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Published: Thursday, May 16 2013 5:25 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Noting but respect for Eric Weddle. Great football player with great priorities!


Very interesting article about Eric Weddle. I've really enjoyed all of these articles and am looking forward to being able to pick up Weddle's book. He is a great Ute alum and is a fantastic safety for the Chargers. Once again I am excited to see him play in the upcoming season and am excited to see what the new coaching staff can do there. Good luck to San Diego and Eric Weddle.

Go Utes!!!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

So its bad when Mormon Utes go to basketball games on Sunday(which I was told many times on these boards during the season when Utah has Sunday games) and its ok for Mormons to play football on Sundays.

Which is it?

I love Weddle and I love his success as a Charger.

I just dislike the flip flopping by the Mormons who criticize me on these boards when I say its fine to do sports on Sundays, and then your own kind do the exact same thing.

Go Utes!

Cache county, USA

True Chris


Chris B,
I am sorry if commenters here chose to criticize you rather than to just disagree with you. I bet that if you asked Steve Weddle what he would think of a proposal by the NFL to switch to Saturday games, he would think it was great that he wouldn't have to "work" on Sunday any more. We live in an imperfect world and thus not everyone honors the Sabbath. Not everyone even acknowledges it or knows about it. Thus, people like Steve Weddle, doctors, police officers, etc. that would prefer not to work on Sundays end up having to work on Sundays. You might say that they should just choose different careers. I would say that having people that value the Sabbath in all corners of society pays a benefit that justifies their sacrifice.
When people criticize a policy that results in what they believe is violating the Sabbath, they are simply trying to influence society for the better. The fact that neither society, others, nor they themselves are perfect doesn't invalidate their objective. I accept that you may not agree. I would hope that all would try to disagree without being disagreeable.
UofU class of 1981

Salt Lake City, UT


I personally believe that it's a difference between being entertained and thus causing others to work on the Sabbath (the fans), and having to show up for your job (Weddle). I think most Mormons make this distinction, although some probably believe that Weddle could choose another career (that's what BYU's Eli Herring did). That said, I'm in no position to judge others, including you, fans attending Sunday games, Eric Weddle, or those you claim are flip-flopping.

Go Utes.

Saratoga Springs, UT

@Chris B

If people criticized you, they are wrong. You have your freedom, but ChrisB, you do bring much of this upon yourself with your comments at times.

I never knew Weddle was a Mormon, I always admired him as a FB player even though I am not a Ute fan. I love his tenacity, passion and the way he plays the game.

As for LDS thoughts, I am LDS. Sunday is a day to keep reverent and not participate in activities like sports. This is Mr. Weddle's job, no different than a Doctor, Police, etc. that works on Sundays to support their families. I support and applaud Weddle for that. I personally try not to engage in much activity on Sundays. Am I perfect? Absolutely not, I make mistakes just like anyone. But I am only responsible for me and teaching my kids, not Weddle, you or anyone else. I try to be the best I can be and hopefully I am a good example. That is all I can do.

But Chris to understand something you have to give effort, you are argumentative a lot of the time.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


So its' the fans fault for making these Mormon players play on Sunday?

No. Wrong.

What a poor excuse that is.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


This is not a question of what we prefer. It doesn't matter what Weddle "prefers" between Sunday and Saturday.

It's about what he CHOOSES to do.

When given the CHOICE of

1) obeying the Sunday rules you Mormons mandate
2) playing on Sunday

He CHOSE playing on Sundays. So did Pitta. And Collie.

Half of the time you claim them as great examples of your faith and then you people tell me I'm wrong for my belief that Sunday sports are fine.

Which is it?


Faithfully observing the sabbath means withdrawing oneself from all worldly things and focusing only on that which is related to the Gospel on Sunday. It excludes not only playing football professionally on that day but recreationally watching it as well. Even watching it on TV is not really keeping the sabbath day holy. But we all find excuses and justifications to do things we're not supposed to do. Ultimately what one does on Sunday and how one chooses to observe the Sabbath is a personal choice and is entirely between the individual and God. Judging somebody else for not observing the sabbath is a worse sin than breaking the sabbath itself. Get Uchtdorfed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Great Job Weddle! Keep dominating!

We all have the same decision to make in our life as we figure out how to maintain balance and accomplish our goals. The goal is to stick to the straight and narrow path and hold onto the "iron rod".

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


So it's ok to do things on Sunday if its your job?

That's funny, because my experience in my many years in Mormon Utah has taught me that Mormons think generally working on Sundays is not ok.

And please don't compare him to Doctors working on Sundays.

He "has to" work on Sundays as much as the 7-11 clerk "has to" work on Sundays so I can go buy drinks.

Its either perfectly ok for anyone to work on Sundays or it isn't.

Which is it?

Vernal, UT

In a previous post that was denied by DN, I used the word "ignorance". I have to assume that this word was the cause of the denial. There was absolutely nothing else in my comment that could justify the action taken. Everyday I read comments in here by Chris et.al., who attack individuals, BYU fans, and the LDS church/members. The word "ignorance" implies lack of knowledge or understanding. My apologies for being misunderstood, but please apply these same standards to all who comment.

Highland, UT

christina wants to set up a strawman here to help solidify his self proclaimed victimhood.

The fact is God himself has told us to "remember the sabbath day and keep it holy", and those are his words. From there it is up to us to decide what constitutes doing just that. Now I would say watching, attending, and playing in sporting events are not in line with that commandment but at the same time this is a life of choices and we all make them.

I watch sporting events on Sunday, and even attended a couple of them on Sunday in my life. My sons have played in baseball tournaments that required Sunday play. As an individual you have to decide if the committment you made to your team, which includes other people, is the right thing to do when that situation comes up. Keeping committments certainly is a value espoused by the LDS church and individuals do not have the scheduling control that BYU has, so when they participate outside of that they are left with those decisions. In that case I don't think either decision is wrong, you just have to do what your conscience dictates.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B
You keep saying "which is it?" as if the world were black and white. I seriously doubt you fail to recognize the world with all its shades of gray. Personally, I don't think you are even truly searching for an answer to your own question!

You don't want to know "which is it?". You merely want to argue for argument's sake, and that is truly not worth arguing.

Vernal, UT

Eric Weddle...you're a great example. Your commitment to faith and family is what drives you to be the best you can be. I ALWAYS appreciate a story like this regardless of the Sabbath issue. It's between you and the Lord. Keep up the good work. Even though I'm a true blue BYU fan, I watched you play at Utah. You were always a class act. Your kind gesture toward John Beck was above reproach. Stay true to what you believe.

Cris B.
Sandy, UT


Interesting word choice to say your sons were "required" to play on Sunday instead of saying they "chose" to play on Sundays.

I just have a hard time believing in a faith that tells us nonstop they are the only true religion, that Sunday is a day of rest and that sporting events should be avoided, and then congratulating and celebrating those who play on Sunday. Those things don't all mesh together.

From a Non Mormon in Utah I'm just being frank that I hear one thing from your people and I see something completely different.

Just an observation from a non-Mormon among you

Cris B.
Sandy, UT


What I wish is that those who chastised me for saying Sunday sports are ok with God when the Runnin Utes were having Sunday games this past year would treat me as they treat Weddle, Pitta, Collie, Unga, and other Mormons.

By PLAYING SUNDAYS Pitta, Weddle, and these Mormon players are saying its ok to play on Sundays.

Yet when I say God is ok with me going to basketball games on Sunday I get told I'm breaking one of the ten commandments.

Which is it?

West Jordan, UT

@Chris B - The church has no official policy on whether working on Sundays is "ok" or "not ok." What the church (not whatever member(s) it was that has obviously made you feel defensive) has always taught is that the sabbath should be regarded as a special day, set apart for worship and rest. Members are encouraged to participate in activities that help maintain a feeling of reverence and that help them feel the spirit. The church does not dictate what those activities are or aren't. The church itself has never scheduled sports events/activities on Sunday because those events tend to be the opposite of "reverent." But, the church has never prohibited members from participating in or attending sporting events. The same goes for working on Sundays. The bottom line is, the church wants its members to have a day to rest and focus on the spiritual aspect of their lives. But it also recognizes that many times people don't always have a choice whether to work on Sundays or not, be they a doctor OR a 7-11 clerk. It also recognizes that people are free to choose in which Sunday activities they participate.

Orem, UT

Chris B.

There've been some excellent, heartfelt answers about the Sabbath and how members of the LDS faith approach this holy day, but that isn't your intent, is it? You don't want your questions answered. Rather you want to berate 'Mormons' and tell them how hypocritical they are, how they should just give up if they can't adhere perfectly to every commandment and law within the Church. Pointing out their flaws seems to bring you some satisfaction.

The fact is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn't for perfect people. We live in an evil, corrupt world where we do the best we can to live by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are in need of a physician and Christ is that physician. Everyday we do the best we can and repent for those things we fail in. It's an ongoing struggle. The daily blessings we receive for striving to do what's right outweigh the challenges we face in keeping His commandments.

You can continue to criticize all you want, but in the end we all have to answer for our own choices. It would be wise to listen.

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