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Published: Wednesday, May 15 2013 8:50 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Denver, CO

Keep it classy Cougar "fan". Maybe you can next tell us about the attributes of Italians or Germans or Japanese people.

Salt Lake City, UT


You mean like the way BYU fans consider Dale Murphy and every other famous LDS athlete one of their own?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Nice article, it probably doesn't say anything that a Ute fan didn't already "feel," but it is interesting to see the numbers.

The "Poly Pipeline" certainly has been very good to the UofU and the UofU has obviously been very good for a lot of Polynesian football players.

Seeing several BYU fans try to take pot shots at Utah's success is interesting, it is even more interesting to see BYU fans mascaraed as fans of some other program to take pot shots at Utah. Do these yahoos really think they are fooling anyone?

The "lady" certainly protests too much. However it is really funny to see the squirming.

Somewhere, UT

Great article Dan! UofU coverage from Dan is one of the best things about Utezone, and now DNews!

Pocatello, ID


Why do you care so much about what Utah fans think?

Here is a great article, about how the program and Polynesian community work well together, and all you can do is hang on to a quote from a recruit used to illustrate how the family atmosphere at Utah illustrates the family atmosphere in the Polynesian community.

You are the one that appears desperate.

West Jordan, UT

A sure sign of the state of a program is when the fans start using things like Ngata training at Utah as a form of smack talk. Why not just smack about the win streak your team has against Utah. Or talk about how your conference is being discussed and favored in the new playoff system. Or talk about how you can sell out your stadium but your rival can't. Or talk about the recruiting battles you are winning in-state. Oops, sorry Cougars if that hurt a little. I guess if all you got is "X player trains at your University because it's close" as smack, you gotta use all the tools you can.

Can I just say that, as a Ute fan, it is nice to see the DesNews finally swallow a little bit of pride, recognize the fact that Utah fans are growing, and give the premier University in the state a little bit of print? These articles by Sorensen are spectacular (and if you like these, you should go check out the content on UteZone because THAT is where Ute fans go to get their information, even with these recent articles). Thanks Dan.

Sandy, UT

@ Duckhunter

Could you list these relevant athletes that work out at BYU that you 'know'?


West Valley, Utah

Who the heck cares where someone works out? I worked out at UGA while visiting family in Georgia. Does that make me a Bulldogs fan?


Duckhunter: "He is from east slc though so it makes sense he would work out at the u in the off season, it is a convenient place to get to."

Yes, that does make sense. What doesn't make sense, however, is that if he in fact has no connection to the team, why he would take time in the spring to attend practices and work with players individually on improving technique and mentoring them in their future careers in football, while wearing Utah gear. The answer is because he in fact does have a great relationship with the coaching staff, and is a Utah supporter second only to his alma mater.

sandy, UT


Also # of arrests, number of violations, number of Heisman trophy winners who murdered their wives, number of Heisman trophy winners that had the trophy taken away.

Your comparison of # of wins per season is just as invalid since 2010 none of them have played in the same conference. If you would like to say that the likes of Idaho State, Idaho, Hawaii, NMSU and SJSU are on par with the rest of the Pac-12 including USC then I suppose that's your opinion.

@Duckhunter - As far as I can tell, you are the only one trying to associate Ngata with the Utah program.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Apparently you missed the point ... know one on this thread stated that they "care" that Ngata works out at the U. We're simply trying to help the frantic and emotional coug fans like you and Ducky understand why a younger Ute recruit or player might mistakenly think Ngata was a Ute.
Clear enough for you? Or do you and Ducky want to keep spinning our comments so you can feel better about yourselves and the state of BYU football?

West Valley, Utah

Would you like a list of victories over ranked opponents each of the three schools has in the last 4 years or will you ignore that fact as well? USU zero. A couple close ones losing to Auburn by 4 and Oklahoma by a touchdown. Utah one. and it was over BYU who according to you is clearly inferior. BYU three. One over a top 5 team and one over utah with 3 losses by one point to ranked teams. Apparantly my point is also being missed here as it relates to how recruiting has supposedly been better at utah for the past four years when they don't have the victories to back it up. Also my comparisons relate to success on the field. Not personal decisions outside of on field accomplishments. If you want to compare ethics, you have us beat
I am a resident of Utah not a fan of any of the teams from Utah so apparantly I'm not the only one who missed the point.
I was also under the impression until recently that Ngata played at utah so it is a widely held misunderstanding based on other ignorant u fans

Salt Lake City, UT

West Valley, Utah

Nice try but FAIL. Anyone who even professes to know anything about local college football knows Ngata is from Highland High School and attended Oregon.

If you were under the impression that Ngata played at the U, that is your failing not anyone else's failing.

Mesa, AZ

"One over a top 5 team"

Your comment contains much I could refute, so I'll just simply focus on this one point. You need to continue talking about this, "top 5 team", and include the fact they hovered around .500 for the vast majority of the season and finished it, unranked. This "top 5" ranking was merely, PRE-season.

Not unlike '84 PITT and their, PRE-season ranking. Yes, the same, exact PITT team which went on to conclude the season at 3-7-1, bowl-less and unranked.

For a person who claims not to be a fan of byu, you certainly spend an awful lot of time attempting to "defend" them.

West Point , UT

There's no point in arguing with a ute fan like sportyguy. Now you know why BYU fans get so frustrated with the kiddies on the hill. They're delusional enough to argue with a Trojan fan, and then take the low road doing it...bandwagon fan, number of arrests, etc. Give us all a break sports guy...seriously you're going to argue with a USC fan? They are so much bigger than U with a far better history and winning tradition that the only time they even notice U is when they have to play you...and even then it takes them gifting U 14 points before they wake up and realize they're actually playing someone. Chrissy can be glad U are in the PAC 12 but no one else in America cares until the lil guys can do anything in their big boy league. Btw taj, you should claim to be a UGA fan because we all know the SEC is a man's game while the rest of you are just big boys.

sandy, UT

Seriously a coug on here talking any smack? LoL

West Valley, Utah

If you want to go with that logic then I can throw in a few more 'look what happened laters' in regards to all three Utah teams that would include victories over teams that were unranked at the time and finished a given season as a ranked team but then I run into the realms of either more opinion based reasoning or more work than my time is worth. If we also want to break down the BYU victory over Oklahoma we have a big what if. What if BYU didn't knock Bradford out of the game? Would Oklahoma have gone on to have a much better season? Probably, but there is know way to know for sure. The FACT is Oklahoma was ranked #3 when they lost. Also it is not my point to defend BYU. I just use these facts to put delusional utah fans in their place. You want to argue 2004 or 2008 specifically? You win.
You make an excellent point. And at least your comments aren't based in fallacies. UGA is up there on my list though. Just not number one. What's worse is I like Notre dame too.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Re: "@motorbike - I am a resident of Utah not a fan of any of the teams from Utah so apparantly I'm not the only one who missed the point."

Do you honestly think anyone believes you?

Mesa, AZ

No, just like with PITT, UO was ranked, PRE-season, which is inherently never based upon games actually played. And as was the case with PITT, UO actually played their games and proved to all, unequivocally, how erroneous their PRE-season ranking was.

I'll give byu this much, they have the market cornered on PRE-season/MYTHICAL accolades, hands-down.

The mere fact you're on here at length and actually attempting to debate what's clearly irrefutable, is proof to all how much of a byu fan you are.

You're as much a USC fan as I'm a byu fan.

LaMont Levi Hansen
Provo, UT

Don't listen to these guys, Tajemnica. I agree with you!

I'm a BIG Oregon Ducks fan! I sure hate those classless Utes and their exaggerated football recruiting successes. Everyone knows that BYU is and always will be the premier program in Utah. BYU has as big of a national significance as my Oregon Ducks.

Go Oregon Ducks!

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