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Published: Wednesday, May 15 2013 6:10 a.m. MDT

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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Hatch "mislead"? I would say that he was asleep at his post. When a Senator sleeps through a year-long assault by the IRS, what good is he to us and the nation?

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

How ironic that Senator Hatch would use the phrase "Nixonian" to describe the IRS activities.

Kaysville, UT

I couldn't agree more with the Title and Senator Hatch. The administration knew in 2011 that this tactic was similar to the FAST and FURIOUS and not let the American citizens of the Republican party know of their plans, schemes and devious methods. Employees just don't go out and violate the law. They had direction, guidance and force from the dark side to push this effort prior to an election. Obama hated that Romney was a successful businessman, had a law degree and an MBA. He hated the Tea-Party for ruining the 2010 elections plans for him that the House fell into Republican control and ruined his FULL agenda. He had to deal with Pelosi coming after him for her minions that lost to the Tea-Party due to efforts started in 2009 by people who were unhappy with his rule and reign after his big push for Obamacare. His problem is he doesn't care about governing. He hasn't governed for the people. Vote and then read. That is not governing. He sort of thinks like a person that got his foundation in the world outside of the United States of America. The founding fathers had wisdom.

Kaysville, UT

Remember when the good Senator from our neighboring state gave confidential information about Mitt Romney's finances but wouldn't disclose the source(s). Everything that happened in 2012 should be suspect relating to the whole campaign against Romney and the Republican party and any appendage such as the Tea-Party. Since President Clinton didn't know the definition of is, this President who never does a budget wants everyone else's budget with his President Woodrow Wilson's model of the IRS intrusion into our lives, including the OBAMACARE or doesn't care.

He does so many things that are the opposite of transparent that he used as a force against McCain in 2007. I can see Obama and Hillary with their secret handshake in 2008 when she backed out from running against Obama. She picked up a liability by working for him. Benghazi will not be a positive moment in her life. It will be like going through impeachment processes with her husband, William J. Clinton the 4-time governor of Arkansas replicating his deficiencies.

We have Statesman out of these two Presidents. Even President Obama got the Nobel Peace prize for international implications. He can't maintain peace with his subversion.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Any group applying for non-profit status should be required to disclose donor information. Does Orrin Hatch honestly expect the IRS to rubber stamp the application of an applicant who might not qualify?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Uncle Orrin is cute when he gets angry. He gets all pouty, talks fast and his voice gets shrill. He says stuff about this is unacceptable and must not be tolerated.

But, then he goes back to his 36 year habit of gentlemanly conduct, politely asking his "good friends across the aisle" to stop trampling the Constitution and spending us into slavery.

But, he never actually DOES anything to stop them. Press releases and "angry" statements are window dressing to fool the gullible.

I want to see Hatch join forces with Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and actually filibuster if necessary. I want him to object to "unanimous consent" motions. I want him to tie the Senate in knots so they get absolutely NOTHING done. Most of what they do get done is worthless [naming Post Offices, etc] or destructive anyway, so doing nothing is better than destroying our country.

Refuse to fund the IRS, or confirm appointments. Defund Obamacare.

Angry is a start, Orrin, but use all that seniority and experience to actually STOP the liberals, not just talk about it.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm glad to see Orinn at least pretending to be awake.

Wake up Sen. Hatch we need you to be in this fight. Nap time is over!

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

This is all baloney. The IRS scrutinized nearly 300 political groups last year, of which about 78 were "conservative" groups, mostly new fly-by-night t-party setups that would raise a red flag to any donor. Why should the IRS be apologizing for doing its job?

clearfield, UT

Re: Craig Clark

No, but apparantly liberal non-profit groups did not get the same scrutiny, or this would not be a story. The IRS has to be non-partisan beyond any doubt.

Somewhere in Time, UT

For those of you who obviously get your news from MSNBC, the IRS has already ADMITTED IT! They targed conservative and jewish groups. They have admitted it.

There is now more about audits and possible intimidation of individuals who were Romney donors. One Romney donor was audited three times in four months. It took him $80,000 to clear himself. We don't know how far this thing could go.

Wow! Aren't these just the people we want enforcing our health care?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


I totally agree. The law must be equally applied to all. My post was in response to Hatch and ten other GOP Senators demanding to know why donor information was being requested from a group applying for non-profit status. That one is a no-brainer.

Springville, UT

Maybe Hatch should get serious about reforming the tax code rather than political posturing. A lot of this could become moot if he and the rest of Congress would simply get some real work done.

clearfield, UT

@ Esquire

Agree, one of the best things that any President and Congress could do is reform the tax code to make it possible to be understood by the average person. Why won't they? Maybe it is the same reason that trial lawyers don't want tort reform.

@ Craig Clark

So I guess the question becomes, was there any non-profit group that was either given easy status, or given difficult status due to politics? As Cats said, some Romney supporters think they were targeted. Were they? We'll see.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's not a very original defense to shoot the messenger. Shifting the focus away from the IRS is a cop out. This is about the IRS and if they have not been guilty of willful deception, let the facts speak for themselves. Otherwise, save the criticism of Sen. Hatch for an election time. The left wing animus for Hatch should not interfere with the investigation.


"DN Subscriber" I agree totally!

Hatch is in a position where he COULD make some kind of difference. Will he? Or, in 2 wks when the dust has settled will he "reach across the aisle" and make nice with other lifetime elected members of Senate; both Repub. and Demo. BTW.

Some employees of the IRS SHOULD go to jail as an example to others, but I've never seen it happen, and don't expect it to now.

Also, I hope this IRS issue doesn't take away the Benghazi "problem" for the administration. I feel the Benghazi issue most probably leads all the way to the White House.

Also, I hope the IRS doesn't come after me as retribution for criticizing their nonsensical ways. They obviously have a nasty habit of that!

newhall, CA

Hatch hasn't done anything to dispel the corruption of Congress. He is surprised by this revelation? What's he been doing the last few months of his last term? At one time Hatch was effective, now he is like all the rest of his colleagues. long in the tooth and rich because of the insider trading. Why hasn't Hatch been demanding full disclosure of Obama and Holder and every other misgiving of this administration? He sits and ponders his retirement years...writing poetry and songs? Hatch is today's Frank Moss - old and out of touch with Utahns. He should never have been re-elected.

Barb Wire

@ sg, yes Hatch is corrupt with his under the table deals and needs to step down now and not when his term ends. His running at the mouth about other's underhandedness is comical. Retire now Senator Hatch!

Rock Springs, WY

Orrin making a comment. I thought he had given up the ghost, or had already rode off into the sunset.

Hank Pym

to Cats 11:26 a.m

Paying attention to something other than the sound bites on Uncle Rupert's propaganda channel, you'd realize it was a few rogue agents.

This could be misdirection for something more nefarious??

My money, however, is on what Chris Hayes (MSNBC) said, "...ratings for news across *all* formats is down" So, the powers that be are stirring the pot to generate revenue I mean ratings.

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