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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 7:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Tom Clayman,
For someone who acts like he knows so much about rugby I have a hard time believing that you don't know what the Haka is.

San Francisco, CA

I baited someone to bit on the Haka comment, but the monitor of the comments will not post my reply, which simply states that there is no place for it in the game as it has nothing to do with LDS or collegiate sports.

San Francisco, CA

Life University 2013 USA Rugby D1-A National Champions!

Alpharetta, GA

I was totally with TomClayman until his 2nd comment. He's right about Life and St Mary's. Life is here in the Atlanta area and if you all remember they gave BYU a very good game in last year's playoffs--so don't so quickly pile on the non Varsity Cup programs. I thought "kudos to Tom for knowing the real deal" ... until the amusing missionary comment. I always love that comment when I hear opponents use it because it is so uneducated. Surprised to have seen that cited by Tom when he seemed to know his stuff.
And what's the worry about mythical or not mythical championships...we've all been dealing with the mythical football championship for years. I've never liked it even in 1984 when it worked for BYU [...which is why I also enjoyed the shellacking BYU gave the 'supposed' Natl Champ Washington the next year.] Face it, for now the Varsity Cup is the system we have until something better can be setup. Maybe we can do like football with it's new and improved "Natl Championship" and just pick 4 teams to play in it and ignore the rest...

Alpharetta, GA

Oh...and the Haka...you'd have to be a caveman to think it has no place in Rugby. As an All Black fan, I cannot get enough of it. Still wish BYU and Utah would pick it back up for football.

South Jordan, UT

I don't think you need to pile on Cortez. He's just the messenger, and you don't shoot them. He wasn't even in the position he's in now when the eligibility rules were changed by all of the collegiate members of USA Rugby. To me, that says the other schools thought BYU had an advantage. I'll be interested to know how the board meeting went, and if USA Rugby will be making any changes.

The Watch Dog
tumwater, WA

Well, then maybe they should just settle it with a Varsity Cup/USA Rugby D1-A NC winner become the "World Champion". If they're gonna fight about it just settle it on the playing field. That's how all three of our major professional sports settled it, probably plenty of others too, like boxing. That's what makes competitive sports exciting

Bountiful, UT

Not real smart in promoting the sport of rugby when downplaying the hard work of BYU and Cal.

Alpine, UT


"BYU would have been crushed by any of the teams that finished in the top ten that year."

Easy to say, IMPOSSIBLE to prove, but there's this:

14 September 1985

1984 #1 BYU 31
1984 #2 Wash 3

Finishing 1984 on a 24-game winning streak with back-to-back Top 7 finishes was definitely a superb accomplishment, worthy of being crowned Consensus 1984 National Champion by these organizations:

AP Sportswriters Poll
Football Writers Association of America
National Football Foundation
United Press International Coaches Poll

The exact same national organizations (AP, FWAA, NFF, USA/CNN, and UPI) that selected all of these major college football national champions:

1989 Miami
1988 Notre Dame
1987 Miami
1986 Penn St.
1985 Oklahoma
1984 Brigham Young
1983 Miami
1982 Penn St.

Despite the jealous whining of the kids on the hill, BYU's 1984 major college football national championship was just as legitimate as any of the above-mentioned national champions.

Virginia Beach, Va

A bit more news on the so called "championship " put on by USAR. Guess how many folks turned out for Cortez's championship match ? According Gainline US rugby blog, 350 people tops showed in Greensboro NC. 350 tops !. Then because of rain there were less then 100 people in the stands by the end of the match. Less then 100 people ? Are you serious !!!

USAR received a $250,000 grant from International Rugby for college championships and this is what they got from the investment?
USAR should apologize to the Varsity Cup members and promply turn over the college playoffs to the leaders of the Varsity Cup.

Again USAR put on their championship with funding from IRB and attendance was 350 people. And USAR has the nerve to question the Varsity Cup ?

Long live the Varsity Cup !!!!!!!

provo, UT

Of Championship, Cortezes Cowboys, Control, Chevy Trucks, and O-nions that Make Me Cry.

It's sad when the USA Rugby O-nion can't even retain, top college teams (e.g. Cal and BYU) for their own, Collegiate National Championship. Even sadder, that the lead O-nion Exec. over collegiate programs talk ‘smack’ in the media, about O-nion members. Well done Rugby O-nion (Not!!!)… Way to help members of the O-nion (sarc.)… Way to build the confidence of O-nion members in your O-nion (...still sarc.)... and, way to gain the trust and respect of O-nion members (... Yes, still sarc.)... (cont'd)

provo, UT

I wonder if the O-nion understands that its members will follow and support them, through Thick-and-Thin. However, they also reserve the right to NOT follow. This is especially true, when "Thick" describes the thickheaded and unable-to-be-advised O-nion Exec’s ability to lead, and "Thin", describes the O-nions ability to manage the future of USA Rugby. The Exec’s from the O-nion Field (Headquarters) have drawn too much salary for such poor leadership, and are overpaid for the limited perspective they provide about the future of collegiate rugby. How sad, especially when you consider that college programs actually contribute and financially assist these O-nion Exec’s. Way to take care of yourselves, O-nion Exec’s!!! (sarc.)… (Cont'd)

provo, UT

Also, we cannot forget the all important 'marketing' and 'spin doctoring' that O-nion Exec’s need to provide for their Collegiate National Championship. Unfortunately, upon closer examination, the "spin" is not about advertising or building collegiate rugby, nationally. Instead, it is clearly an effort to excuse past ineffectiveness, while also passing-the-buck for poor planning, useless communication, and the implementation of ridiculous policies that restrict the growth of USA collegiate rugby.

As the most recent, example of the leadership style of the O-nion's Collegiate Exec., review the way Cortez treated those involved in the D-II Championships. And, see how many folks attended the National Finals

provo, UT

Unfortunately, this M.O. of the leading Collegiate O-nion Exec., is typical. Much like him, the teams he coached in Wyoming were always FULL-- as in, FULL of bluster prior to the game; FULL of 'bull' during the game; and FULL of excuses because of the constant losing, they became accustomed to, when playing solid, well trained rugby teams. (I guess, if you can't beat 'em on the field, you gotta beat 'em with O-nion policies, right?)

Three "chairs" (purposely misspelled) to the USA Rugby O-nion. Why? For selecting a leader for collegiate rugby, who doesn't understand 'player development', but has healthy respect for—and membership in—the Good-Ol'- Boy O-nion Field network. (Way to grow the program, USA Rugby O-nion! We all wanna follow you because we know you can deliver... Not!!! And, we all wanna 'click' on your Homepage, and donate more resources so we can enjoy more of the fantastic leadership you provide… bahahahahahahaha…)

provo, UT

Because past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, I suggest that it's time for Cortez-- and his 'Cowboy cronies’ in the USA Rugby O-nion Field-- to dismount from their trusty steeds. Let’s leave these old horses, behind. Like rugby rules and regulations that were adjusted to speed up the game (e.g lifting in the line-out), the USA Rugby O-nion needs to adjust; put the old horses out to pasture; replace them with new Chevy trucks; and quickly move into the future. This will be difficult to do, and will take considerable time and resources. Gratefully, while we wait, the new Chevy’s can help carry away the large quantities of “Steer Manure” the O-nion Field continues to produce.
Until then, this strain of “O-nion” will always make me cry!!!!!!!!

bountiful, ut

Well said IRS Agent.... Perhaps he will use the temporary absence of Utah from competitions as reasoning behind such nefarious rubbish.... Blue Coug, Every champion since the corruption of the BCS inception has been mythical... At least in any season where more than 1 undefeated team remained... And I don't know about crowning a champion when the competition came from the same conference with the head to head for the season being a split... Of course this year it was nice as it was a S W E E P ! ! !One team even had their championship taken away due to cheating.... Yet, no award to the 'loser' to make that season have a champion.... I think the playoff system is closer than in a long long time... But if two teams from the same conference ever meet up in it, it will instantaneously lose all credibility and be no remedy at all. :) In the end, in college football... ROLL TIDE!

provo, UT

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the stadium, the USA Rugby O-nion's fearless leader of collegiate rugby strikes, AGAIN!!!

Why NC?

The upside: NC is a great location, with good food, and wonderful people.
The downside: Um... Did anyone check to see if anyone in NC was interested in attending a rugby match?

Here's the math, as it relates to the 320 in attendance at Nationals:

15 players on the field, per team = 30
Teams typically fly 30 players, including sub's = add 30
Running Total = 60 players

Average number of family members attending, per player = 2
Total family attending (2 x 60) = 120
Running Total = 180

Average number of Alumni attending = 40
40 x 2 Institutions = 80
Grand Total = 260

320 in attendance - 260 = 60
NC Locals attending = 60

San Francisco, CA

Where did the attendance figure of 300 come from?

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