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Published: Wednesday, May 15 2013 10:10 a.m. MDT

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Nice article, Dan. I'm assuming Osa is Uaea's younger brother?

Pocatello, ID


You are correct, Osa is Uaea's brother.

South Jordan, UT

Yes he is Uaea's brother!, and hopefully he doesnt do what Uaea did, which was not try very hard his whole senior year, because he was getting ready for the U.

But again desnews! Very saddened by the little coverage you do for spring sports. ALREADY YOUR TALKING FOOTBALL, wont start till August.

Its not football, there season wont start for 4 months!

why not take this time and go maybe show 4A, 5A baseball and softball playoffs!

Maybe talk about the current season, not about how A big Lineman, and a junior to be.

I dont get all the football articles right now, when.....

5A/4A baseball, soccer, and softball playoffs have now started.

Then track is also finishing up.

Why not get over another Utah kid going to the U for football, and do this article mid summer. not right in the middle of the playoffs for these other sports.

I wonder if the desnews will delete this comment as well.

Las Vegas, NV

Nice job once again Dan!

Can't wait to have Jackson on board!!

Come on Osa - follow your big brother and Choose The Red!!

Go Utes!!

Salt Lake City, UT


Why would you choose Utah over half the real PAC 12 schools? Honestly, your buddy Jackson jumped too early.

Go play for big time schools because you're both big time players. JMHO

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Speaking of recruits, Utah just received a "solid verbal" commitment from Raelon Singleton, a 6-5, 3-star WR out of Crosby, TX. Rivals is reporting that he runs a 4.5-forty. Sounds promising.



binghamalum, in the last 24 hours:

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High school boys soccer: Freshman gives Bingham stunning OT win over No. 2 Alta in 5A first round
High school softball playoffs: Salem Hills shuts out Roy
High school girls golf: 2A medalist Carly Jorgensen leads Richfield to second-straight state title
High school baseball: Westlake rallies late to beat Bountiful in first round of 4A tourney
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High school baseball: American Fork's Ottesen survives injury against Alta
Complete coverage Tuesday's high school soccer, baseball and softball

"Dan Sorensen is the Editor in Chief of UteZone, part of the Rivals network."
Maybe you should let the people responsible for reporting on recruiting do their job, while the people responsible for high school coverage are obviously doing theirs with far fewer readers than this article receives.

U 90
Corona, CA

More football news please. I'll take it 365.

Spanish Fork, UT

Osa, Jackson and Isaiah are all starters on the Brighton JV basketball team that did so well this year. Osa played quality minutes on the varsity (2nd in state only to LP) and Isaiah got some v time as well. In other words, these are 3 very good athletes, all with good character.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Great get for whittingham

Is Barton considered too athletic for byu to offer?

We have seen many "byu families" have kids pick Utah recently.

Interesting we don't see the reverse happening

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

interesting article but it failed to mention what positions Osa plays. I had to watch the video to learn that.

Cedar Hills, UT

"We have seen many "byu families" have kids pick Utah recently."

I can pretty well guess the point you are trying to make, but you may not realize where your argument might be headed. Take Chase Hansen from Lone Peak. You can talk to his parents, friends, coaches, or him (well...maybe not, he's serving a mission) and you won't find that there is any 'hate' for BYU. His parents have raised a great young man, and instilled in Chase the knowledge that the decision about where he goes to play football will be his decision to make. In other words, these "BYU parents" kept an open mind as they raised their families. Dad played football for the Y, so he's absolutely a Cougar. Perhaps these "byu families" have raised their kids to respect and make their own decisions? If you are fair and honest about it, you will see that happening on both sides of the field.

Las Vegas, NV

Naval - have you noticed that there isn't a mention of Singleton in the DN yet, even though he committed yesterday?

Hey Dan - good thing you're here so we can remedy this DN bias.

Go Utes!!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


I DID notice that. That's why I posted about it here. I guess the DNews is more interested in reporting on which unheralded, 0-star athlete MIGHT be considering the Indy-WACers, rather than reporting on any athletes with more than 2-stars making their choices outside of the bubble.

Magna, UT

Naval Vet

Really? when are you going to give up the childish name calling? There are high roads and low roads.

Las Vegas, NV

Natester - consider the source, it's Chris B. Trying to make a logical point with him is the same as trying to make a logical point with the ducky, it just doesn't stick, so don't waste your breath.

Magna, UT

Chris B

We all know BYU doesn't recruit every kid in the state for reasons that are obvious. Those obvious reasons cause them to move to other recruiting grounds. Considering all that, BYU does an amazing job getting the kids that fit their profile.

Barton and Masina are great pickups, congrats to U. Try to be happy for them and try to leave the snarky remarks home.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Utes are doing a great job recruiting, particularly in state. Those recruits better soon turn into at least top half of the PAC and an occasional 1st or 2nd in the south division, or Whit will be looking for a job, and recruits will start looking elsewhere.

Cedar Hills, UT

Thanks VegasUte. Your absolutely right. Probably best to save my breath. I didn't write it for Chris B., however. I know he posts and won't read / consider logic. I shared opinion in case anyone else was open minded and listening. Good to see your passion for the Utes. I can understand and respect that.

Salt Lake City, UT

With this talent, the Bengals should be in the hunt for that all too elusive state title,

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