounts of out of state funding and support. She had hardly done anything yet as mayor to deserve a spot on the stage of the Republican convention. Pretending she had less out of state help than Matheson.

I do hope she runs on her own platform, rather than "we need her to stop Obama". That in itself is just about the worst reason to vote for anyone. You should not be forced into voting against someone. Mia needs to have compelling positives of her own... otherwise she would end up as an empty chair puppet to be used by people who don't have Utah's best interest at heart.

Lets hope for a good open debate on issues.... not political brainlessness.

Kearns, UT

As an Independent living in Utah, I say don't fix what is not broken. Matheson is not broken.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Tea Party needs to fizzle out. They cost Bob Bennett, a proven leader and voice for Utah, his seat. Can he GOP please find a better alternative to oust Matheson?


If she worked at being mayor as much as she does running for office she might get something worthwhile accomplished.

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