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Published: Wednesday, May 15 2013 8:50 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Its now to the point where Utah can decide who we want and then USU and BYU fight for the leftovers.

Utah has won the recruiting battle 4 years straight.

The great majority of kids who had offers to all 3 schools have picked Utah the past couple years.

And if you think stars don't matter, Nick Saban disagrees with you.

Highland, UT

Why does utah continue to try and pretend that Ngata is somehow connected to the university of utah? Not only did he not go to utah but when he signed with oregon utah wasn't even a consideration, he actually was deciding between oregon and BYU.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


He was smart to pick a BCS program.

All recruits are.

Which is why we're dominating the recruiting battle against byu lately.

I love my BCS membership!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hmmmmm maybe it's because he trains at the U in the offseason with a bunch of the Utah alumni from the NFL... Also it wasn't Utah saying that it was the paper. But don't let facts get in the way of one of your posts.

Salt Lake City, UT


Because he is always up at the U with the team, and works out with a lot of the team in the weight room during the summer. He has a very strong connection with the team and the coaching staff.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Thank Goodness for Ron McBride! He is the Godfather of modern football at the U. I love the Poly community in Utah, and the Poly players at the U. Can't wait to see the new guys coming to the U this fall.

Go Utes!

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Talk about frantic and emotional, where in the article does "Utah" pretend Ngata is connected to them? That just happened to be part of a direct quote from a player who was obviously mistaken. Not once did Dan Sorenson mention Ngata among his lists of former or current Polynesian players.

And by the way, I'm fairly certain the reason the player mistakenly lumped Ngata into his comment is due to the amount of time Ngata spends on the U campus. Hard to blame a kid for thinking Ngata's a former Ute when he's spends the majority of every off-season on the Ute campus - the guy may as well be labeled a Ute.

The glimpse of reality this kind of article presents for you is clearly not good for your blood pressure. May I suggest you calmly try to find your happy place? I'd go with 1984 if I was you.


It is so good to see so many Polynesians coming to the U and doing so well. It's also great to see how cultural diverse and welcoming the U of U has become. It was my experience that, although coming from such different backgrounds, the students were open and friendly. It's a great place to get an education. And it's really cool now to go to games against quality PAC 12 opponents each week.

Go Utes!!

West Valley, Utah

How winning the in state recruiting title translates to in state "championships" and overall win totals:
In the last four years the in state title has gone to:
2009 BYU 11-2
2010 utah 10-3
2011 BYU 10-3
2012 USU 11-2
Total wins from 2009-2012:
BYU 36
utah 33
USU 26
Clearly as evidenced by facts and not opinions winning the recruiting title has been insignificant for utah
Further: bowl games attended/won:
BYU 4/4
utah 3/2
USU 2/1.
Come back to the PAC 10 when you can contribute more to my school than easy victories.
Go Trojans!

Star, ID

Nice article, Dan!

What is particularly heartening is the fact that the Poly pipeline extends beyond the boundaries of the state of Utah. Most out-of-state Polynesian recruits, California and Texas, state the large number of Poly players already on campus, and the resulting culture that has been fostered as a result, is a major factor in their decision to attend the U. I have my doubts that Tevi and Vaenuku, two players that Whit has already stated could make an impact and get playing time as true freshman, pick the U without that strong presence.

Utah is a very diverse football team. 1/3 Polynesian, 1/3 African American, 1/3 Caucasian. About 1/2 the team is LDS, 1/2 non-LDS. There's a little bit of something for every recruit to connect with on a personal level.

sandy, UT


That is a very loose translation of who the state title went to.
In 2011 BYU beat USU and lost to Utah. Utah didn't play USU and beat BYU.
How do you figure BYU wins that one? Based on the weakest schedule they played since the early 70's?

*your school? USC? Wow band wagon much? I am surprised you haven't switched to bama or Oregon since USC hasn't been significant since 2005

Bountiful, UT

I'm always impressed with how these Polynesian names roll off of Whittingham's tongue. He must have some Pacific Island blood in him.

Thanks to Dan Sorensen and the Deseret News for providing coverage that we Ute fans can savor to get us through the bleak days between seasons!

Syracuse, UT

We all know that Chris B likes his Pac 12 membership. He also likes to finish at the bottom of his conference in almost EVERYTHING.

Hey Chris.....I drive a BMW, I won't mention that all the tires are flat or bald, or that all four doors are smashed in and the windshild is cracked so bad that even Safe-Lite won't look at it and to top it off my windshild wipers just smear everything I am trying to look at. But hey......I drive a BMW.

West Jordan, UT

McBride was pretty smart with a lot of the things he did. Utah owes him a lot for what he started. He brought Utah back to prosperity. Urban Meyer took them to the national spotlight. Kyle has and will continue to keep them in the national eye as they adjust and succeed in the PAC12. I'm loving this Utah coverage and love the BYU trolls that cringe at a Utah article (compared to the 10 BYU articles). It is true sign of change in the Utah college football landscape when the DesNews is publishing Utah content. The signs are unmistakable. The new generation of football fans are siding with Utah and a PAC12 conference you can cheer for. BYU maintains a monopoly on the senior citizens who get angry when you stand up at a football game to cheer. The tide is changing and this is just one more sign of it.

Ngata was choosing between Oregon and BYU. That's kind of like saying Jabari Parker was choosing between Duke and BYU. Delusional. That one came straight from the Cougarboard where straight jackets are handed out to anyone who posts.

Highland, UT

LOL! at the utah "fans" so desperate to make a connection that isn't there. You realize Ngata is not a utah alum don't you? He is from east slc though so it makes sense he would work out at the u in the off season, it is a convenient place to get to. Just like several former and current pro athletes I know that live in utah valley work out at BYU in the off season despite the fact they didn't attend BYU. But I don't see any BYU fans trying to claim they are now Cougars. What an interesting inferiority complex utah "fans" suffer from.


Salt Lake City, UT

Magna Ute Fan,

McBride was not only the Godfather of modern Ute football, he is a King of Class, something that escaped Urban, many coaches before him, many posters, and even Whit to a degree. Athletic competition doesn't have to involve hate and/or bitterness. McBride and LaVell are great friends to this day.

Would that fans could follow suit.

Highland, UT


As opposed to "the bleak days" that are utah's last couple of seasons? Losing records are bleak and hardly a reprieve from your also "bleak" offseasons. It's all bleak for you guys recently apparently.


Salt Lake City, UT

Just another area(among the many) where BYU is being out recruited. Must be painful to Cougar "fan".

West Valley, Utah

State title was the wrong term to use. I don't use opinion based objective reasoning. I use facts. What I should have referenced is the best record from the three big schools over a 4 year period. I'm pretty sure none of the schools recruit with the specific goal of only beating in state teams so only using in state games should not apply to whether or not a schools recruiting has been more successful than another's. As for USC, I grew up in Santa Monica so jumping on the band wagon doesn't really apply. And while we haven't been as good in recent years, we still have all three Utah schools beat in terms of opinion based recruiting, PAC 10 victories, victories over Utah schools, popularity based on number of fans, national titles, NFL draftees, heisman trophy winners...should I keep going?
Go Trojans!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Your 2013 graduating class, with "first rounders" Hoffman and Van Noy are going to be 0-4 against big brother Utah in their careers.




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