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Published: Thursday, May 16 2013 5:25 a.m. MDT

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Syracuse, UT

And I was expecting to see comments about Eric Weddle! Man, what was I thinking?

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B
You fail to recognize that life is FILLED with moral dilemmas. Such dilemmas are part of learning and gaining wisdom, not about invalidating religion.

For example, yesterday as I drove home from work, I was in a rush to keep a commitment with my wife. In the heavy traffic on the freeway, several people were signaling to get in front of me. It is a commandment to love they neighbor. However, I also had made a commitment to my wife to be home, so she wouldn't be late to an appointment.

I chose not to incur the wrath of my wife. I failed to keep a prime commandment. Does that invalidate my faith? Is my religion wrong for saying that I should love my neighbor, even if it conflicts with keeping family obligations?

Such dilemmas as working on Sunday, yet keeping the Sabbath Day holy do not invalidate religion. Rather faith is even more needed to find an appropriate personal answer.

As those faithful LDS know, forcing everyone to simply follow commandments was Satan's plan, not Christ's. May we all learn and grow as we seek out our own personal salvation.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


I can see a number of people praising Eric, and other athletes, who have made it to the top of their passion.

I can see a number of people criticizing the U for playing on Sunday, and criticizing you for participating in athletic events.

I CAN'T see the intersection of that group being very large, and certainly not large enough to justify criticizing the LDS church or it's people for the small percentage who do indeed seem to have consistency problems.

I think what has been emphasized here many times is correct. You and I both make choices in our lives, and you and I will both give an accounting some day of the choices we make.

I think what has NOT been emphasized here enough is critical. My job is to take responsibility for MY choices, not yours. I personally choose not to participate in Sabbath sporting observance. I also choose not to judge you for whatever your decision is regarding same. I personally believe my decision is right, and I will lobby for that with other people, but far be it from me to cast guilt.

Hope that helps!

West Jordan, Utah

Well at least the negative comments here won't encourage Weddle to adopt a big head. Not that he would do so anyway, but if Eric came here to find nice comments about himself, he found out Chris B. and his foes are typing away about Sabbath Day debates instead of considering Weddle as a solid guy. I do not expect this back and forth to go away, that would be unrealistic regardless of what faith I might possess. Still, I wish it gone nonetheless.

I wish Eric Weddle good health and a Charger break through season, one in which I will watch on Sunday. Oops, is that a confession?

Tooele, UT

I am a die hard BYU football. Having said that I have tremendous respect for Eric Weddle.

He's the kind of athlete the media needs to follow more often, not simply because he's religious, but because from top to bottom he is a class guy.

Why should athletes who father children with three or four different women, or athletes who get in trouble with the law, be showered with publicity while guys like Weddle get only the occasional newspaper article?

From a BYU fan to Eric Weddle.
-I may not have cheered for you when you were wearing the crimson and white, but back then just as I do now, you have earned my deepest respect.

All the best, Eric!

Plano, TX

There is a perfect judge, and He'll be judging each of us according to the truths we knew and had the opportunity to live. He also knows not just the outward circumstances, but each of our inward understanding, thoughts and motivations.

The question is, Chris B., since you know both pragmatic and purist LDS views so well - which will you personally choose to live up to, and not so much about the choices of Weddle, or anyone else for that matter. In the end, its the same question for everyone - athlete or not, and every other choice we face in life - Sunday football isn't really a special case.

Omaha, NE

@ all re: Chris B's comments

Chris, thanks for such a great question.

We often get comfort among those who agree with us.
Growth often among those who don't.

Fruit Heights, UT

Ok so the conclusion after reading through these comments is "that's 15 mins of my life I'll never get back."

Nevertheless, I want to address this topic with one quote - especially directed at Chris/Christoper.

Joseph Smith said, "I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves."

Thats it man, give it a rest. If you want an answer to your question "which is it?" - then read the 10 commandments in Exodus 20 and then come to a conclusion. You don't need a member of the church to interpret that scripture for you.

Wisdom is gained by reasoning for yourself and making your own decisions based on the knowledge you have.. remember that.

Just think one day you're standing before God and you say.. well I decided not to join the Mormon church because the members couldn't give me a straight answer about the Sabbath Day. Then God says something like.. You should have asked me, not them...

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