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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 7:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

I'd love to see a match between BYU and the winner of Life and St. Mary's. I remember BYU beating both of these teams last year.

San Francisco, CA

St Mary's ran Cal very close just a few weeks before Cal played BYU. I think St Mary's was up by 11 at the half and lost by 10 in the end. Life probably will beat St Mary's this weekend. To say that Life or St Mary's can be beat by any of the Varsity Cup teams is a stretch. Life or St Mary's could beat BYU or Cal on a given day. Not the favorites, but certainly not an easy game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B, enough with the jealousy, we won a National Championship in football live with it. The 2 best teams in rugby are BYU and Cal, bottom line, so how can this Cortez really believe that the winner of his game would be considered the best in college rugby. Personally I don't think he does, he knows that their in trouble so he has to try and down play it. Personally I think this years championship means more than the one last year because they beat the best team. It's like Memphis Grizzlies beating the Thunder, it doesn't quite have the same feel because the Thunder didn't have their best team. I think Memphis would be more proud of beating a Thunder team with Westbrook playing then with him out.

Phoenix, AZ

I have no doubt that BYU had the best rugby team in college this year. They beat professional teams in the highest classification of USA Rugby and lost to other pro teams in close matches.

It does not matter to me what you call it, the Varsity Cup Champion is the best college rugby team in 2013. Anyone honest with themselves would say the same thing.

Hyrum, UT

The LOL starts whenever I see a comment coming from Chris B about any BYU sporting event. Every reader of DN sports articles who has been around awhile knows better than to take Chris B seriously. It's interesting that even many Ute fans will often chide him for his extremism. Based on his past comments, any college not named U-of-U that wins a national championship in any sport can't be legitimate... especially if that college happens to be BYU.
Someday, if he lives long enough, the Utes just might win a national championship in a men's sporting event. For his sake, I hope it happens. Then, in that private world he's been living in since 1984, the sky will finally turn from an artificial red color to the true blue color that everyone else enjoys.

#1 Champ
Salt Lake City, UT

Does Manti Teo play for BYU Rugby because he should. They seem to have a lot in common.

Danbury, CT

Sounds a lot like the snooty exclusiveness of the BCS in D1 Football, but more like if Alabama were excluded from next year's BCS.

Chris B's post is more ridiculous since Utah's rugby team is also excluded. Nice try...

btw - where can we get some of this gear? I really like the black and blue rugby shirts. I've never seen them for sale anywhere. Very cool!!

Mesa, AZ

Shame on USA Rugby for knowingly excluding BYU with their 5 year eligibility clock!

With the new mission age, their running clock may work if it didn't start until a player plays his first match..

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

#1 Champ

"Does Manti Teo play for BYU Rugby because he should. They seem to have a lot in common."

Not really.

Malad City, ID

Why doesn't BYU simply challenge the winner... like the two divisions in the NFL, to proclaim a national champion?.

Pleasant Grove, UT

The key point of the article is the finances. As a former player and familiar with what's going on, there is one program in the U.S. with a large enough endowment to attract and support national and international players--Cal. BYU has struggled on an extramural budget that hasn't changed since the early 90s, and though there have been some changes in administrative support, the BYU athletic department has no interest in changing their support or model of support for extramural programs (see BYU lax coach leaving for greener pastures, soccer program leaving the club scene to get some legitimacy in a semi-pro league). So when BYU goes to the national championship in California multiple times, and isn't even reimbursed enough for their travel and lodging expenses by USA Rugby, one can begin to see the frustration of trying to work with a national program that is unwilling to appropriately reimburse the programs generating the revenue. Cortez's suggestion that they should be there for the highs and lows is silly. The programs that generate the revenue should get disapproportionate income from it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Re: "Chris ... Through overuse you're diluting the impact of a well-placed "LOL.""

While I tend to agree with this statement, have you taken the time to mention the same thing to our friend Duckhunter?

Lyman, WY

If my memory is right.....which it is BYU went to life in the playoffs last year and beat them. They regularly crushed St. Mary's so you tell me which championship is mythical. BYU beat Cal which is well known for being the best rugby program for many many years. End of discussion.

San Francisco, CA

As good of a team that BYU is I have to give my respect to Cal where they don't have 26 year old student athletes and where they don't import 21 year old players as "Freshman" to play in the skill positions. Cal develops players right out of HS and have had BYU's number for quite a few years. When the day comes that more universities support the rugby program the Cal model is scaleable. The BYU model of older players will be neutralized, like it is in basketball and football, when the quality of young athletes trump the age advantage. Also, the ability to get the import talent into BYU within 3 to 6 months after identifying them is not realistic at almost every other university.

Enjoy your dominance, but the day will come when there are 20 Cal type programs and BYU will be just a mediocre team.

Virginia Beach, Va

USA Rugby is simply a tax organization on rugby teams. They give little and take much. Cortez's comments were childish and unprofessional just like USARugby.

Fuaamotu, Tonga

It may be a little off-topic but since it has been bantered about in several of the posts in here, I’ll direct one toward Tajemnica with “May sound like 1984 but remind me again how many national championship trophies in football utah has?”

The BCS (and all its incarnations) was formed to make sure another 1984 wouldn’t happen. Were it not for that, Utah would have had its NC when it rolled over Alabama in 2009 becoming the ONLY undefeated college team in the country. The fact that the BCS discounted it is no different than USAR discounting the Varsity Cup this year. Utah has a NC. They just don’t have a trophy to strut around.

Mesa, AZ

“The (USA Rugby) national championship is the one you earn your way into. What BYU won against Cal was a mythical championship.”

Where have we heard this before? '84 comes to mind, when byu literally played against the 3rd easiest schedule in the nation and was rewarded for it by being crowned the "MYTHICAL" NC. Seriously, this stuff can't be made up. I've got popcorn in-hand, kicking it on my Lazy-Boy and literally roaring in laughter.

Never actually earned through their play, but overflowing with PRE-season/MYTHICAL accolades = byu athletics. Good times.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"As good of a team that BYU is I have to give my respect to Cal where they don't have 26 year old student athletes and where they don't import 21 year old players as "Freshman" to play in the skill positions."

It's interesting how often this argument is used when BYU is doing well in football, or basketball, or rugby, yet the disadvantages of missionaries departing for two years after their Freshman year and coming back out of shape, and sometimes suffering from parasites picked up in the 3rd world countries they served, and the juggling act BYU coaches face trying to make plans for recruited players who might not actually step onto a football field or basketball court or rugby pitch for 3 or 4 years, are completely ignored by those who have no concept of the disadvantages BYU has to overcome because of athletes serving church missions.

Some of those disadvantages will be remedied by the earlier missionary age, but not all.

As far as "importing players", every school out there has the exact same opportunity to recruit foreign players as BYU.

Beaver Native
Garland, UT

What would you expect USA Rugby to say? That the opposing championship was the legitimate one? Just more snootiness on the part of USA Rugby. While I like the structure of the USA Rugby championship, they put their legitimacy for crowning national champions into question when they set up their exclusionary rules.


Even local high school kids have to pay fees to be a part of USA Rugby. www.usarugby.org/usa-rugby-policies I've heard the team fee is much more.

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