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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 7:00 a.m. MDT

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Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

USA Rugby needs to get over itself...

CAL vs BYU is several steps above anything USA Rugby has left. They need to cooperate and give the 2 year mission allowance then everybody can play nice

San Francisco, CA

@Truth Machine

You claimed:

"As far as "importing players", every school out there has the exact same opportunity to recruit foreign players as BYU."

Coach David Smyth stated in a Desert News piece on May 13, 2013 about Linehan from New Zealand:

"One of those players showed up at the beginning of October, shoes in hand, all the way from New Zealand. "Jonny (Linehan) showed up and we worked him out on Tuesday, he came back for an hour and a half on Thursday, and we were impressed with what he could do," Smyth said. Linehan went home, took the ACT, and was in school by Jan. 9."

You tell me what university other BYU can a student take the ACT in October and be enrolled 3 months later? Do you think other Varsity Cup teams can do that? UCLA? Air Force? Dartmouth? Navy?

You're living in a dreamland.

Salt Lake City, UT

Let USA Rugby call it what they want. BYU Rugby's performance over the years is impressive--- to say the least.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh my. I say this to all haters. If you let your loathing cloud your ability to reason and instead lead with emotion before your fact gathering deductive mind, save yourself the trouble of commenting and fast track your take with one word written on your forehead using a big black sharpie. The word is FOOL.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

"What BYU won ... was a mythical championship"

And Cougie Nation goes into a panic!

Salt Lake City, UT

Y Grad/Y Dad,
Nice comment to the ankle biters.

Blue Cougar
Oak Harbor, WA

Rich Cortez is full of himself! If he is the face of USA Rugby than I say good riddance! And let's get BYU Rugby back on BYUTV!

newhall, CA

Rugby USA is just bitter that a third of its members left. Seems to suggest that Rugby USA is not as innocent and clean as they espouse. Rugby USA is a myth in its own mind. No one is going to care about their championship tournament. It's about as valid and the football's BCS.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

So many empty logic trails... If BYU having older/bigger/more mature athletes as a result of missions was such an advantage all schools would be encouraging LDS athletes to go on missions. Don't see too many schools trying to copy BYU's mission/athlete juggling act. USA Rugby trying downplay the varsity cup and say that BYU won a mythical national championship is the same as the NIT trying to claim superiority over the NCAA tournament. The championship tradition of the teams involved with the varsity cup clearly show who the big dogs are and where the best competition will be found.

Watched BYU baseball last night on TV. Great game. Love watching the cougars play sports.

pocatello, ID

Salt Lake City, UT
Chris B, enough with the jealousy, we won a National Championship in football live with it. The 2 best teams in rugby are BYU and Cal, bottom line, so how can this Cortez really believe that the winner of his game would be considered the best in college rugby. Personally I don't think he does, he knows that their in trouble so he has to try and down play it. Personally I think this years championship means more than the one last year because they beat the best team. It's like Memphis Grizzlies beating the Thunder, it doesn't quite have the same feel because the Thunder didn't have their best team. I think Memphis would be more proud of beating a Thunder team with Westbrook playing then with him out.


Ok then lets use your example. BYU did not even play the best team to win the title in 1984. Do you and BYU fans think that beating a 6-6 Michigan was an accomplishment? BYU would have been crushed by any of the teams that finished in the top ten that year.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

As it applies to the 1984 National championship... It wasn't BYU's choice to play Michigan. They were willing to play any team. Many top notch major conference teams could have come to the Holiday Bowl to play BYU. None were willing to come So BYU beat the Michigan team that was willing to come play.

Springville, UT

Excellent article. Now I know what happened and why.

I'm a former BYU rugby player, really happy for the team and coaching staff. Also, really happy Utah is getting sorted out. We waged some serious battles with that team. Whatever happens BYU and Cal will end up on top with Utah and others right on their heels.

San Francisco, CA

Is the Haka a LDS thing?

Salt Lake City, UT

If Rugby USA thinks a two year hiatus is an unfair advantage, send their players to the Peace Corps for two years. The "mission advantage" is a common fallacy and inverted argument. When BYU wins it's because missions give an unfair advantage and when BYU loses it is because missions cause athletes to be old and soft. Rugby USA needs to grow up and join the higher level competition. For Tom in SF, the answer is yes. Other schools admit student athletes in similar circumstances. The military academies have their own way of recruiting athletes. Is being unaware on the haka a SF thing?

San Francisco, CA


Your post doesn't make sense.

Overton, NV

"BYU would have been crushed by any of the teams that finished in the top ten that year."

Sure. Whatever. I supposed that's why BYU played against Washington the next year and beat up on them; pretty much the same Washington team that some thought should have been champions in 1984.

And Utah was going to be demolished by Alabama, right? And Boise State didn't have a prayer against Oklahoma. Need I go on?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The haka is not a LDS thing. It is an old Maori tradition. It has been adopted by the Polynesians who play Rugby and football as a fun way to maybe intimidate the opposition. The ancient Maori's would line up opposing each other and do the fearsome "Haka." Just like now, it largely failed to accomplish that goal. But was a great tradition. To call it a LDS thing shows a naive lack of understanding.

BYU Rugby Alum
Moraga, CA

It's unfortunate that USA Rugby and the Varsity Cup teams were not able to come to an agreement this year. We'll have to accept the fact that there will be two teams this year that can claim the title of "National Champion." The idea that the BYU/Cal game was a "Mythical Championship" is ridiculous.

Few people that know much about college Rugby would ague that BYU and Cal aren't the two most dominant programs in the nation and have been for the past several decades. That being said, the competition from other schools is getting better every year. BYU narrowly defeated Life in the semifinals last year and St. Mary's nearly beat Cal (St. Mary's led at the half) this year. Had there been a single championship tournament, I think Cal and BYU would have met in the final, but there would have been some tough/close games on the way. St. Mary's, Life, and a few others can hold their own against Cal and BYU.

Hopefully all the best teams can compete in a single national championship tournament next year and hopefully BYU will be three-peat National Champions. Go Cougs!

West Jordan, UT

I happened to be a meeting with this discussed by Cortez and some others. The reality is all of this revolves around eligibility requirements that USAR put in place under Cortez's perview. The new eligibility requirements would punish military, returned missionaries, peace corp and other players with fewer years of eligibility. Revenue share with USAR is also horrible. We ran the JWRT here and had to threaten USAR with collections to get them to pay the state its fair share of the proceeds.

One last comment and item to remember, Cortez coached Wyoming for years and has absolutely no love for BYU or Cal.

The Varsity cup is a great move, no matter what Cortez calls it. Things were working, barely before he took over as collegiate chairman and now he is a driving force in making USAR irrelevant. Soon we will see the state orgs breaking away do to the extremely poor leadership and management by USAR.

Virginia Beach, Va

So I went to the National semi's for mens club rugby put on by USA Rugby today in Virginia Beach. The fields were next to the 8-10 year old youth soccer players with very little seating. Teams traveled from Boston, Wisconsin and Minnesota to play in this tournament and you can tell it was done on a shoestring budget. No announcers, no PA system, no programs and no media coverage. Horribly overpriced cheap food. It's a wonder that rugby is growing in America at all with USA Rugby involved.

Long live the Varsity Cup !!!!!

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